Best Waterless Car Wash Reviews: You Should Know

Water is not an infinite resource, and in some places, it’s downright scarce. Having a nice, clean car is still something that most people are not easily willing to forgo despite increasingly tighter constraints on the overall water supply, which is why the waterless car wash formula was developed.

So then, what exactly is a waterless car wash? How does it work and which formula delivers the best waterless car wash? With this 5 best waterless car wash for automobile owners review that I have for you, I’m sure you’ll have all the answers to the questions mentioned above


Why use a Waterless Car Wash?

Understanding the preciousness of water and the need to conserve it makes it difficult to justify using large amounts of fresh water for tasks like washing your car.

An average car wash uses between 50 and 100 gallons of fresh water, which is a bit absurd and wasteful when you consider that some places don’t have enough water, as it is to keep everyone’s thirst quenched and crops watered.


Protects Your Car From Damage

Protects Your Car From Damage

The waterless car wash solves this to some degree by using chemistry to formulate a highly lubricative substance that grabs dirt from the surface of your car without creating enough friction to scratch the paint. Aside from removing dirt, it also leaves a coating of protective wax which further protects the paint from damage.

The wax coating left by waterless car wash formulas is similar to what a car detail professional might apply to shine the paint and make the car appear super clean.


Long Lasting Effect

Similar to traditional car waxing, the waterless car wash wax layer will last for several weeks before its results start to fade.

A normal car wash would treat waxing as an optional and additional step beyond the scope of an initial wash, pointing to one major advantage of the waterless car wash.




Another benefit of the waterless car wash over the traditional car wash is its overall efficiency.

Despite being born of a problem like the scarcity of water, in many cases, it’s actually easier, more effective and overall preferable to the old way of car washing, even if water were abundant.


Thorough Cleaning

Thorough Cleaning

The way that water works to chemically remove dirt is the same principle that the waterless car wash uses, only scientifically enhanced to do the job even better than water, without drawbacks like water-spotting or the need for special pressure tuned hoses.

Additionally, the enhanced efficiency of bonding to dirt allows the waterless car wash to reach deeper levels of detail and in tighter spaces than what was previously the held standard.


Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

While we are altering our way of doing things for concerns on the environment, it would also then stand to reason that the use of harsh chemicals, bleaches, detergents and so on would be a step in the wrong direction.

Most toxic chemicals used for cleaning will end up right back in the water supply, defeating the effort to conserve water once again.

Thankfully, most waterless car wash products on the market make it a point to use natural, plant-based, non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable ingredients within their formulas.

Waterless Car Wash Application

Waterless Car Wash

1. Spray Bottle and Microfiber Cloth Method

The application of a waterless car wash is generally straightforward. It involves applying the formula to your car via spray bottle or microfiber cloth, then removing it using a soft, dry microfiber cloth.

Similar to the traditional car wash, it is thought to be good practice to wash the car starting from the top of the roof and then working your way down.

2. Wiping and Gently Scrubbing

This is simply to avoid dripping formula down on areas of the car which have already been cleaned, requiring you to clean them again and reducing overall efficiency in the task.

As you go, your microfiber cloths will collect the dirt from the car’s surface, so to avoid scratches and to obtain optimum results, will periodically need to be replaced with clean cloths until the job is done.

Important Note for Heavily Soiled Car

In cases where a car has gone a long time without a wash, has collected thick, heavy layers of dirt or is covered in mud, it is still necessary to first do a traditional car wash with water.

The waterless car wash – though ideal in many situations, is not intended for removal of heavy dirt and mud. Should this be the case, the waterless car wash should be applied after a normal car wash and then repeated frequently to avoid the need for additional standard water consuming car washes.

In this manner, you will have thoroughly cleaned your car, applied the protective layer of wax that is provided by the waterless car wash formula and provided yourself with a way to reduce the amount of dirt which builds up in the future.

Ideally, one traditional car wash will get you started if necessary, but then will no longer be required as long as you maintain the use of waterless car washing at frequent enough intervals.

What is the Best Waterless Car Wash Products?

Due to the increasing demand for water conservation globally, a number of waterless car wash products have emerged on the market. To help in deciding which is the best waterless car wash for your needs, I have done the courtesy of reviewing the top five choices in waterless car wash products.

1) Aero Cosmetics Waterless Car Wash Kit

This is a complete, all-inclusive kit which provides everything you would need to apply a waterless car wash for your car. It comes with a spray bottle, 1-gallon refill bottle, microfiber cloths and sponge. The company is well established and has been the choice of the American U.S. Military in waterless vehicle washing needs for nearly thirty years to date.


  • Monolithic, all inclusive one stop solution for waterless car washing.
  • All measurements and mixing of the formula is done for you.


  • Not the most portable of space efficient solution in situations where storage is a factor.
  • Excessive if you already own additional supplies such as microfibre cloths, spray bottles, sponges etc.

2) TriNova Waterless Car Wash Kit

This option is also all inclusive in that it provides formula and microfiber cloths, however, it does not include sponges and is shipped as a concentrate, requiring manual mixing of the solution.


  • Is more cost efficient if you own the materials beyond the formula itself.
  • Is more portable as a concentrate, requiring less space for storage.


  • Will still require the acquisition of additional materials, such as a bucket to mix the formula.
  • Requires manual measurement and mixing of the formula.

3) Aero Cosmetics Waterless Car Wash & Wax 128 oz

This is the same company as previously mentioned, however, this option involves buying only the waterless car wash solution and does not come with any additional materials or supplies.


  • Provides the formula only, allowing for the savvy customer to select their own brands of additional supplies.


  • Is not an all inclusive, one stop solution.

4) Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax

This is a product of the good folks at Aero Cosmetics once again, only it is a smaller 8 oz bottle of their formula in a concentrated form. After properly mixing the concentrate into the full formula, the 8 oz bottle becomes the equivalent of a 1-gallon bottle.


  • Is more efficient in cases where storage space and weight are a concern.


  • Requires the additional step of preparing the formula, as well as acquiring the additional materials needed.

5) Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax - 26 oz.

The Meguiar’s waterless car wash solution comes in the form of a 26 oz spray bottle. This is convenient in its own right and preferable to a more compact concentrate in some instances. While this is a good and effective product which does what it claims to do, it seemed slightly less effective than Aero Cosmetic's formula and comes with no additional materials or supplies of any kind.


  • Portability and more ideal for those who are always in a hurry.


  • Simply not quite as effective or economic as it’s competitors.


All the products reviewed here were effective and has generally left a result of satisfaction, however when weighing them against each other with consideration to the finer points of their purpose, the best choice was deemed to be the Aero Cosmetics waterless car wash kit.

Each product will have its own advantages depending on the need of the individual, however, the Aero Cosmetics kit seemed to be the best answer to the widest range of people, while remaining competitively priced and of reputable quality. I suppose it’s hard to beat a product which has military grade effectiveness in its own respective use.

All things considered, Aero Cosmetics has proven itself to be the best waterless car wash product.

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