How To Turn Off Car Alarms In Less Than 2 Minutes

Car alarms are primarily installed for security purposes. This device primarily aims to deflect any thieving attempts as well as attract attention that may dispel any unwarranted attempts to access your vehicle. This is a good and practical thing, no question about that.

Being connected to wireless remote, this device warrants security access that you can control from a distance. However, it is not an uncommon instance for a car alarm to blast and continue blaring. Public disruption and annoyance were among the few consequences of this unwanted occurrence. It may also spawn a feeling of embarrassment on your end.


In any event that your remote control stop working or begin malfunctioning, technical know-how on how to turn off car alarm will certainly save your day.

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What Will You Need To Turn It Off?

Though blaring alarms intends to call attention in times of suspicious attempts to gain access to the vehicle is a good scenario, there is a possibility that you may find yourself in another unwanted situation: your car alarm not shutting off and your remote is malfunctioning.

There is a high chance that this deafening sound will disrupt the general life of the public and may even cause panic, and the worst case scenario is finding yourself in front of the officials and explaining everything.

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When this happens to your car alarm, you simply need to have these things in order to resolve the issue in literally less than 2 minutes: 

  • Keys
  • Key fob

How To Turn Off Your Car In Less Than 2 Minutes?

If this situation caught up on you, it is a good thing to know that your car, together with the alarm system, is also equipped with a security system that is similar to the key chipped code that your car generates when you turn on your vehicle’s ignition or place the key in your car door.

So, here are the steps to shut off your car alarm without your remote.

Step 1: Open The Driver’s-Side Door

Open the driver’s-side door

This can be accomplished by simply placing your car key into the lock on the driver’s-side door. For those who are using a push-button key, the hidden key can be found inside it. This is the one that you will be using to get in your vehicle when your remote, for some reason, malfunctions.

On the side of your key fob, there is a tiny button that you can push with your fingernails. Doing so will release the hidden key. Use it to open the car door. The simple unlocking process of your car door will automatically reset your alarm.

Step 2: Open The Ignition

Open the ignition

If your car alarm blares when you unlock the driver-side door, simply put your key in the ignition and turn on your vehicle. Your car will generate the key chipped code as your vehicle recognizes the key. This will turn off your alarm.

Step 3: Look For The Alarm Fuse

You can find the alarm fuse on the left side of your car interior, just below the steering wheel. Some cars have three to four boxes inside the compartment section of their engine.

For aftermarket alarms or alarms installed after your purchase of the vehicle from the factory, you can always see the fuse sitting under the hood. It is normally on a wire that is connected to the positive battery terminal.

From the fuse, look for the alarm label. On top of the fuse box, there is a fuse diagram. Try to locate the fuse that is directly connected to your alarm and pull it out. If you pull it out and the alarm stays on, you can always try another.

Removing the wrong fuse won’t have any damage, so no need to worry about it. You may use fuse puller or simply pull it out using your hand.

car fuse puller

Step 4: Know The Tips And Warnings

To those who have a push-button key or “smart” key, it would be tactical and beneficial for you to consult your car manual. There may be relevant information that you need to know.

For instance, some drivers’-side door are paired with the vehicle itself, wherein the key lock was hidden in that tiny panel on the side handle. You may need to take it off.

To those with an aftermarket alarm system, I highly advise you to call the manufacturer.


In any event you find yourself stuck with a car alarm that won’t shut off, do not panic. You can easily solve the problem in less than 2 minutes. Car alarms are equipped with the same key chipped codes that your vehicle generates when you turn on your ignition, so opening your car door and turning on the ignition will automatically turn off the alarm. If in case this method does not work, you may opt to simply remove the fuse that is directly connected to your alarm in the fuse box. Added to these, consulting the manual will also be tactical as it may help in preventing any problems that may arise.

If you enjoy the tutorial and have any comments and suggestions, feel free to drop it in the comment section. Also, feel free to share this article. Your friends may find it beneficial.

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