How Much Paint To Paint A Car ? All You Need To Know

Estimating the amount of paint needed to cover your car can be a tedious undertaking.

Your estimate may either be too low (thus suspending your work) or too high (excess may go to waste).

Indeed, the question “How much paint to paint a car?” will prove itself useful to be answered should you endeavor to paint one. Added to this, it also helps to know how much base coat you will need to paint your vehicle and how much will this undertaking cost you.


How Much Base Coat Do You Need to Paint a Car?

How much base coat do you need to paint a car?

The volume of paint highly depends on the size of the vehicles and the type of paint that you will be using for your vehicle. Normally, for two stake painting, you need to have two different kinds of paint at hand: (1) the paint for your base coat, which is colored, and (2) another for your clear coat.

To give you an overview, imagine an average sized 2000 model Nissan Sentra sedan. Say, it has four doors.

There are Two Scenarios You Should Consider to Successfully Paint

  • Painting a car with the same color and few bodywork primer areas normally demands few resources and efforts. It’s actually no big deal at all because approximately 2 to 2.5 quarts of paint will be plenty to cover and accomplish your work. Basecoat is always mixed and blended in1:1 ratio. Meaning to say, mixing the coat will double up the amount of paint you have. Two quarts of coat will make one gallon of material you can use to spray and paint your car.
  • Painting a medium sized car -- its door jambs, the area under its hood and trunk among others -- with a different color will demand approximately 3 quarts of paint. Given the mixing I stated above, this will give you about 1.5 gallon to spray paint material for your vehicle, and that is more than enough . Expect an excess of paint once you are done. The best thing about left-over paint is you can always keep it for future use.

Normally, a gallon of clear coat kit is sufficient to complete your car paint project – may it be big or small. It is best to just mix a portion of it, because, unlike the base coat, excess clear coat materials cannot be stored for future use.

You can only blend your coat with your hardener (activator) once – for one time use, so make your best estimate because clear paint kits are costly. Clear paint can cost as much as $150 while kit runs for an average of $350.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car?

How much does it cost to paint a car?

There are several ways to save money when painting a car. If you are on a very limited budget, a single stage enamel paint will be tactical for you. It is a whole lot cheaper and faster. With 2-3 medium lay, you can expect your coat to dry within 3 hours.

On average, you will have to spend approximately $100-$250 when painting a car. The price varies depending on your color preferences, the brand of the paint you will be using, as well as the amount of coat needed for your vehicle. Consider the size of your vehicle when deciding, and remember the mixing strategy above.

On the other hand, if you prefer to paint your car with base coat and clear coat paint, the cost may be higher than the single enamel paint. Depending on the brand and quality of the paint, a basic base coat cost about $300-$500.

For instance, if you opt to choose High-Solids polyurethane clear coat by PPG, you can get a gallon of it for just $130 to $145. Other products like Concept Deltron 2002, however, are more costly. Price can run as high as $250 per gallon.

In deciding which paint to purchase for your car, I offer here the review of the top rated car paint materials as well as clear coat kits for your car in

How Much Paint to Paint a Car?

How much paint to paint a car?

The amount of paint you will need to for your car depends greatly on its size. As mentioned above, the mixing of the coat doubles up its volume. Two quarts of coats will make one gallon of material you can use.

For base coats, any leftovers can be kept and sealed for future use. However, clear coat demands precision, as it can only be utilized once. Surplus material from the clear coat, unlike the base coat, can no longer be kept.

It is indubitable that can painting is an expensive endeavor. You will have to spend for base coat as well as clear coat; however, there are products on that are budget-friendly.

This is precisely why having a concrete estimate of the volume of paint you would need for your vehicle, as well as what car paint (and consider the brand) to purchase, can save you from any unnecessary spending.

Added to these, knowledge on how to combine the coats as well as the product’s strength and weaknesses and its expected life cycle are tactical information.

I tried using SpeedoKote SMR-210/211 - Automotive High Build 2K Urethane Primer Gray Gallon Kit, Fast Dry, Easy Sanding Activator on my car.

Though requires other Keystone brand products, it has the overall features to accomplish the necessary work for my vehicle and did its job efficiently.As a bonus, it is budget friendly. Overall, I am satisfied.

paint a car


Calculating the precise amount of paint to use on your car may prove itself difficult; however, the size of your car will give you a hint on how much you would need to paint it. A gallon of coat material is sufficient to cover a small car.

On the other hand, medium-sized car requires about 1.5 gallons of paint. Car paints are expensive and having a precise estimate will save you from any unnecessary spending.

For any comments, inquiries, feedbacks and recommendations, feel free to shoot us your notes.

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