4 thoughts on “How To Make My Exhaust Sound Deeper : Tested By Me

  1. Jason says:

    Is this a joke? “You can also use a turbocharger when you change your exhaust pipes. You can buy this from your local hardware ”. I am sure there are kids running to home depo and Lowe’s trying to buy turbochargers. The video you linked is equally stupid. Sure just cut your muffler off. Be super loud and annoying.

    I came across this researching proper exhaust tuning. Now I feel dumber.

  2. IS This says:

    Is this article a joke? I was scanning through and saw the thing about buying a turbo at a hardware store and installing it when you change your exhaust? UGH, WTF?

  3. Norton says:

    Thank you, I was in doubt of just changing a thing or another and this boils down that even a slight change can make something different in the sound department. At least subtle nuances make the car at least look better anyways.

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