How To Cover A Broken Car Window With These Easy And Quick Fixes

Want to fix a busted car window? No need to fret! We got the list of hassle-free fixes on how to cover a broken car window!

Your automobile’s windows may get broken so easily, especially because of accidents and vandalism. The breakage is detrimental since it will make the interior of your car uncomfortable as you drive, during cold weather conditions.

The repair of your glass window is often expensive. Thus, you may want to delay consulting experts to fix your car, if the insurance can’t cover it.


How To Cover A Broken Car Window With These Easy And Quick Fixes

Busted car windows may seem irritating. However, as you leave your car open to other aspects, it will make the vehicle more vulnerable. So, you need to cover the broken windows of your car until you can have them fixed in the repair shop.

In the meantime, you will have to correct the problem temporarily to provide protection to the internal parts of the car like the car seat. Here’s how to cover a broken car window.

What You Need To Prepare

  • A roll of packing tape (clear type)
  • A piece of cloth to wipe off the dust after
  • Masking tape to protect the bottom of the window and the car paint
  • A piece of paper to protect some parts of the car
  • An assistant to help you with the proper placement of the tape to make things easier and quicker
  • Quick Fix of the Broken Car Windows

Preparing For The Repair

Preparing for the Repair

The first thing to consider is opening the door of your vehicle. Then, wipe as much dust as you can from the door’s edges that are not visible when you close the car. Also, you need to clean the painted part near the frame of the window.

If the weather is fair, you can also put some water to make the process faster. However, make sure to dry the surface of the car before the next step.

Then, put a long masking tape about two finger-widths wide going under the window frame. You need to extend the tape to the whole measurement of the door. Moreover, cover the entire painted areas of the door going up to the length of the masking tape. Plus, you can use a non-adhesive material such as paper against the door before you apply the packing tape.

Putting The Packing Tape In The Car

Putting the Packing Tape in the Car

To apply the packing tape inside the car, grab a strip of the clear packing tape that is about your hand’s width. You need to make it longer than the door’s measurement. Then, run the door with two finger-widths of masking tape applied to the bottom section of the window frame.

Moreover, ensure that you over all of the parts. You have to make the packing tape as tight as possible as you put it in each section.

If you have a side-mirror, you also need to put the tape around this part. But, make sure that you avoid applying the tape on gaps as much as possible. Shelter the strip of tape at each ends through compressing the tips firmly into the edge of the door that you don’t usually notice.

Next, you need to have another strip of tape with the same length. You must go slightly upwards, higher than the last tape band. Put it to make the bottom part of the second band overlapping the top of the first strip by around one finger-width.

Ensure that you repeat the process heading all the way up the car’s door. Take note that you need to make the pieces as tight as you can. It will make the process hassle-free and faster. Plus, it will make the repair more efficient and durable.

car door

On top of your car’s door, you need to put the last strip of packing tape across the upper part of the tip. It will make contact with the last piece you put and the top part that you cannot observe when you close the door.

Also, it will help you fight any leakage, especially during inclement weather conditions. If you still have some parts that you need to cover, put the pieces of packing tape around 4 inches long.

Then, you need to cover the holes between the window and the mirror. Too much flopping in the window of your car will only make excessive noise as you drive. Also, going to the car’s mirror will only make a slack. Thus, you need to search for some areas where there is too much looseness in the window. Then, try to pinch them to even out the surface.

Repair The Interior of The Car Window

You can accomplish this step even when you close or open your car’s door. But, as you open the door, it will give you enough room to work with the steps. You need to create a layer on the interior of the tape window that extends from the top to the base. Additionally, execute the steps carefully because this step is critical.

Repair the Interior of the Car Window

You need to stick one adhesive to another. Thus, you cannot afford to go wrong because it will be harder to remove the tape once you proceed with the process. The packing tape should be in contact with the interior part of the door’s car as possible. However, that is not compulsory.

The only point here is that you cover the inside of the window. It will prevent the passengers, dust, and dirt from sticking to it. So, you must overlap it to the point that it will avoid gaps between the strips of tape. Also, it will make the window more durable.

Also, you need to put an additional attention to sealing the parts around the side mirror.

Everything Finished Now !

Therefore, if you discovered a busted side window of your car, you need to take the easy steps provided above. The whole process will protect the interior of your vehicle until you can replace it. What you need to do is to prepare the necessary materials.

Clear plastic, a roll of masking tape, and clear packing tape will do the trick! Plus, it can save you time, effort, and money!

​So, have you enjoyed reading the entire tutorial? If you have more tips, comments, and suggestions, feel free to leave them here. We are more than happy to answer all of them one by one!

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