10 Simple Steps on How to Clean Intake Manifold Without Removing

How to Clean Intake Manifold Without Removing

One thought on “10 Simple Steps on How to Clean Intake Manifold Without Removing

  1. Dave Lively says:

    “The intake manifold serves as the “combustion area” where fuel and air are “burned” which makes your car move.”

    Thanks for posting this, but this statement is incorrect.

    In a traditional EFI engine, fuel is injected into the intake manifold and gets sucked into the cylinder, via the intake valves, before being compressed and burned. In the cylinder. (Technically, the combustion chamber is the area between the top of the cylinder at TDC and the head.)

    In a GDI / direct injection motor, fuel is injected directly into the cylinder, bypassing the intake manifold completely. (This also leads to carbon buildup on the intake valves, which is a horrendous pain to clean.) No fuel enters the intake manifold.

    In any case – whether you’re considering port fuel injection, direct injection, diesel or even a rotary – combustion *never* takes place in the intake manifold. The intake manifold is just a very complex and expensive funnel designed to get air (and sometimes fuel) into the combustion chamber. Which is not the intake manifold. At all. Like, ever.

    Cheers and happy New Year!

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