Best Windshield Repair Kit for Car Owners

Have you ever heard of windshield repair kits?

You may have seen video demonstrations on TV shopping or the internet wherein cracks disappear like magic.

They seem too good to be true, but yes there are windshield repair kits that really work and make the cracks and chips almost disappear. You just have to find the best product and use them properly to get the best results.


One time I had a weird accident wherein a rock flew out of nowhere and went smack into my windshield. Good thing my windshield had car tint, so it wasn’t that bad. It was just a small barely visible crack near the roof. That is how I got the idea to test some products and share with you the results.

Some of my customers even ask me what to do should they get a crack on their windshield. I understand that replacing the whole windshield is quite expensive. There are still some who opt to have it replaced especially if insurance covers it. If you’re okay with leaving your car in the shop, why not? Otherwise, there is a cheaper and easier alternative that you can do at home.

windshield repairing

I know that it’s too much to replace the whole windshield just because of a tiny crack. Plus, replacing the windshield can take as long as two days. I don’t think I can bear to part with my car even for just a day. Anyway, I opted to “cure” it by settling for a windshield repair kit. I did some research and asked around before going to the stores and questioning the sales staff.

I also learned a thing or two about salespeople – some of them have no idea about the product. Be careful and don’t get fooled by sales talk. That is why I decided to test a few items, so I can find the best windshield repair kit I can use. I decided to test about ten different products to recommend to others who might have the same problem as mine.

Product Recommendations

Here are some of the products that I have tried and tested. I recommend that you choose from these products to ensure quality. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you should be able to choose which one is the best windshield repair kit for you.

The Best Product for You


My top pick for this product is Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit mainly because it is affordable, easy to use, and is a cost effective means of repair.

This product prevents cracks from spreading and restores the windshield to good as new. It comes with complete accessories such as a syringe, 1.6-ounce bottle of resin, adhesive seal, pedestal, and curing film.



  • Uses the sun’s UV rays to repair the windshield; no need to wait for the windshield to cool down
  • Easy to apply
  • Clear instruction sheet
  • Cracks are less visible
  • Good for one use only; product cannot be stored in case there is excess

Recommended Runner-Up


Next product on my list is Eastup Windshield Repair Kit . This product is also as good as the top pick and restores the windshield to a good as new condition. It is also easy to use and helps prevent cracks from spreading.

The accessories are also complete such as 2.2-ounce repair resin, adhesive seal, pedestal, injector with clip, curing film, razor blade, and push pin.



  • Can be used for Plexi glass, headlights, and lenses
  • Minimizes appearance of cracks and chips
  • Resin leaks when applied
  • The instructions are too lengthy; you have to read them repeatedly to understand

Budget Pick for Good Quality


If you’re on a tight budget, you can still get a good quality product for a lower price. You can try Permatex 81730 Flowable Silicone Windshield and Glass Sealer which is made of silicone. Since it is silicon-based, it flows easily into cracks and hard-to-reach areas. You can use this product for sunroofs, headlamp assemblies, and even RV vents.



  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Clear seal when dry
  • No tools or accessories included
  • Not recommended for large cracks as they end up bigger
  • Only for small chips

Upgrade Pick: Higher Price, Higher Quality


Next up is RainX Fix a Windshield Do it Yourself Windshield Repair Kit, for Chips, Cracks, Bulll's-Eyes and Stars.

For a higher price, you can also get good quality. One of the reasons why this product is more expensive is because it has more volume at 2.4 ounces. So, if you have more cracks to repair, you may opt to buy this.

​It comes with complete accessories which is worth the price. Accessories include 1 bottle of resin repair, repair device, curing strips, sleeved razor blade, and an instruction sheet.



  • Suitable for multiple repairs
  • Minimizes chips and cracks to avoid them from spreading
  • Safe for laminated windshields
  • Doesn’t repair damage in more than 1 layer of glass
  • Cannot repair large cracks
  • Liquid resin runs and causes water buildup
  • Takes a long time to dry

Alternative Picks

In case the above items are unavailable, there are other products that you can use. They may not be as good as the above, but they are worth a try. If you need to touch-up on small cracks and chips, it is all right to settle for these alternatives.

Best Windshield Repair Kit for Headlights


I found out that Versachem 90110 Windshield Repair Kit is best for headlights. It has an advanced resin formula that restores clear vision. It also uses the UV rays of the sun for repair. The resin flows easily and flows into the cracks smoothly. It can be used to repair cracks on headlights without distorting the brightness.



  • Repairs bullseye, star damage, and chips up to 1.25 inches in diameter
  • Complete accessories included
  • Unclear instructions
  • Does not prevent cracks from spreading

Best Easy to Use Repair Kit for Windshield


The Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit is very easy to use even for newbies. No mixing is required, you just follow the instructions, and you’re good to go! Even those who have no experience in using a windshield repair kit will have no problems with the instructions. You can also make permanent air-tight repairs on bullseye damage not larger than 2 inches in diameter.



  • Complete accessories included
  • Complete accessories
  • Easy instructions
  • Can be used on laminated windshield
  • Does not prevent cracks from spreading
  • Can only be applied under the shade and when windshield is cool
  • Resin should be cured by sunlight but does not harden

Best Value for Windshield Repair


The MATCC Set of Windscreen Windshield Repair Tool DIY Car Kit Wind Glass For Chip & Crack gives you the best value at an affordable price. At 2.9 ounces, you can use it multiple times and in many areas.

It is also easy to use with no mixing required. Its patented design makes use of a vacuum that removes all air and fills it with repair resin. Accessories include a repair injector, repair resin, adhesive seals, pedestal, curing films (5 pieces), razor blade, and an instruction manual.



  • Complete accessories
  • Easy instructions
  • Can be used on laminated windshield
  • Cracks are barely visible after application
  • Prevents cracks from spreading
  • Cannot be used under direct sunlight
  • Windshield needs to be cooled before application
  • Resin does not adhere even after 4 hours because it should be dried out under the sun (which the instructions did not say).

Repair Kits vs. Windshield Replacements: Which one is Better?

If you’re wondering when it’s time to get a windshield replacement, look at the gravity of the damage. If it’s a small crack or chip that is not bigger than a quarter, a windshield repair kit will do. Otherwise, if it’s larger than that you need to replace the whole windshield or the crack might become bigger.

​Another factor is where the damage is. If the crack, bullseye or star damage is smack right in the middle of your windshield, it may obscure your vision. Cracks may also cause light to refract when headlights are directed to it and cause glare.

​Repairing the windshield may not be the best option because it can distract your vision. In addition to that, the chip has to have a hole or an air pocket so you can scrape off the space and fill it with resin.

​Other than the size of the crack and the location, you also need to worry about the age of your vehicle. If you have an older model, the windshield’s quality may not be that good. Therefore, you need to have it replaced as soon as possible.

​The next factor is if your car has tint. A car tint not only protects people inside the car from the heat of the sun, but it also protects the glass. One thing that I’ve noticed is that a windshield that has no tint is more prone to larger cracks when hit by a solid object. The car tint actually holds the glass together in case of an impact. If your vehicle does not have tint, chances are the damage will get bigger and spread out.

​Don’t be complacent and ignore damages to your windshield. A strong gust of wind, heavy rains, snow, and another solid hit may completely smash it or cause leaks. Prevent further damage and either repair it or have it replaced.

​How to Choose Windshield Repair Kits

​How to Choose Windshield Repair Kits

​When shopping for a repair kit, don’t worry too much about the price. Consider other factors that make it valuable and worth the price.

​Accessories – A windshield repair kit should have the complete accessories such as injector for the resin, resin, curing strips, adhesives, applicators, razor blade, and an instruction manual. Added necessities such as alcohol wipes, pushpins, and pedestal are also excellent additions.

​Sensitivity to temperature – A windshield repair kit should not be sensitive to extreme temperature. You should be able to apply it even when the windshield is hot. Curing with sunlight is also something you should look for.

​Easy instructions – the instructions should be in plain English and with diagrams if possible

​Resin quality – the resin should be in a watertight and airtight tube or bottle and not leak. The resin should also flow easily into the cracks.

​Volume – Choose just the right amount to repair your windshield. Make sure that you have at least 2 ounces of the resin.

​How to Use the Windshield Repair Kits

​The windshield repair kit should have clear instructions. You can also check out this video tutorial on how to use them.

​Here are the steps on what you need to do to use the windshield repair kit:

Step-by-Step Procedure

windshield repairing

Make sure the area is clean and free of dust or dirt.


Place a piece of cardboard and tape it inside the windshield where the damage is. This helps you see where exactly the chip or crack is.


Use a razor blade to scrape off the damage and remove bits of glass. Scrape just enough to reveal a space for you to fill it with resin.


Clean the area using alcohol wipes then dry them with a microfiber cloth.


Place an adhesive around the damaged area.


Place the pedestal/applicator above the damage.


Fill the applicator with resin and let it sit for about 5 minutes.


Use a syringe to vacuum out excess air. After that, press lightly on the syringe to push the resin and fill the gaps. Knock gently around the area to shake the resin and distribute it in the space.


Remove the applicator then cover the repaired area with a curing film.


Let the area sit under direct sunlight to cure. Leave it out for an hour or so.


With a razor blade, remove the curing film.


Since the resin is dry, scrape off any excess that feels rough to the touch. You may use a razor blade to do this. Wipe off the area with a clean microfiber cloth.

After the repair, the crack or chip should be barely visible to the eyes.

​Why You Should Purchase a Windshield Repair Kit

Best Windshield Repair Kit

A windshield repair kit is essential for every car owner. You’ll never know when you might encounter these accidents, so it’s best to be prepared and have them handy. I even bought windshield repair kits as a gift to my wife and brother. It’s better to fix the windshield right away no matter how small the cracks may be.

​Other than that, windshield repair kits can also be used for other types of glass such as headlights, picture frames, and even smart phones. You can even use it on glass windows that have cracks in them. Overall, this is a handy repair kit that you should have in your home.

​Our Picks

Best Windshield Repair Kit

​To summarize it all, the best windshield repair kit is Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit. For an affordable price, it’s 1.6-ounce bottle is good for repairing cracks, chips, and star damages that are smaller than a quarter.

​What I love about this product is that it has complete accessories that make application easier such as an applicator, adhesives, curing film, and pedestal. I don’t need to worry about looking for these items.

​Another factor that I liked about this product is that it is not sensitive to heat. I can apply it even when the windshield is still warm. Plus, it uses the sun’s UV rays to help repair the damage. The resin easily fills the space and hardens.

​After applying the product, I can barely see the damage, and I can barely feel the hardened resin when I run my fingers over the area. It didn’t even take more than an hour for the resin to dry up.

​The only downside is that it is good for one use only; you can’t store the resin for the next use. This is acceptable because considering that the product only contains almost 2 ounces, there is not too much wastage. For a low price, I don’t think I got robbed of my money; it’s not that expensive.

​Overall I would highly recommend this product for small windshield repairs. You can even use this product for other glass items such as laminated glass, headlights, picture frames, and smartphone screens.


​As a car owner and mechanic, I recommend that you buy windshield repair kits along with your car repair tools. You never know when you or someone else might need them. Better to be ready than stress about further repairs.

​What do you think?

Hopefully, you have learned a lot and have decided which windshield repair kit is best for you. You can purchase windshield repair kits in automobile shops and hardware stores. You have many options to choose from starting with the recommendations above.

​If you have other products you’d like to recommend or additional feedback, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Feel free to message us or leave your comments below. Don’t forget to share this article!

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