How to Clean Idle Air Control Valve in 10 Easy Steps

how to clean idle air control valve

3 thoughts on “How to Clean Idle Air Control Valve in 10 Easy Steps


    I can´t see where is my IAC valve on my BMW x5 e53 4.4l 2001, can you send me some pictures please?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Jimmy says:

    I have a 1999 Rx300. I had to replace idle control valve. I removed the valve and replaced it with a IACV from eBay. I found that the RPMS were higher when the car was warming up. The car at idle was hovering around 1000. Too high…. I also noticed my coolant level dropped I replenished it twice. I am wondering if the the valve is substandard to a Lexus valve and if there is a leak in the gasket ?

  3. Brahm says:

    Hi David, I am very impress to read your article But i have problem in my car and three mechanic couldn’t fix it and cost me $1200. I am very badly broken i have to work two week to make money.Please help and diagnose my car problem i will appreciate. I have Camry 99 LE,2.2 auto. when i drove on highway it is fine but when i slow down on traffic light it stall and shutdown and than I have restart. Three mechanic did job on this was, they clean throttle body,clean IDE, change fuel pump, fuel filler,EGR, Engine flushing and put the speed high but nothing could solve the problem.Yesterday i repaired EGR and at night I drove to home and when i put it in parking RPM goes immediately high and drop after one minute later and car shut down.I am so upset and don’t know what to do where to go and trust who.Please advise. Thanks

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