How To Fix A Keyed Car Without Spending A Dime

The obnoxious world has spared nobody; it has disrupted the lives of most sorted people and has made it difficult for even the most honest men to survive. The only way out of the disruption is to be tech-ready.

A person who is prepared for any situation and can keep calm when the world tries to tear him or her down is going to go places. Learning how to fix a keyed car is going to help people control their anger every time some innocuous act takes place.


how to fix a keyed car

Kids and even adults too take pleasure in keying people’s expensive cars; some do it out of love for being nasty whereas others do it out of jealousy.

You can take all requisite measures but you simply cannot secure yourself from the wrongdoings of an evil mind. Well! Securing may be out of your reach but fixing it is certainly possible. You can always spend some time trying fixing your keyed car.

One can fix the dent and make their cars scratch-free in many ways. The next time you find a scratch mark on your car, do not panic, just follow the listed steps and you can see a miracle happen for sure.

Before we get into the details and provide you with a full-proof solution, we are going to list down all the items you will need to execute the process with great ease.

The List of Items Required Goes as Follows

  • Car wax
  • Bucket of soap-water
  • Rubbing Compound
  • Microfiber Clothe
  • Dry Sandpaper
  • Shoe Polish

The Repair Process:

This ‘How to Fix a Keyed Car’ tutorial is going to solve one of the most common problems of your life; you are going to have a relieved mind once you master it.

This is one of those rarest solutions you will be using every now and then. With this tutorial, we are not just providing you with a lot of knowledge but also with a necessary power.


Wash The Entire Keyed Area Intricately with Soap and Wait Until It Dries

Wash the Entire Keyed Area intricately with Soap and wait until it dries

It is important to remove all the dust or any unwanted material from the car’s surface before starting with the repair process. Doing this allows you to remove the dust and dirt, which can lead to further scratch while repairing.

One can make use of a big bucket and create a soap solution by dissolving either soap or detergent in normal water.

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Rub Shoe Polish Over the Cleaned Surface

Rub Shoe Polish over the cleaned surface

Rubbing shoe polish over the cleaned surface is crucial because later we are going to use sandpaper to smoothen the surface. If we fail to apply shoe polish properly, we will surely end up scratching the surface even more.

Sand papers are rough in nature and they are generally used to remove extra paint, color and adhesives. Sandpapers are manufactured for removal of wall paint but, its application on cars is also one of the best examples of innovative ideas.

Important Point: One needs to be very gentle while rubbing the sand paper on the surface because it smoothens the surface, which prepares the car for repair. Getting aggressive while using sand paper can do more damage than benefit.


Time for Master Stroke

Now that you have cleaned and smoothened the surface, it is time to do the necessary. You need to prepare a solution of rubbing compound and soapy water in a bucket.

Once the solution is ready, dip sandpaper in the solution and apply it slowly over the dented area. The idea here is to rub until the scratch starts disappearing, there’s a lot you can achieve by being slow with this process because going fast will lead to more damages and disappointments. This certainly is one of the most important steps of How to fix a keyed car tutorial.

Note: Professionals recommend making strokes with an angle of 60 Degrees, which helps you to attack the base of the scratch. By rubbing smoothly on the base, you will be able to eradicate the scratch from the roots.


Electric Polishing Wheel And Rubbing Compound

4. Electric Polishing Wheel and Rubbing Compound

Rubbing compound is going to prove a very vital part of this process. You will have to be prepared to use it every now and then in great volumes to remove the unwanted scratch.

This 4th step involves exclusive rubbing of the ‘rubbing compound’; it leverages the car with the requisite shine and also makes you happy. You will be able to see how easily the scratch starts to disappear.

Electric polishing wheel is going to help you with the buffing, a lot of people prefer hand buffing but electric polishing wheel gives better and impressive results.


Giving Final Touch With Polish

Giving final touch with polish

This is the step where you get to see miracles happen; you are going to be awe once you apply the polish as directed and see final results. Car wax and microfiber cloth are going to be the most important ingredients. Be very selective while buying them. A truly potential polish may be expensive but it is worth all the pain.

Slowly apply the polish, rub with the microfiber paper, and see the veteran shine come back.

Now That You Know How to Fix a Keyed Car, What to Do Next?

If you tend to follow each and every step listed here then you are going to unlock one of the most important lessons in life. The contemporary world is going to continue to disrupting your life; be prepared with all the items listed in this tutorial and smile every time you find a scratch on your car.

All the items listed are essential for executing how to fix a keyed car repair process; missing out on any of those can make it difficult for you to acquire the desired results.

We hope that this smart modern day tutorial helped you solve one of the most common problems of the millennial era. We look forward to your views, comments and opinions.

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