Roadside Assistance, Which is Better: Good Sam vs AAA

Roadside assistance is one of the things that you should include when getting insurance. You never know when those emergencies happen, so better be ready ALWAYS. You’ll realize that you actually need it when you’re already stuck on the roadside with a flat tire, miles away from home.

Signing up for roadside assistance has its costs, but the benefits are worth it. The best benefit that you can get from roadside assistance is having peace of mind whenever you travel.


Benefits of Roadside Assistance

Here are other benefits that you get from having roadside assistance:

1. Towing Service

good sam vs aaa

In case you get a flat tire or engine trouble in a deserted area, you can contact your roadside assistance provider, and they’ll give you free towing assistance. They can tow you to the nearest auto mechanic or your home.

2. Flat Tire Assistance

good sam vs aaa

When you accidentally get flat tires, and you are on your way to an event or meeting, roadside assistance sends you a mechanic, and they replace the tire for you. Don’t forget to let them know what tire measurements you have.

3. Jumpstart the Battery/ Mechanic Assistance

good sam vs aaa

In case your car’s battery is weak or dies, a mechanic can go to your location and help you jumpstart the battery or replace it with a new one. This is also helpful if you have no idea how to jumpstart a car.

A mechanic can also troubleshoot other problems with your car if the problem is not the battery. If you ran out of gas, you could also inform roadside assistance so they can deliver fuel to you.

4. Lost Keys

good sam vs aaa

When you lose your keys or accidentally left them inside the car while you’re out, spare keys can either be arranged or a towing service offered.

5. Phone Support

good sam vs aaa

When you get stranded in the middle of nowhere with an emergency – medical emergency or car trouble – just call your roadside assistance, and they will help you out.

6. Accommodation or Rental Arrangements

good sam vs aaa

If for some reason you get stranded on the road, and your car doesn’t want to start anymore, you can call roadside assistance and ask them to arrange accommodation or a rental car that is near you.

Notice that you can avail of one or two roadside assistance services at one time. For example, you would like to arrange for accommodation and just have your car towed to the nearest garage. All the above are possible and saves you from additional stress if you signed up for a roadside assistance program.

Good Sam vs AAA Roadside Assistance Services

We looked at two of the top roadside assistance services to help motorists choose which one is more suitable for their needs. Let’s look at the services covered by Good Sam vs. AAA:

What are their similarities?

good sam vs aaa

Both Good Sam and AAA Roadside Assistant Services give you prompt assistance when you have a flat tire, car engine trouble, lost your keys, or need emergency accommodations and car rental. Here are the other similarities that they have:

  • No Annual Membership Fees - Both Good Sam and AAA have 0$ annual membership fees. You only have to pay for the package itself, and you can get all the services.
  • Age Restrictions – There are no age restrictions on who can avail of the roadside assistance services. Just make sure that you legally carry a US driver’s license.
  • Covered in Canada – You can still receive roadside assistance even if your car breaks down in Canada. This applies to both AAA and Good Sam.
  • All Vehicles are Covered Good Sam and AAA both service motorcycles, RVs, trailers, light trucks, SUVs, and automobiles. Light trucks are those that have 1,500 to 4,000 pounds load capacity. There are no extra charges for all vehicles.
  • Mobile Apps (Premium Plans) – Both Good Sam and AAA have mobile apps. Just install them on your phone, so you have easy access to the services.
  • Customer Service Support – Both Good Sam and AAA can be contacted via phone, email, and website.
  • Discounts and Insurance – Both offer car insurance but at an additional cost. You can also get discounts on accommodations and eligible retail stores.
  • Online Trip Planner – Both companies allow you to plan your travels so you can have a worry-free journey. You can plan accommodations, routes, and have access to maps.
  • Travel Interruption Reimbursement – Both companies reimburse you for meal and lodging in case your vehicle breaks down, and you are more than 100 miles away from home. This is very handy if you frequently travel long distances.

What Are Their Differences?

Now, this is where the differences lie. It is up to you to decide which services are more important to you if the other does not offer them.

Good Sam


Standard Annual Plan



Additional Person

Does not have an extra charge if you want to add another person to your plan

$34 per individual

Service Call Limit

5 calls per year

4 calls per years

Towing Limits


5 miles


  • Service Call Limit: A service call limit is the number of times you can call in per year without having additional charges.
  • Towing Limits: This is the limit in the distance to where your vehicle will be towed before you get charged extra fees.


There you have it, two of the top roadside assistance services. Your decision is mostly based on how often you travel, how old your car is (if it’s prone to breakdowns), and if there is another driver in your family.

good sam vs aaa

I hope that I have helped you make a decision on which roadside assistance company is best for you.

What are your thoughts? Please share your comments, suggestions, and feedback, and we will gladly respond. Please share this article with your friends, too.

4 thoughts on “Roadside Assistance, Which is Better: Good Sam vs AAA

  1. jack says:

    This is a very basic review that only looks at the entry-level plans when AAA and Good Sam both have multiple size options. For example, my AAA cost is $200 because I paid for the Plus or Premium with 2 additional drivers. That gives a long tow distance (100 miles or so, don’t remember). I’ve towed 25+ miles one time but I don’t want AAA or my location deciding who fixes my car (gamble much?).

    Good Sam has “unlimited tow distance” yes… but only to the nearest “professional” service garage. So if you are rural that may be 20-100 miles but in town it may be only 5 miles. I want to see what garages they select in my area, have to check. You can pay extra for longer distance. But as this covers all 3 drivers in my house for $60-80 so I’d say $120 a year so an extra $50-80 for longer tow and I still save (and save big over time).

  2. Jim says:

    With AAA RV/Motorcycle Roadside Assistance, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    RV/Motorcycle towing up to 100 driving miles
    RV tire change service
    A total of four RV or motorcycle towing or RV tire change service calls per household each membership year (these calls are in addition to the four Roadside Assistance calls each cardholder receive per membership year)
    Applies to RVs, recreational trailers, or motorcycles you own, borrow, or rent

    RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance is an optional benefit. The following vehicles are eligible for this service: motorcycles licensed for highway use, motor homes, camper vans, cab-over campers, camping trailers fifth-wheel trailers, boat trailers, personal watercraft trailers, ATV trailers, Utility trailers carrying recreational vehicles or equipment, empty horse trailers.

    Extended Roadside Assistance services for AAA Plus®, AAA Premier®, or optional RV and Motorcycle services are effective seven (7) calendar days after upgrade is processed, and receipt of the full payment due. Motorcycles that are registered for highway use and are not altered, constructed, or customized in such a way to cause damage or create a hazard when being serviced are eligible for service under RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance. Certain limitations on motorcycle towing apply. Boat trailers, personal watercraft trailers, and ATV trailers must be either empty or transporting recreational vehicles or equipment. Utility trailers must be carrying recreational equipment (for non-commercial use). Commercial trailers are excluded. Service does not include transportation of horses. Service will not be provided except on hard road surfaces regularly traveled by private passenger automobiles. For example, open fields, beaches, creek beds, private logging, or forest service roads and snow-filled lanes or driveways are excluded. Service will not be provided when the disabled vehicle cannot be safely reached or serviced without damage to the vehicle or servicing equipment. You or your adult or dependent associate must be with the RV or motorcycle to receive service. Service is provided by independent service providers. Members with Classic AAA benefits are responsible for fuel charges. RV and Motorcycle Towing and RV Tire Change benefits are subject to the provisions of the Member Guide.

  3. Jon says:

    Your article provides valuable insights into the benefits of roadside assistance and the services offered by Good Sam and AAA. It’s crucial for drivers to have peace of mind knowing they have help in emergencies. Towing service, flat tire assistance, jumpstarting the battery, and other support services are essential for any roadside assistance program. Additionally, the inclusion of mobile apps and online trip planners is beneficial for travelers. Keep spreading awareness about the importance of roadside assistance, as it ensures a safer and worry-free journey for all drivers.

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