What RV Brands To Avoid And The Usual Complaints About It

One of the most expensive things you will be purchasing in your whole lifetime is a Recreational Vehicle. Although many of those who purchase their recreational vehicles are very picky, there are just brands and manufacturers that may appear as a very good choice but eventually will let their customers down.

rv brands to avoid

Which RV Brands that we should avoid?

Hence, you should determine what RV brands to avoid especially if you are buying your first RV anytime soon. According to several RV experts and enthusiasts, there are brands that apparently produce not good RVs in the recent times.

 While advertisements and marketing strategies contribute to the overall popularity of these brands, people who experience first-hand these RVs state that what they get is not worth the cost.


RV Brands You Should Avoid Today

Most of these names are actually some of the most renowned brands of RV today. Although there are quite a lot of debates and confusion about these brands concerning quality, it has been found out that they usually top the lists of must-avoid RV brands.


rv brands to avoid

Coachmen is apparently a part subsidiary-like of Forest River. The brand started since 1964 and has produced numerous types and kinds of recreational vehicles.

By and large, a few of these vehicles satisfy the unique needs and wants of every consumer.

However, many first-hand users and owners state that the quality is not that good which surprises many people in the recent times. A lot have experienced on-road technical difficulties which really cause inconveniences and stressful situations.

Although many argue about these matters, some people still tend to buy their own Coachmen Recreational Vehicles. A few may experience negative situations and some as well experience a good drive with their RVs.


rv brands to avoid

In the recent times, a lot of people adore the brand Gulfstream due to its prominence and good quality service. However, there are actually a lot today who complain about the specific qualities of their recreational vehicles.

One of the most apparent complaints about Gulfstream is that everything inside the vehicle leaks:

  • A lot of people actually experienced riding in their recreational vehicles with the unexpected leaks inside.
  • These leaks always result to the sudden rusting.

 These two main inconveniences for most Gulfstream RVs nowadays are actually great drawbacks of the said brand. Moreover, these factors deteriorate the overall performance and quality of the vehicles in the long run.


rv brands to avoid

Almost all RV brands offer warranties and guarantees. Although Forest River is one of these brands, it is not enough to fix the poor qualities of their RVs especially the IRV 66.

Here are two things considered as the most common issues of Forest Rivers Recreational Vehicles:

  • The leaks that are widely experienced by many owners and clients
  • The sinking of the floor.

In addition, there are more issues that have been reported since then. Most of the time, these issues usually happen when the warranty is already gone and overdue.The company with its brand has existed many years and decades ago.

While Forest River has become one of the most influential brands in the RV field and sector, the large inconveniences and issues of their RVs made their brand an infamous name as well.


rv brands to avoid

Winnebago is one of the most improving brands of all since the company just started not long ago and received many clients and consumers instantly.

However, it appears that because of this overwhelming income and clients – the products were manufactured and released without considering the quality control.

These are things which are actually the most usual things being experienced by many owners:

  • A lot has suffered many issues with their RVs including even the smallest finishing needed for its walls and front walls installation.
  • Many have reported that the inside walling are bent and not safe for trips.

 While they try to report such incidences to use the warranties and alike, the company and the brand have been found to answer these claims inefficiently.

The most well-known phrase they have ever stated to their angry customers is that they cannot give what they do not have.These stressful events lead for many clients and prospects to really avoid the said brand in the recent times.


rv brands to avoid

Fleetwood being one of the most respected brands of RV today is quite surprising to know that they are included in the list.

The quality and performance of their recreational vehicles are very in demand since it is always secured and properly controlled by the manufacturers.

However, as the time passes by, these usual notions for the brand has been replaced by many complaints and negative ratings due to its recent productions.

Many of the owners tried to bargain with their post-sales department but unfortunately, the department is one of the drawbacks of the brand. Their post sales activities are not actually good.

The main complaints regarding their vehicles are:

  • The quality of the interiors. The seat covers and seats itself deteriorates especially on warmer regions and areas.
  • There are actually battery and charging issues.
  • The vehicles are not recommended for long-term use.


rv brands to avoid

Now, Hurricane is by far one of the least well-known brands of RV today. One probable reason behindhand is that many customers and clients who owned a Hurricane RV experienced a lot of issues and dents with their vehicles.

A lot are actually surprised when they purchased their RVs since almost all of the materials used are not brand new, instead, what they got were pieces of “junks”.

As far as everyone is concerned, enthusiasts and experts never recommend this brand since you only get what you pay for or less.

How To Make A Good Choice

As always, having a quality recreational vehicle will largely dependent on you. Hence, you must be very well equipped with certain knowledge about these kinds of matters.

Knowing what brands to avoid will certainly help you in obtaining the most appropriate RV.You may also check these tools for further help and guidance on your journey to purchasing your RV:

If you enjoy this post and guide, you may want to share these with your friends and loved ones. Also, if you have comments, suggestions, and insights, you may share your thoughts in the comment section.

10 thoughts on “What RV Brands To Avoid And The Usual Complaints About It

  1. patricia says:

    Hi……. I am hoping you can help me. I have an “invention” I would like to have manufactured either to sell myself or to have an RV company take off my hands with a good financial settlement for me in exchange. Do you have any suggestions or advice on how to get an idea (very simple “why didn’t I think of that” kind of idea….to someone to get this going? Thanks…….And thank you for these reviews. I am a 65 year old single woman who almost made the error of an RV purchase and your website saved me!! So again, thank you!!!

  2. Stringpicker says:

    Many of us full timers constantly talk to others regarding who makes what and which is the best. Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s going to stand up to being pulled down the road at 60+ miles per hour month after month. Warrantee and customer support is also a BIG concern when out on the road which brings me to our “Bitch Session” about “Keystone”, one of the largest in the industry. They have what we use to call a “tail-light” warrantee. If you don’t know what that means, just ask any of us old timers…

  3. Sheri says:

    You have named the 6 RV’s to avoid. I am buying my first RV and I am 77 years young Name the top 3 brands I should be looking at.
    Thanks David

  4. ronald proctor says:

    Gotta think folks… these are designed for people who have a DISPOSABLE INCOME. They are toys for those fortunate enough to have a few extra dollars. So it is to be expected you will be able to take care of the few small issues that may arise from using a motor vehicle built out of styrofoam and luan as a rolling residence… in other words, it’s one of those deals like.. “how Much is that Phaeton”.. and the answer.. “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”. True. How much does it cost to keep a motorhome on the road? If you have to ask… you probably can’t afford it. New OR old.

  5. ron says:

    I’m confused by the statement “Winnebago is one of the most improving brands of all since the company just started not long ago and received many clients and consumers instantly.” Just started what? Winnebago started up in 1958 …

    • Doug says:

      I’m more than confused…just plain skeptical. David Walker looks too young to have much RV experience and a mechanic doesn’t qualify as an RV expert. Sorry, but I’m an RV owner, talk to people at RV rallies nationwide, and respectfully disagree with this amateur evaluation.

  6. Lisa says:

    Winnebago has been around since the 50’s, it is not a new company as you stated. My grandparents had one and I’m now 52. Please do your research before making incorrect statements. I was excited to think I was finding some real and honest information out there about RV manufacturers until
    that statement and then you lost all credibility with me.

  7. Robert Collins says:

    I have a Jayco J series Tent Trailer, certainly not a motorhome. I’m posting this because Jayco has denied my request for a new roof telling me the problem of buckling, warping and a crack is “cosmetic”and not covered by the Warranty, only structural issues are covered. The buckling and warping occurred with a roof replacement in 2017 and has occurred AGAIN on a second roof. I suspect there is here’s a flaw in the materials being used or in the design or construction of the roof. I’d be happy to send photos showing the problem at your request. You could then judge for yourself if you think the problem is “cosmetic” or structural. If they can deny Warranty work on my tent trailer because of a “cosmetic” issue, they could do it with your motorhome. I would not recommend purchasing anything made by Jayco, and don’t believe the “Life Time Warranty offer!

  8. Donna says:

    I am looking for a new RV on the sprinter chassis. Since every company is included above in your do not buy list, who would you recommend for a sprinter chassis? I had a 2009 Winnebago Navion and absolutely loved it but had to sell it because now I need one with a dinette so I can have a place for my grandson’s car seat.

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