What Are The Differences Between Car Wraps vs Paint ?

Painting may bring out the best in your car, especially if it already looks old and worn out. Car paints are no doubt good for your car because not only does it help in the aesthetics of the vehicle, it also contributes to its longevity.

However, there is a good alternative for them and it is no other than going for craps. The question is what are the differences between car wraps vs car paints. This article will answer your query about this subject and you can expect to learn by the time you are done reading it.


1. Urethane Paints are Preferred:

This kind of paint is also best known as the two-step acrylic enamel. This is widely used by professionals in the automobile industry. It is most of the time preferred because its viscosity level is higher than the others, especially than the banned lacquer paints.

Note: If you are the type who prefer lacquer paints, you should know that it is no longer sold in some parts of America.

2. Urethane Application:

Using this on your car is just like how you would apply lacquer paints. But the advantage of this one is that you don't need to consume a lot of it just to bring out the color in your car. What you need is a good ratio of a primer and a thinner. You don't need much from those two items and you will be surprised how they could already do well for coloring your car.

3. Spray Paints for Cars:

This requires a good spray gun specifically for spray painting cars and they are called siphon guns. They are still available in stores but others consider as obsolete for cap painting. They are all banned in most parts of America because many believe they cause air pollution and they harm the environment.

4. HVLP is the Preferred for Spray Painting:

Since siphon guns are already not acceptable in most markets, the High-Volume Low-Pressure sprays are in.

It is now in demand because of its light effect when it comes to painting the car. Light not in the sense of color but I'm talking about the process of the paint is received by the car's surface.

HVLP lets gravity handles the job as the color starts to come out of the spray gun. The pressure is less and it doesn't necessarily emit harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment.

5. HVLP Efficiency:

First-time users of this specific spray gun might find it difficult at first but when it comes to efficiency, this would top the siphon guns. It guarantees to produce about 80% of paint to cover your car. The pressure that it emits is so slow that it is only 10psi, which is far less than the 70psi that siphon guns produce.

Facts about Car Wraps

1. Car Wraps Application:

Unlike car paints, car wrapping doesn't involve actual paint nor spray guns to put color on the surface of your car.

This one involves printed vinyl that is digitally produced to be absorbed by your car's original paint. Hence, it is called wrapping, as it only wraps or covers an already painted surface.

2. Car Wrap Pricing:

Experts are saying that this is more cost efficient than going for car paints. You will save a lot of money for doing this than paint your car the traditional way.

3. Designs are Endless:

That's right! You can pick any design you want then the company who does car wrapping service will do it for you.

Since all it takes is literally printing it, giving your car a new design won't also take long and you can count on the design's longevity to last as well. They are durable and are not easily damaged.

4. On Permanence:

This one is totally replaceable unlike with car paints that are there permanently. You can remove car wraps anytime you want and put in a new one whenever you want.

The vinyl prints are guaranteed to be UV protected, so you don't have to worry about the sun damaging it fast that you will need immediate replacement unless you really want it removed.

Who Wins in a Battle Between Car Wraps vs Paint?

which car win

In order to determine what you should choose when it comes to changing the color of your car, I have managed to weigh in some good notes of these two methods.

Car Wraps



When it comes to your car's protection, not only does car wrapping could help it from the harmful rays of the sun, but it can also protect your car from scratches and other natural disasters like hail and acid rain.

Car painting could also help in this case, but if the paint wears off, then you’ll have to repaint it, which costs a lot.


Hands down, car wrapping could save you lot of more money than going for a paint job.

Car wrapping could even cost below $1000, especially if you decide to just do it yourself. That is the beauty of this method, it is so easy to do that you won't even need professional service after all.​

Painting your car could cost more than a thousand dollars and it would still depend on the size of your vehicle.


Both the car wrapping and car painting jobs are beneficial for your car. These methods could not only give your car a new look and color, but these could also protect them from surface damages. However, not both could be good for your budget. Generally, car paint jobs are more expensive than car wrapping.

Based on my experience, I would recommend to just go for car wrapping. Aside from being able to save money for this service, dealing with vinyl print is a lot easier if you want to change it immediately. And besides, the benefits are pretty much the same!

​Ahh my friend has a question if he can use a car wrap for his new motorbike from extremefairings. Well, the answer is yes. Unlike many cars, people choose to wrap their motorbikes rather than repaint them. In addition to higher costs, it also takes more work. If selected, I would also choose wrap instead of paint. I will have a tutorial for you to wrap the motorbike on a certain occasion.

You won't have to worry about your car's protection from the sun or other natural elements whether you go using a car paint or a wrap. If I were you, I'd really just go pick the latter. It is more practical and economical.

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    A vehicle wrap is highly recommended for it protects the car from the harmful rays of the sun, and it can also protect your car from scratches and other natural disasters like hail and acid rain. Glad to know this.

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