When Driving In Fog You Should Know All These Safety Measures By Heart

​If there is one thing in this world that scares every driver on this planet, it is fog. It is identified as the most dangerous and risky of all driving hazards. It obscures the surrounding and hinders visibility, and at a point, it feels like driving with blindfolds on your eyes.

Moving off the road and waiting for the log to lift is one of the measures you can employ when you find yourself tangled in this situation; however, this may not always be practical.

This article contains information relevant to the case. When driving in fog, you should know all these safety measures by heart.


Driving in Fog

When driving, there are vital things that people commonly overlooked. These are: (1) weather condition, (2) distance in between vehicles, (3) moisture in the windshield, (4) focus while on the road, and (5) critters not readily visible.

These may occur individually or in combination with each other, and preliminary knowledge about this will indubitably bring advantage to your security.

● Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Before setting out on the road, make it a point to know the local weather updates. Information about this can easily be gleaned from television news or the Internet.

Generally, fog occurs in the morning and evening, after the sun sets, and if you can, it would be best if you opt not to travel during those times. Aside from this, know the area where fog tends to accumulate, like seaside or low-lying spots in the community.

● Set A Considerable Distance Between Vehicles

Set A Considerable Distance Between Vehicles

If you are on the road and the fog caught on you, placing a substantial distance for the car in front of you is crucial. You can do this by adjusting your count distance between the vehicles -- from the usual 2 seconds you allot from the car in front of you, make it five this time.

This means that when you are caught in fog, it would be best for you not to speed up and instead maintain a moderate speed.

● Check The Moisture In The Windshield

Check The Moisture In The Windshield

This is one thing that usually slipped on the mind of most drivers and that you should always remember: the moisture present in the air has the propensity to accumulate in the windshield.

Instead of having a clearer vision of the road, this result to a dimmer one. Avoid this by adjusting your car’s defroster and the speed of your windshield wiper in a way that suits the driving conditions.

● Ensure Your Focus When Driving

Ensure Your Focus When Driving

Human minds tend to drift when everything is moving at a slow pace. Do not do this, under any circumstances, when driving -- in particular, when driving and the road visibility is not promising. Will your attention into focus and allot extra effort to maintain it while on the road.

● Beware Of The Critters

These are animals that loiter in the street when visibility gets low. These are normally cats and whitetail deer. Seeing these critters demands extra attention so be sure not to drift and follow the advice above.

Question 2: What Are The Features Of Your Car That Could Help You When Caught In A Fog?

fog lights

Cars are typically equipped with fog lights and low beams; however, to be sure your vehicle have these features installed, it is best to consult your manual. Normally, these attributes are installed in the factory as part of their safety protocol.

Fog lights can usually be found near or just below the front bumper. It has either clear or yellow lenses and different from the headlight in a way that it is specifically designed to increase visibility through its broad and flat light patterns.

The button to turn on the fog light is on the steering wheel, near the switch for the headlamps. For visualization on how to turn it on, you may watch this video :

On the other hand, you may opt to use low beams when there are other vehicles on the road. When fog is dense, usage of headlamps in high beam is prohibited as the thickness of the fog will only reflect the light coming out of high beams.

Aside from this, the lights coming from fog lamps in front can be blinding and may prove itself detrimental to the safety of other drivers.

It is best to remember, however, that fog lights and low beams consume a significant amount of electrical battery, so it would be best only if the situation demands it.

If your position doesn't permit you to use these two due to various reasons (e.g., low battery electrical charge), you may opt to pull over the side of the road and wait for the fog to lift. Do not forget to turn on your hazard lights alert so that the approaching drivers will know your location.

Question 3: Aside From These, What Are The Other Vital Things You Must Bear In Mind When Driving In Fog?

You Must Bear In Mind When Driving In Fog

Aside from the measures above, when driving in fog, make it a point to remember this minor yet crucial information:

  • Keep your speed a minimum level. It is best if you would slow down. Watch out your speedometer. Most vehicular accidents occur due to unnecessary speeding which results in a failure to stop before the collision.
  • Make sure that other drivers can see you. Use your low beam and to let them know where you are.
  • Make an early signal when swerving. It is a form of communication that lets other drivers know what you are about to do. Remember that when covered in fog, the visibility of other drivers, like yours, is also limited.

Fog is identified as the most dangerous hazard on the road as it obscures the driver’s visibility. When fog situation is dire, it is best for your to put off your travel and wait for the condition to improve. However, if you need to leave, these safety protocols by heart will prove itself beneficial.

I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any comment or question in mind, feel free to leave your notes in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this piece with your friends.

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