What You Need to Know About the BMW Driving Assistant Plus

Safety is everyone’s top concern when driving. In our modern age, many innovations have been placed to ensure everyone’s safety. One of the innovations, the BMW Driving Assistant Plus, aims to avoid road accidents and collisions. While the features are pricey, think of it as a safety investment.

BMW driving assistant plus

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy safe and worry-free driving?

BMW came up with this safety feature that acts as an assistant driver and warns the driver of any danger. Traffic jams are also less stressful because of its autopilot feature.

The BMW is equipped with infrared monitoring, surround view cameras, and remote control that helps in smoother and safer driving.


Let’s explore more of the Driving Assistant Plus features:

Collision Warning Feature

BMW driving assistant plus

The Collision Warning feature makes use of radar sensors and a stereo camera that detects obstacles and incoming traffic from the front and sides. It also detects lane markings, so your car is kept in the middle of the lane.

For example, as you’re driving and another car gets too close to you. It will emit an audible sound and warn you. Your car would automatically slow down, stop, or steer away from the other vehicle.

This feature monitors the area surrounding your vehicle and keeps you at a safe distance. On crossroads, it automatically stops when another vehicle cuts your path even when you did not see the oncoming vehicle.

The sensors automatically detect any obstacles that may come your way even before they are visible and prepares to brake fully.

Lane Departure Warning / Lane Keeping Assistant

BMW driving assistant plus

This feature ensures that your car is always in the middle of the lane to avoid side collisions. When your car is nearing the pavement or gets too close to another vehicle, the Lane Keeping Assistant will automatically steer away from objects that may collide with the vehicle.

This feature together with the Approach control system warns the driver with increasing intensity and prepares to stop the car. This happens when the radars detect that it cannot steer to the other side because of a nearby vehicle or outside of a lane.

Active Cruise Control Feature

BMW driving assistant plus

The Active Cruise Control feature that comes with the Stop-and-Go function, steering control and lane control assistant help maintain your speed up to 210 km/h. It also keeps you at a predetermined distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

When this feature is activated, it is like driving at autopilot. However, you are still legally required to keep your hands on the wheel. The steering wheel sensors warn the driver via audible sounds if you keep your hands away for about 6 seconds then it enters standby mode.

Surround View with 3D View, Top View, and Panorama View

BMW driving assistant plus

This feature is beneficial when driving in areas of low visibility or during heavy rains and snow. A driver can manually switch among the three views depending on need.

The Panoramic view is automatically deactivated when the car’s speed slows down to 15 km/h. This is made possible by camera systems that monitor your vehicle’s surroundings as well as infrared sensors.

BMW Night Vision with Person/ Object Recognition

BMW driving assistant plus

When the sensors detect an obstruction such as a person or animal, it illuminates the obstruction with a dynamic marker light and transmits the image to the control display.

The flashing red icon shows you if it is a person or animal. An alarm is sounded and the brakes are prepared for a full stop. This feature is automatically activated once you start the car.

Traffic Jam Feature

BMW driving assistant plus

This feature allows you to rest during heavy traffic. However, keep in mind that you should still keep your hands on the wheel. The Traffic Jam feature keeps your car at a pre-selected safe distance.

It also keeps the car in the center of the lane and monitors any obstruction. It automatically stops, slows down, or accelerates during traffic.

Park Assistant Feature

BMW driving assistant plus

The Park Assistant feature helps you ease into parking spaces with no stress. You can also get off your car and park it using a remote control.

The Park Assistant feature takes care of gear selection, steering, starts, and stops. You just need to position it in front of a parking space or garage then get off your car. You can also remotely stop and start the vehicle as needed.

Benefits of the BMW Driving Assistant PlusThe features of the BMW Driving Assistant Plus are beneficial to all drivers especially when it comes to safety.

These functions are most helpful for pregnant women, people with ailments, parents driving with children, and those who don’t have perfect vision especially at night.

FAQs about the BMW Driving Assistant Plus

How Will the Driving Assistant Plus Help Me?

BMW’s Driving Assistant Plus keeps you safe on the road and helps avoid collisions. Its built-in sensors, sensor cameras, control display, and audible alarms act as your extra “eyes” and alert you of any obstacles and automatically stop the car.

Are These Features Free if You Purchase a BMW?

Safety has its price. Think of it as an investment. You have to pay an average of $1700 to $1900 to avail of the package.

Can I Deactivate the Features if I Don’t Need Them?

Most features such as Active Cruise Control, Night Vision, Lane Departure Warning, and Traffic Jam feature are automatically activated when you use the car. These functions only activate as needed.

For example, if there is no heavy traffic, then there is no need for the Traffic Jam function. You can manually activate or reactivate the Parking Assistant and Panoramic Views.


These safety features are recommended for safe driving. How nice it would be if all cars had these features installed. There would be fewer accidents on the road. If you want to know more about BMW’s Driving Assistant Plus, here’s an interesting video to watch.

What do you think? Please feel free to comment on this article and share it with your friends. Remember, defensive driving is safe driving. Drive safely!

2 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About the BMW Driving Assistant Plus

  1. Lyndon H says:

    Hi David,
    I got a 2016 BMW 535d will most of the packages in it except some of the Driver assistance package- blind spot warning, lane departure, night vision, etc.
    Do you think I can have those technology addec/installed to my existing unit?
    Will BMW do it? Your idea is appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. DLyndon says:

    Hi there.
    I just got the BMW 2016 CPO 535d with M-Sport, driver assistance package, premium package, heads up display, rear view/back up camera and luxury package.
    Can I add the driver assistance plus package (lane departure, active blind spot, forward collision, pedestrian and night vision) to my existing unit?
    If so:
    – Can BMW dealer do it?
    – Roughly how much are we talking in here.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.


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