How To Make My Exhaust Sound Deeper : Tested By Me

Recently, I have been getting many inquiries from people asking me how to make my exhaust sound deeper. For those of you who are new in the world of automobiles, you might wonder why there should even be a need for your exhaust to sound a certain way.

Your car’s exhaust has different functions. A deep-sounding exhaust indicates that the engines are performing correctly. The exhaust system is one of the parts that work the hardest. It is composed of a series of pipes that control noise and directs the exhaust fumes away from the car’s interior.

When the exhaust does not function well, the engine feels exhausted and choked. Therefore, the engine’s horsepower is negatively affected. You also sacrifice fuel consumption due to a faulty exhaust system.

The engine’s horsepower changes drastically as soon as you fix your exhaust. The sound of the exhaust will remind you of how fast and powerful your engine could be.The sound determines your car’s capacity in general.

Let’s explore the ways on how to make your exhaust sound deeper.

let make your exhaust sound deeper



  • Crescent Wrench
  • A set of screwdrivers
  • Different types of pliers
  • A whole set of socket
  • New exhaust tip
  • Brand new muffler
  • Mandrel bender
  • Turbocharger

Step-by-Step Procedure


Change The Original Muffler

Change The Original Muffler

Usually, the case is that your car has an original factory-installed muffler. Modifying the muffler to a new and more powerful one changes the sound and engine performance.


Change The Exhaust Tip

Change Exhaust Tip

You can easily replace the exhaust tip especially if it shows signs of corrosion. There are plenty of plug-and-play exhaust pipes that make a big difference in sound and style.


Unclog The Exhaust Tubing

Clean Exhaust Tubing

The next step is to unclog the tube that is attached to your car’s exhaust.

It looks like a garden hose so that you won’t miss it.

Most of the time, the exhaust and engine lose its power and pressure because this part is clogged up.

The tubing is responsible for circulating fresh air to the engine and reducing backflow into the exhaust system.

Use the mandrel tubing to clear out the exhaust tubing. This device uses a ball that pulls through the exhaust tubing to smooth it out.

Once you’ve cleaned out the exhaust tubing, fresh air can now flow freely through the system.


Change The Pipes

car piping exhaust system

It is likely that you would still not acquire the full potential of your exhaust if you are still using the old pipes attached to it.

There is a chance the tubes that came with it when you first had your car are small.Those pipes hinder the proper flow of heat and pressure in your exhaust.

Buying new pipes will pressurize the air found in a cylinder, which in result enhances the performance of your engine.

Other Options

You can also use a turbocharger when you change your exhaust pipes. You can buy this from your local hardware or car shops, but I have to warn you that this machine could be pretty expensive. This option should be your last resort so that you can go easy on the budget.

Before you use a turbocharger for your exhaust, it is best that you determine what you’re dealing with. The benefit of using it is that your car acquires an output power equal to the measurement of your engine.

A disadvantage is that it would cost more fuel if you have this running. You can expect your car to emit much power. Hence, you will hear the exhaust sound a lot deeper than without it.

You could also check this video out for a more detailed instruction of this tutorial.


It is crucial that your car’s exhaust sound deep because it represents the status of your vehicle’s engine. You also must know that enhancing the sound of your exhaust would significantly affect the performance of your car. It would be hard to maximize the potential of your car if your car exhaust is stagnant with a sound that is not deep enough while you’re driving it.

One of the advantages, when you have your car's exhaust fixed, is that your vehicle emits less carbon monoxide. A clean exhaust helps prevent air pollution.

If you are comfortable in following the steps above and you have the necessary materials, you don’t need to take your car to a professional. Simply follow the instructions above and save on repairs and fees.

What are your thoughts? If you have questions, feedback, and additional tips don’t hesitate to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to share this article!

4 thoughts on “How To Make My Exhaust Sound Deeper : Tested By Me

  1. Jason says:

    Is this a joke? “You can also use a turbocharger when you change your exhaust pipes. You can buy this from your local hardware ”. I am sure there are kids running to home depo and Lowe’s trying to buy turbochargers. The video you linked is equally stupid. Sure just cut your muffler off. Be super loud and annoying.

    I came across this researching proper exhaust tuning. Now I feel dumber.

  2. IS This says:

    Is this article a joke? I was scanning through and saw the thing about buying a turbo at a hardware store and installing it when you change your exhaust? UGH, WTF?

  3. Norton says:

    Thank you, I was in doubt of just changing a thing or another and this boils down that even a slight change can make something different in the sound department. At least subtle nuances make the car at least look better anyways.

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