Are Wheel Spacers Good Or Bad – A Critical Guide

A lot of car enthusiasts nowadays have been very eager to know the answer to “Are wheel spacers good or bad?” Apparently, many tend to agree that they are safe and good enough for their automotives and vehicles. While others tend to disagree with it, the debate is still on-going.

Now, this critical guide will help you understand generally what wheel spacers are and why you may or may not need them. A basic knowledge regarding this matter will help you get the answers you are looking for.


Wheel Spacers and Its Purposes

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By and large, wheel spacers have its importance and purpose. You could say that these are widely used for the purpose of cosmetics. Yes, that is quite true but there are actually a lot more than for the purpose of the appearance alone:

  • Positioning and Correction

One of the primary factors why wheel spacers are needed is that they can be used when the offset of your wheels is not right or proper for your vehicle. This usually occurs when you bought wheels that you really wanted for your car but happen to have an incorrect positioning.

The offset may be too high or may be too inward, thus, correction is highly needed. Accordingly, wheel spacers will help you correcting the offset.

  • Better Handling

When you are intending to create space for your wheels causing them to space further apart, wheel spacers are being used. In line with this, you are actually making your car more stable especially when turning and cornering. The same principle applies to adding wider wheels without the risk of adding weight and expense.

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  • Clearance

Most of the time, a lot of available wheels in the market are not that very compatible with most of the big brake kits. Being incompatible, know that the spoke of your newly purchased or owned wheel will scrape the caliper and this is quite a risk for accidents in the long run.

Now, wheel spacers are needed to push away the spoke from the caliper. Hence, you lower the risk of having accidents.

  • Cosmetics and Appearance

Certainly, aesthetics is one of the key factors why wheel spacers are very much in the trend nowadays. If you want your car to achieve a more aggressive and manly look then you would probably go for wheel spacers since these will push your wheels out.

Consequently, it gives a better stance. However, this will pretty much vary accordingly to your preferences.

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The debate whether wheel spacers good or bad is still on-going for most car specialists and vehicle enthusiasts. Although it is practically safe to say that wheel spacers are indeed useful and essential in some aspects, you still have to weigh your options.

Nevertheless, with this thorough look on wheel spacers’ importance and value, I highly recommend you to check first if your vehicle and wheels do need one or if it is practically safe and applicable to your vehicle.

Safety Issues and Concerns

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In relation to safety, you could actually see a lot of people being concerned with this. It is only a usual and normal thing to do since safety is very much the most important aspect you need to regard when it comes to automotives and cars. Now, many car enthusiasts are very much keen to understand the safety behind wheel spacers.

Some tend to say that the risk is much higher when you install wheel spacers. Although they seem to appear as rumors in the recent times, specialists say that wheel spacers are safe. However, it is important for you to note that the potential risks of danger are still present.

You can ensure your safety and say that wheel spacers are good in general when they are used in the most appropriate and right manner. Basically, you need to know the factors affecting their overall quality and performance when you install wheel spacers on your car.

Here is a great tool for you to know further about security and safety concerns:​

Factors to Consider

Now, some of the things you have to regard when installing wheel spacers on your vehicle are:

  • Firstly, the need to change of wheel bolts or wheel studs. You have to make sure that you choose the longer ones because anything that is shorter and lesser is bad and risky.
  • Secondly, the minimum amount of thread you need to secure must be taken into consideration as well. The most appropriate and adequate amount should be of the same length as of the diameter of the bolt. Again, anything less is unsafe.
  • And thirdly, since wheel spacers and its recurring equipment needed for installation are all additional components, you have to make sure that all are well-tighten. Loose bolts and nuts will eventually cause accidents. That is why you have to torque all of these components well and properly.

Products to Ponder on

Apparently, there are quite a lot of wheel spacers you could choose today. The types and specifications vary largely depending on the market, location, vehicle, and purpose of use. Consequently, the specific wheel spacer you will be purchasing will be dependent on your unique needs and conditions.

One great example of a universal wheel spacer is the Mr. Lugnut C7105. Although universal types can fit into all manner of vehicles and wheel patterns, this product fits all 5 lug wheel bolt patterns except the 5x127. In addition, universal types are the cheapest when it comes to cost and fees matters.

While you can locate different types of wheel spacers in different car and tire shops around, make sure to ask for proper guidance and feedback from specialists. There are cases that there only specific wheel spacers that are appropriate for your vehicle and wheels.

Wheel Spacers – Are They Good or Bad for Your Vehicle?

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In totality, wheel spacers are good and safe but make sure you consider all the factors affecting it.

Although wheel spacers in general, may pose certain risks and dangers, you just have to make sure you go through everything primarily before purchasing and installing it. One best option you could go for is the Mr. Lugnut C7105.

Ultimately, here are the things you need to do to find out whether this is good or bad for you and your car:

  • Know the main purpose why you need it in the first place
  • Be sure to be knowledgeable about the proper ways of installing and maintaining your wheel spacers
  • Familiarize yourself with the safety precautions
  • Consider all of the factors affecting your vehicle and wheel spacers
  • Choose the most appropriate product

If you think you still have a few questions and ideas in mind, you may comment them and share to everyone.

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