How To Keep A Black Car Clean With Proper Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief that black cars require less maintenance, I would have to say that it is totally not the case. I found myself spending more time cleaning it than my former car, which was white. It is really tricky to keep it clean because it is almost deceiving that it doesn't need cleaning since it is dark in color.

The problem occurs when white spots and light dust start to surface. If you don't take care of these immediately, then expect your black car to be covered with dirt that will not only make it look bad, but it would jeopardize its coating. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to keep a black car clean.


What You'll Need To Keeping Your Black Car Clean

  • Two buckets
  • Sponge
  • Clean Cloth
  • Clean water
  • Car soap
  • Wash mitt

Tutorial on How to Keep a Black Car Clean

1. Pre-Washing and Rinsing:

Washing Car

You will need two separate buckets for this process in order to make sure that your black car remains to its original color. Get a bucket with pure water and make the other one soapy.

Wash your car with clean water then use some wash mitt when you soak your hand in a bucket of soapy water. Keep in mind that you have to do this separately in order to prevent your car from getting any substance that could cause its black color to fade or tarnish.

Note: Never use the same bucket for soaping and rinsing because you run the risk of putting other particles and substance back to the black paint of your car.

2. Soaping:

Soaping Car

Thoroughly soaping your car is easy but could be tricky at the same time. Never use any soap that contains bleach because this could certainly stain your black car and it would be hard to deal with that when it happens.

Use your mitts or some sponge, as you go ahead and do this. Just make sure that whatever you use is soft enough not to harm the surface of your black car.

3. Rinsing:

To conserve water, you can use another separate bucket for rinsing, rather than using a hose. However, I do find it more effective to use the hose if you want to maintain your car's color as it is.

But either way, both of these methods would work as long as you are careful enough not to mix anything in the bucket that is strictly for rinsing your black car.

4. Drying:

Drying Car

This part sounds easy but you would be surprised at how complicated it could be when it comes to dealing with a black car. Only use materials that are made of microfiber chenille, whether it is an ordinary wiping cloth or a wash mitt.

They may be expensive, but they are guaranteed to keep the color of your car including keeping it in good shape. Its softness will prevent your car from damage, which rough and harsh cloths tend to do with cars specifically if they are black in color.

5. Polishing:

Polishing Car

I will suggest that you apply a car wax after you are done drying your car. Make sure that it is completely dry and not just partially dry because chances are some substance might form on the surface of your car, as you go ahead and polish it.

With polishing, you will need a car wax to complete the process. This tool acts as a sunscreen to protect the black coating of your car. Your car will look shinier and less vulnerable to the damage that the heat of the sun could bring. Do this at least twice or thrice a year when you do you clean your car.

Note: You don't need to apply a car wax every time you do a car wash because doing it often could actually harm the surface of your black. Stick to the said amount

Additional Tips

After you are done with the procedures above, all you need to deal with is the maintenance. It is not that difficult, as long as you don't forget these reminders that I have for you and your black car.

1. Go For Quality:

Always use the best products when dealing with your black car. The low-quality ones are more likely to damage your car, which would result in you paying more than you originally planned.Use a waterless car wash whenever there is very little or no water.This way your car paint is better protected and always shiny

2. Always Aim For Prevention:

Dealing with black cars means you always have to be on guard of what could possibly damage its surface and prevent that from happening, rather than fixing it when it happens. This is because aside from possibly spending more money in fixing it, there is even a chance that the damage could be permanent.

So if you think you will be saving a lot by cutting corners in maintaining your black car in original form and shape, you got it all wrong. It is ideal that you spend for what it is worth because that will help you financially in the future.

Here is a video on how to keep a black car clean:


You would think that keeping a black car clean is just like how you would do it with any other car color. That is definitely a common misconception because a black car would require more tedious maintenance. Keeping its color alone could be a lot of work if you don't have the right materials and proper procedure to back you up with it.

This is why this tutorial would help you a lot and I hope that it has served its purpose for your black car. If you like what you learned here, share it with your friends or family who also owns a black car. 

I would like to know what you think of this tutorial as well so don't be shy to leave a comment below.

One thought on “How To Keep A Black Car Clean With Proper Maintenance

  1. Oliver Jane says:

    You must make an investment in purchasing the necessary supplies if you want to wash your car at home. Think on the requirements for your car, its state, and of course its color.
    When washing and waxing a black car, it is advised to use certain materials that won’t harm the paint.

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