8 Best Truck Tool Box [Reviews & Buy Guide]

Regardless of how frequently you travel – it’s important to have a set of basic tools accessible somewhere in your vehicle at all times. You can never know when you might need to use one of your screwdrivers or hammers.

Because of that, having a truck tool box can be extremely beneficial. Placing your tools in a bag and tossing them somewhere in your vehicle can potentially cause some damage to the interior of your vehicle.

To prevent that from happening, it’s essential to have a toolbox that can be used as storage for all of your sharp and heavy-duty tools. But, if someone asks you to pick the best truck tool box, would you be able to do that?

Is it possible to pinpoint the best one?

In this article, you’ll learn more about tool boxes in general and which one does the job without any difficulty!

8 Best Truck Tool Box [Reviews & Buy Guide]

Why Buy The Best Truck Tool Box

As I’ve mentioned before, having a beginner’s set of tools is extremely important, regardless of how much you need to use your vehicle. Accidents on the road happen all the time, and in those times, there will be a thin line between needing an expert on the road or simply using one of your trusted screwdrivers.

The tricky part of this conversation lies in the necessity of having a truck tool box at your disposal.

Why is it necessary to have a good truck tool box?

Most people might argue with you on this question, as they believe that having a truck tool box isn’t something that’s strictly necessary. They believe that you can simply put all of your tools somewhere in your truck and leave them be until you need to use them for whatever reason.

The problem with that is that most of the time, you’ll use your vehicle for frequent traveling, and in those times, you’re bound to encounter situations that will force you to use your brakes aggressively.

Depending on how fast you hit the brakes, you might even avoid an accident entirely.

But what happens with your tools that are leisurely placed somewhere in the back of your truck?

As it turns out, there are many cases where people drive their trucks in for a repair, as their basic tools damaged the interior of their truck. If you wish to avoid those situations – the best solution is to buy a truck tool box!

Depending on how lucky you get during your driving years, you might not even need to use the tools that you always carry with you. But, most of the time, that just isn’t possible, as accidents on the road are bound to happen at least once or twice during your life.

Just by placing your tools inside a truck tool box, you’ll immediately not just lower the chance of damaging your trucks’ bed – you’ll effectively keep all of your tools from damaging themselves.

Most truck tool boxes are specially designed in a manner that doesn’t allow your tools to damage one another. Not only that – you can even place other stuff inside your tool box, which isn’t necessary tools necessary for repairing something.

People often decide to place some fragile stuff inside their truck tool box, as it’s a known thing that truck tool boxes are reliable when it comes to protecting your valuable stuff. Most tool boxes have integrated locks that can only be opened with special keys that only the driver possesses.

Truck tool boxes are even reliable if you don’t own a tonneau cover! Most units are designed to be waterproof. Regardless of how harsh the weather conditions get, your luggage will remain dry.

In most cases, water can’t even pile up on a toolbox, as they are frequently designed to have a slight tilt on the top, specifically for draining the moisture.

All in all, buying a good truck tool box is essential for all of you that have a truck, regardless of having a tonneau cover or not!

Types of Tool Boxes for Trucks

There are several things that you need to think about before you decide to buy a truck tool box. 

The first thing and probably the most important thing is to know whether the toolbox will fit into your truck bed properly. Just because you believe that you have a large truck – that doesn’t necessarily mean that all truck tool boxes could be leisurely placed inside it.

If you accidentally buy a truck tool box that can’t be placed inside your truck, the chances are that you’ll need to return it and buy a new one that can fit inside your truck. Luckily, the internet made it easy to track down which toolbox will be ideal for your vehicle.

As long as you follow the guidelines correctly, you’ll stumble upon tool boxes that can fit into your trucks’ bed. Nonetheless, even if you have one of the smaller trucks, you can still fit pretty much most truck tool boxes. The ones that I’m talking about are the small and medium-size units.

It’s a common rule that small-sized toolboxes don’t have a length that exceeds the 30-inch mark.

If you’re searching for a truck tool box, and you aren’t sure if it will fit into your vehicle, then just look at the length of the truck tool box: if it’s less than 30 inches – it will, undoubtedly, fit in the bed of your truck.

The medium-sized toolboxes are the ones that don’t exceed the 50-inch mark. In this category, you’ll find most truck tool boxes, as they are the ones that are most requested.

Most people own medium to large-size trucks. Because of that, having a medium-size truck tool box usually resolves most of the issues that exist before owning a toolbox. But still offer that elegant look that doesn’t occupy too much free space inside a truck bed.

Lastly, there’s the large-size truck tool box. Those units aren’t exactly limited by a maximum length.

But, in most cases, you won’t find truck tool boxes that are longer than 70 inches. Large-size trucks usually have a bed that isn’t longer than that. As a result, manufacturers mostly build toolboxes that don’t exceed the 70-inches mark.

But, if you wish, for whatever reason, to buy a truck tool box that’s even longer than that, then you’ll need to contact the official manufacturer and ask them directly for a custom-made tool box!

The less-important categorization of toolboxes lies in the subtle details and accessories that some units possess. Almost all truck tool boxes will have a built-in lock. But, if you wish to buy a unit that doesn’t have an integrated lock, then you’ll need to search extensively before you find one!

Most of them are completely waterproof. But there are models which state that they can’t repel the water properly. If you wish to own a unit that isn’t waterproof, then you’ll need to install a tonneau cover on your vehicle.

They will do their job, regardless of what type they are!

8 Best Truck Tool Box Review

1. UWS EC10473 69-Inch Matte Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box with Low Profile, RigidCore Lid

For you to find the best truck tool box, you need to realize that there are a ton of different tool boxes available on the market. If you’re new to this product and you don’t want to make any mistakes, then I suggest that you take a closer look at this unit.

Although I have years of experience with truck tool boxes, I was still desperate, trying to find one that would perfectly fit my vehicle. As it turns out, this unit offers a fair balance between the overall price of the toolbox and what you experience from that price.

Right off the bat, when it arrived at my doorstep, I immediately headed to my garage, to see what will be necessary for the full assembly of the product. Fortunately, I didn’t need to think too much about it, as this truck tool box is mainly a one-piece model.

There are only a handful of parts that needed my extra attention during the assembly part. But those parts were small in size, so there weren’t any problems regarding that. When I think about this truck tool box, there isn’t a single troublesome thing about it.

I successfully installed the toolbox in my trucks’ bed in less than 30 minutes, which far exceeded my expectations. You might need a friend to help you out with the final installations of the unit, as it weighs 58 pounds, which some people can’t lift leisurely.

Pros Cons
Excellent price to value ratio
This tool box is a one-piece model
It can be mounted in less than 30 minutes

This is by far the best truck tool box that can be found on the internet. With a unique and simple design, it’s easily mountable and durable enough to last you for at least a couple of years. You won’t make a mistake if you choose this one!

2. Buyers Products 1705110 Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Box with T-Handle Latch, 18 x 18 x 48 Inch

There are a handful of best truck tool box brands scattered around the internet, and one of those is the Buyers Products Co. You probably never heard of them. But I assure you that there are one of the best manufacturers for tool boxes. Still not convinced? Hear me out!

As it happens, I didn’t even know who they were until I stumbled upon some of their products, and after thorough research, I found out that this unit is their most prized product. A gave it a chance several months prior and have never looked back!

When it arrived, I immediately knew that this unit would be a good one.

As it’s stated by the official manufacturer, this truck tool box is crafted with thick diamond tread aluminum. For all of you that don’t know which material is that – let’s just say that it’s a durable and reliable material that won’t disappoint you.

With good craftsmanship, this unit can bear the weight of all of your tools, as long as you can close the door of the toolbox later. You shouldn’t burden the box more than it should be burdened – place your stuff inside the truck tool box only if you can close the door of the unit.

Anything more than that can result in permanent damage to the truck tool box, which might even force you to buy a new one.

Pros Cons
This tool box comes from a reliable manufacturer You need to close the door of the toolbox if you intend to put heavy stuff inside
The craftsmanship of the tool box is unrivaled

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best quality truck tool box accessible on the internet. The diamond tread aluminum used vehicle crafting this unit is extremely reliable. But please remember that you need to close the door of the tool box if you wish to burden it with heavy tools!

3. TYFYB 30″X13″X10″ Heavy Duty Black Aluminum 5 Bar Tread Tool Box Truck Pickup Trailer Toolbox Underbody Storage+Lock+Keys

To refer to something as the best truck tool box, it needs to be reliable enough, so that when you leave it somewhere unattended for several hours straight nothing bad happens.

Coincidentally, this unit offers its owners a safety lock that can only be opened with a special key. This is undoubtedly one of the best things that this unit offers. But there’s one problem about that: the key and the lock aren’t compatible.

I’m not certain if that only happened to me, as when this toolbox arrived, the first thing that I wanted to test out was the lock mechanism. As it turns out, the key can enter the keyhole. But halfway through, the key won’t progress any further and it just gets stuck in place.

Fortunately, I was able to fix that in a couple of days. I just needed to call my locksmith and he fixed the key in less than a day. Despite all of that, this tool box proved itself more than enough when it comes to carrying heavy tools.

At first, I must admit that I was skeptical about this unit, given the situation with the lock and the key. But when I started the mounting process on my vehicle, I noticed that there weren’t any other worrying aspects to this product.

It’s a lightweight design – that’s undoubtedly a positive thing for all of you that are searching for a truck tool box that won’t unnecessarily burden your vehicle. It offers a perfect storage solution for all people that are leaving their trucks open and exposed for several hours straight during the day.

Pros Cons
Reliable for people that have an exposed truck bed The lock and the key aren’t compatible with one another
It offers a lightweight design

As long as you get a compatible lock and key – you shouldn’t have any more troubles with this unit!

4. Lund 7511101 Black 70″ Slimline Full Size Cross Bed Truck Tool Box

One of the best low profile truck tool box units that can be found on the internet comes from the Lund manufacturer. With its low profile and rectangular design, it caught my attention as soon as I gazed upon it.

If you’re like me and own one of those larger trucks that have a lengthy bed, then it would be wise for you to take a closer look at this unit. With its full-size design, I believe that it’s the best low profile truck tool box obtainable on the internet.

As soon as you decide to give this unit a chance – the most important thing to remember is that this tool box comes as a one-piece model. In most cases, that would be both apeling and optimal for most people. But there’s one problem: you’ll need to drill it in your vehicle.

Most toolboxes won’t force you to use your drill for further fixation. But this unit doesn’t come with a functional piece that can be set directly in the truck bed.

Just to be clear: you won’t need to use the drill for this unit. But if you want to fix it as tightly as possible to the vehicle, then you’ll need to drill at least two bolts.

Still, this unit offers a heavy-duty diamond plate aluminum skeleton that will hold your average tools with ease.

The thing that caught my attention the most about this truck tool box is that it’s leakproof. No matter how hard the rain starts to fall, this tool box won’t allow a single drop of water to enter inside.

That can prove beneficial if you ever need to transfer something that mustn’t get wet.

Pros Cons
It’s both full-size and low-profile You’ll need to drill it in your vehicle if you want to entirely tighten it
This tool box is completely waterproof

If you don’t mind drilling some holes in your vehicle, then this unit might be the one for you!

5. ARKSEN 36″ Durable Truck RV Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box Underbody Trailer Storage With T-Handle Latch Key, Silver

When it comes to medium size tool boxes, there shouldn’t be a dilemma with the ARKSEN manufacturer, as they are the best truck tool box brand for small and medium-size tool boxes!

Depending on what you need to use a toolbox, you might need to consider the overall size of the toolbox before buying one. If your job doesn’t force you to travel frequently and to use heavy-duty tools, then I would recommend that you take a closer look at this unit.

With 36 inches in length, this tool box is ideal for all of you that need to transfer small and fragile stuff in a tool box. You can rest assured that nothing bad will occur to the stuff that you need to put inside this tool box. But only if you use the T-Handle dual lock latch properly.

The stainless steel security lock is more than capable of keeping your stuff inside safe. It’s designed to completely protect your belongings from all weather conditions, regardless of how harsh they might get!

When crafting this unit, the manufacturer used an aluminum skeleton that offers an excellent level of overall protection, and not only that! If you leave your unit in the open for several days straight, you’ll notice that it won’t suffer from corrosion, even if it’s soaked all the time.

The only problem with this toolbox is that with its medium-size frame, it can get tricky to place it somewhere where it will remain firmly in place. Because of that, you’ll need to improvise with this unit, especially if you own a vehicle that has a completely flat truck bed.

Pros Cons
36-inch design that’s ideal for transferring small and fragile stuff Finding a place for this tool box can get tricky
T-Handle dual lock latch that’s impossible to open without a key

Don’t worry – as long as you find a good place for this truck tool box, you won’t need to worry about anything else!

6. 39″X13″X10″ Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick Up Truck Truck Bed Tool Box Trailer Storage Tool Box w/Lock & Keys

Most of us that need to stay on our feet and work outside, know the pain of not having a reliable box that can be transferred from one place to the other without difficulty, especially if we’re talking about a tool box.

Luckily, I stumbled upon this unit, which offers a nice set of handles on both sides, which is extremely beneficial whenever you need to dismount this tool box and transfer it somewhere else.

Most truck tool boxes don’t possess this feature because most people don’t need to use the toolbox for anything else than keeping stuff tools inside in case of emergency.

But, for all of us that need that extra box that is reliable for storing and transporting things, this unit solves that problem with ease! With its medium-size design, you can even pick it up and carry it with your own hands by yourself, as long as you have a reach of over at least 45 inches.

Not to be confused with the actual length of this tool box, which is 39 inches. Regardless of how you plan on using this unit, it will keep your luggage safe at all times with a built-in lock that can be accessed with one of two keys that come along with the unit.

The main issue with this tool box is the interior. If you plan on transferring only heavy-duty tools, then you won’t need to worry about that.

But, if you need to keep some fragile stuff inside as well, then you’ll need to put a blanket inside as well, as the interior isn’t as soft as it should be.

Pros Cons
Excellent handles that can be used when lifting the unit The interior should be softer
It comes with a robust built-in lock

If you don’t plan on transporting fragile stuff in this tool box, then it will certainly be of use for you!

7. Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC300D | Fits 2002 – 2018 Dodge Ram 1500-3500 Drivers Side

If you’re looking for the best truck tool box for the money – then you shouldn’t stop at your tracks and take a closer look at this unit. With an overall weight of 20 pounds and a 16-inch length, this small-sized toolbox is ideal for all you that only need to store a few important tools.

The interesting thing about this tool box is that it can be mounted on most vehicles. But it was specifically designed for all Dodge RAM vehicle types. So, if you own one, and you’re looking for a truck tool box, then I suggest that you hear me out!

I own a Dodge RAM and because of that have given this unit a chance – it’s safe to assume that I wasn’t disappointed. When it arrived, I was surprised when I realized how small and lightweight it was.

20 pounds might seem like a lot. But in all honesty, when it comes to tool boxes, that weight is neglectable. This fact is especially beneficial for all of you that wish to keep the weight of your vehicle as low as possible.

One can argue that that isn’t relevant. But when it comes to long-distance driving sessions – having the back of your truck as light as possible is crucial for accelerating the speed of your vehicle.

Although this toolbox does seem like it’s robust, you shouldn’t exceed the maximum weight capacity that the manufacturer stated. The precise weight is stated to be at 75 lbs. But I would recommend that you keep that even lower, somewhere between 60 and 65 lbs.

Pros Cons
It’s specifically designed for Dodge RAM’s You mustn’t put more than 75 lbs of weight inside this unit
Ideal for people that try to minimize the weight in their trucks’ bed

Keep track of the overall weight that you put inside this tool box, and you’ll never need to worry about anything else!

8. TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox | 1117416 | Fits Most Full Size Trucks

To call something the best tool box for truck – it needs to fit most, if not all, full-size trucks that are available on the market. Coincidentally, if you’re looking for a tool box that has excellent proportions for large trucks, then this unit will undoubtedly be of use for you!

When I ordered this unit for the first time, I was skeptical about the relationship between its weight and length. To my knowledge, having a similar length and overall weight is never a good sign. But to my general surprise, this wasn’t a troublesome aspect of this tool box.

It seemed fragile at first. But when I started to assemble it, I noticed that all of its parts are perfectly designed for the overall assembly of an excellent toolbox. Even the mounting part wasn’t problematic – in less than 15 minutes, I was able to mount it on my vehicle.

The only detriment with this unit is the potential leakage problem that might occur. When I tested this tool box for the first time, there was an awful storm that brought heavy rain and winds.

Although those weather conditions didn’t damage the tool box, the problem manifested inside the unit. Several points started to leak water inside, which can be problematic if you need to transfer goods that shouldn’t get wet.

Pros Cons
It fits most full-size trucks There might be a leakage problem during heavy rain
This tool box is easy to assemble and mount

If you have a reliable tonneau cover, you won’t even need to worry about the leakage problem!

Best Truck Tool Box Buy Guide

For some people, it can get extremely difficult to find a way to search for tool boxes, especially if they don’t know how to use the internet. Even if you’re knowledgeable enough to know how you safely browse the internet – this buy will, nonetheless, be of use for you!

As I’ve stated earlier, before you decide to buy a toolbox for your vehicle, you’ll need to know the overall length of the bed of your truck. Nowadays, most truck tool boxes are designed to fit into most modern trucks. But, if you own an older truck, then that can get problematic.

Before buying a tool box, measure the length of your trucks’ bed. After that, you can hop onto a trusted website that specializes in selling goods. After you find the search bar inside that website, you’ll need to enter something along the lines of the truck tool box.

Immediately after that, you’ll be presented with a ton of different tool boxes. At that moment, the span of tool boxes will, unfortunately, consist of units that aren’t compatible with your trusted vehicle.

To fix that, you’ll need to check the following things, in order to narrow the search:

  1. Size of the tool box
  2. Weight of the tool box
  3. Opening mechanism of the tool box
  4. Price of the tool box
  5. The official manufacturer of the tool box

The last thing on that list isn’t necessary. But if you know a thing or two about truck tool boxes, then it might be important for you to know who designed that toolbox. After you carefully select all of the things listed above to be to your liking, you can start to browse the tool boxes.

It’s noteworthy to remember that, in some cases, the price of the tool box that interests you might be higher than what’s stated. You need to account for the delivery fee that most manufacturers require you to pay, alongside the accrual price of the unit.

Usually, the price won’t be something unreasonable. But some tool boxes can be purchased without paying extra for the delivery. It’s random and you can’t figure out which ones are those – at least until the very end of your purchasing order.

Depending on the overall size of the toolbox that you’ve ordered, you might need to wait for the package to arrive more than what you initially expected.

If you order a small-sized toolbox, then the package will, most likely, arrive sooner than you expected.

On the other hand, if you ordered a large-size unit, then don’t be surprised if the delivery time is longer than what was stated by the manufacturer.

When it comes to the delivery time, middle-size tool boxes can get tricky. In most cases, it will arrive on time. But there are several cases where it arrived both earlier and later than what was stated.

Be sure to remember these guidelines before ordering your first toolbox – it can get messy if you buy the wrong one out of ignorance!


Are truck tool boxes worth it?

Regardless of what some people might tell you – tool boxes are a necessity to have, especially if you carry heavy-duty tools with you all the time. If you don’t keep them locked in a tool box, the chances are that you might permanently damage the interior of your vehicle with those tools!

What should I keep in my truck tool box?

Luckily, you aren’t limited to only keeping heavy-duty tools inside your toolbox. You can even place some valuables inside your unit. But only if your truck tool box is waterproof and protected with an integrated lock!


As we arrive at the end of this journey, it’s important to point out that I believe that the UWS EC10473 69-Inch Matte Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box with Low Profile, RigidCore Lid is the best truck tool box listed above.

Most people neglect the importance of having a truck tool box that can be mounted in no time. But, whenever you find yourself needing to disassemble the toolbox, you’ll be stuck in a sticky situation, as the unit will force you to use a drill or other tools for the disassemble.

In that regard, this unit is unrivaled, as you can assemble and mount this unit in less than 30 minutes, not to mention that it takes half of that to dismount it.

The price to value ratio is also excellent. One-piece tool boxes always proved overall more useful to the owners than units that required extra attention during the assembly. Because of that, this unit sits firmly as the best choice when buying a toolbox!

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