Best Truck Bed Mat – How To Pick A Mat That Will Fit All Your Needs

It’s possible to live without certain accessories, but the quality of life improvement you feel when you buy them is out of this world.

One of these products is a truck bed mat. Some people tend to oversee this product as many people own it, but the fact is that those who don’t are missing out.

Knowing this and seeing people have them and use them for a very long time, it’s clear there is something about this product that fulfills its use and provides a level of comfort that isn’t reachable without it.

It’s not that you can’t have comfort and protection in your truck bed without a truck bed mat. It’s that the best truck bed mat will help you store and preserve things that would get damaged AND discover a whole new look of your truck bed.

Best Truck Bed Mat - How To Pick A Mat That Will Fit All Your Needs

Why Buy Truck Bed Mats?

People often overlook the use of a truck bed mat. It’s because people who have had some experience with this accessory often forget how complicated it is to navigate and use a bed without a truck bed mat.

All in all, most people purchase an item like this to provide stability, grip, and safety for the things they keep in their truck beds and a grippy surface if they often find themselves standing in the truck bed.

These are the key reasons for buying an item that covers your truck bed, but there are some additional reasons that people like to emphasize.

For instance, the sleek look your truck bed gets when you put a truck bed mat in is fantastic.

If you thought your car looked clean and sleek without it, you wouldn’t believe the change a piece of rubber (or any other material) covering your truck bed floor can bring.

Also, moisture and harsh weather conditions might be a rough occurrence if you don’t have a truck bed mat that can keep your things dry, at least partially.

You probably see where this is going. The point is that there is more than one reason for you to consider buying a truck bed mat, but the fact that you’ve clicked on this article probably means that you’re considering it anyway.

Top Brands Of The Best Truck Bed Mats

You will probably notice from the rest of this article that one brand dominates the market when it comes to truck bed mats.

The brand in question is the company that makes liners for truck beds named Husky.

Multiple products from the incoming list are from the same manufacturer. Still, you have to consider that even if the products seem the same, there are some differences in measurements and other details that you’ll hear about later.

Generally speaking, this means that Husky is really a gold standard for truck bed mats.

This doesn’t mean that other companies don’t make good truck bed mats and liners; it just means that Husky has its formula down, and they’re sticking to it.

BedRug is also on the top of the food chain for truck bed mats and liners since they seem to have the biggest numbers in sales besides Husky.

Keeping all this in mind, just remember that personal preference is a thing and that you don’t have to go with any of these two companies just because they’re famous or have the most significant sales.

It might just happen that you like a truck bed mat that isn’t made by Husky or by BedRug, and that’s completely fine.

But, if you want to go down a safe route and if you want to know what the manufacturer has in store for you, these brands are a safe option that will almost always meet some of your requirements.

Top 10 + Best Truck Bed Mats Reviewed

Husky Liners – 16006 Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Husky Liners - 16006 Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Here’s the first of the Husky mats, regarded as one of the best in the business.

First of all, this truck bed mat is probably the best alternative if you don’t own a tonneau cover.

Why is that?

Well, because it’s perfect for all outdoor activities. It doesn’t protect your belongings from rain or theft, but it does provide you with remarkable stability.

This is due to the rubberized grip texture that keeps things in their place even if you decide to drive while small things inside (like cans or shovels) are unsecured.

This mat is a fantastic way to ensure that your camping gear or anything related to the outdoor activities doesn’t get left behind or gets completely crushed by something heavy that you also might store in your truck bed.

One noticeable thing from the personal use is that this truck bed liner is much thinner than it might seem in the pictures.

This might pose a problem for some of you since thickness might be a requirement for a truck bed mat to be considered the best truck bed mat out of them all.

Pros Cons
Good grip Thinner than it might seem
Easy to put in the truck bed
Somewhat heat resistant

Overall, this truck bed mat is one of the most commonly purchased, and it has potential for regular or casual use, depending on what you’re planning to use it for.

Husky Liners – 16008 Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Husky Liners - 16008 Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Here is a reason why it was mentioned earlier that Husky is a company that dominates the market when it comes to a top rated truck bed mats.

The previous model and this one might seem completely identical, but that doesn’t mean they are.

Husky 16008 is a heavy-duty truck bed mat, so it has some characteristics that the previous one didn’t have.

One of those characteristics should be the thickness, but sadly it isn’t. Right of the bat, some of you might be disappointed at the thickness of this “heavy-duty” liner.

For some reason, unlike the previous one, when exposed to heat and sun for a longer period, this mat becomes almost dry.

This causes the liner to slide every time you open your truck bed while on an incline, which is not optimal if you tend to keep some valuable things in there.

The only use for this truck bed liner is if you have a tonneau cover that might protect it from the sun and keep it covered on sunny days.

Some people love to pair this liner with a tonneau cover since both of these accessories really compliment each other and go well together.

Pros Cons
Goes well with a tonneau cover Shouldn’t be exposed to the sun
Looks good Might slide from the truck bed
Thinner than you might expect

Husky 16008 mat should be looked at as a good complement product for a tonneau cover, but nothing more than that. If you use it on its own, it probably won’t do the job of a heavy-duty truck bed mat.

Husky Liners – 16004 – Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Husky Liners - 16004 - Heavy Duty Bed Mat

You’re probably finding it funny how all these three covers share similar physical characteristics and overall looks.

Husky follows the formula for a good product – develop a model that fits at least some criteria for most customers.

The difference between 16004 and the two previous ones (for unknown reasons) is that it puts up with heat better. The heat-resistant characteristics might seem like a big win compared to the last two products. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though – there are other things that you’re giving up if you’re getting this one.

The things in question are the thickness and grippy texture you might expect (unless you spray it with a spray that enhances the grip).

Pros Cons
Extremely resistant to heat Isn’t as thick as it should be
Good-looking Lacks the grippy texture
Protects the bed truck from scratching

This is just another good Husky truck bed mat or liner that might hold up to some of your expectations while giving you space for an upgrade if you desire one.

BedRug Bed Mat BMT02SBS

BedRug Bed Mat BMT02SBS

The competition for Husky is here – the BedRug is one of the most used and praised by users.

Knowing this, you might ask yourselves what makes the BedRug products next to best on the market?

Well, the truth is that this bedrug bed mat provides you with a little bit more comfort.

This is probably one of the most requested requirements for a truck bed mat to have. That’s precisely why this particular model made it to this list.

A good and durable truck bed mat also needs to provide a level of protection for the contents of your truck bed. A tonneau cover provides a level of overall protection from harsh weather conditions, but the truck bed liner provides you with something that a tonneau cover can’t.

That’s the protection from underneath the items you’re holding in your truck bed.

When you’re transporting something like a dirtbike or some gardening tools that need to be kept safe even from underneath, this is a truck bed mat that you can rely on.

It also holds up well against dirt, scratching, and everything else you might throw at your truck bed mat.

Pros Cons
Thick enough
Extremely durable
Easy to clean

From just looking at this table, it’s clear that BedRug BMT02SBS is a perfect solution if it fits your truck, and you’ll probably be surprised at how big of a difference there is between this one and its counterparts.

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Here’s another product that comes from Husky. This selection wasn’t made on purpose – you simply can’t ignore their presence on the market.

This Husky liner is also a bit different from the past ones that came from the same company.

Something that all Husky truck bed liners have in common is the lack of an unpleasant smell that some other truck bed mats have to them.

They pride themselves on this fact and even mention it in their brochure to give you a brief overview of the product in question.

Like other Husky products, this one also doesn’t have that smell, which is a real relief compared to others on the market.

But, the thickness is really in deficit with this one as well.

Also, for some reason, this Husky liner doesn’t go well with sunlight as well. For those living in areas that don’t experience scorching weather, this might not be a big deal for you.

Pros Cons
Doesn’t have an unpleasant smell Lacks thickness
Doesn’t hold up good against heat

This is another Husky branded product that is really universal. It doesn’t exceed in anything particular in comparison to some of the competitors on the market.

BedRug Bed Mat BMT09CCD

BedRug Bed Mat BMT09CCD


Here’s another BedRug product that just solidifies their spot as a top contender on this list. Their products deserve a place in the top two of the best truck bed rug manufacturers.

The authentic feeling of this rug and the grippy texture that it provides its users with are easily recognizable.

The easy unboxing and “installation” process is also quite important since there are some other truck bed mats that you have to tumble and flip around to find the correct way of putting them in the truck bed.

Also, a thing that should be noted is that some people reported having problems fitting this truck bed mat in their Ford F150. If you own this truck and think you’ll experience some difficulties while using it, you should measure your truck bed before ordering.

In addition, there might be some problems with stability if your truck’s bed is a bit larger than this mat; you’ll probably need to use a type of adhesive or even velcro.

But, this is an easily solvable problem, so it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Pros Cons
Grippy feel It may not fit your Ford F150
Easy installation If your truck bed is larger, it might slide
Quite thick

BedRug Bed Mat BMT09CCD is one of the best truck bed mats out there. The grippy texture, the thickness, and the ease of installation are all reasons you should consider this truck bed mat as a top contender seriously.



This BedRug truck bed mat is another reason why BedRug is the #2 contender.

The majority of the truck bed liners that you can find on the market can cover just the central part of the truck bed, but some also cover the extension that your truck bed door becomes when you open it.

This feature is often overlooked, and most of the time, people don’t know that there are options that offer this kind of coverage.

It’s not necessary for every truck bed liner to have this extension, but you won’t know its level of comfort until you have it or have an opportunity to use it.

Besides giving you that extra padded space, it also gives you a thick layer of protection for your truck bed’s floor and the things you’re putting on it.

The only thing that this mat doesn’t provide its users with is the grippy texture that you all probably desire due to the anti-slide environment that it provides the truck bed with.

Getting the IMQ15SBS is a trade many see as worthy; you have to decide for yourself. Think about how it fits your needs and if you value the extension enough.

Pros Cons
Covers the tailgate Doesn’t have a good texture for grip
Thick enough

If you want a thick and good truck bed mat that covers the tailgate of your truck bed but you don’t mind the lack of texture, BedRug IMQ15SBS is definitely a liner for you.

DEE ZEE DZ87015 Bed Mat

DEE ZEE DZ87015 Bed Mat

It’s time for you to meet one of the outsiders on this list. Just because Husky and BedRug dominate the market, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other viable options.

DEE ZEE is one of these companies that shows how to be a contender in a tough market – by providing us with DZ87015 bedmat.

This bed liner is the definition of the perfect thickness. Not too thin, not too thick – just perfect.

Behind that thickness is an extremely grippy down layer of the mat that provides a grip to the floor of your truck bed, which further ensures that the liner won’t slide around or displace itself while driving on rough terrain.

Also, that texture on the top of the liner provides you with a highly safe environment for things that might slide around your truck bed.

By the way, the negative comments for this product are nowhere to be seen, so that means that the majority of the users were quite pleased with what they got.

The installation process is also quite simple since there is nothing to glue, hold together or wrap around.

Pros Cons
Perfect thickness
The grippy texture on both sides
Easy to install

DEE ZEE DZ87015 is one of the absolute favorites on this list. It provides its users with the perfect mix of thick, easy to handle, and safe truck bed liner and an overall truck accessory that’s worth both your money and time.

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat – Fits 2017-2019

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat - Fits 2017-2019

It definitely seems that all Husky products do look similar, but as it’s mentioned earlier – small differences can make the difference.

The characteristic grippy texture and durable feel that these liners have to them are easily recognizable.

But, the weakness to the sun is still present in this model.

It really comes down to if you’re living in an area that gets a lot of heat and hot months during the year.

If you don’t live in such an environment, this might not pose a problem to you.

Besides that, the fact that it lacks thickness also might be a problem for some of you, regardless of the heat and sun.

Knowing this, and having your preferences in mind, you should clearly know if this truck bed mat meets those needs and requirements or not.

The looks on this bed mat are also quite unique and recognizable – just like on all the Husky products.

These mats’ sleek and clean-looking design sets them apart since there are some liners out there that really look like they’re from the last century.

Pros Cons
Sleek-looking Not sun and heat-resistant
Good texture Noth as thick as some other liners

This is yet another Husky liner with all the recognizable characteristics that dominate the market. It might be an excellent first mat since there’s nothing to worry about regarding the liner.

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat – Fits 2017-2019

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat - Fits 2017-2019

It’s logical to end this list the same way it started – with a Husky product.

These products are widely known for their gold standard of beginner-friendly truck bed liners that do the job to satisfy the majority of users.

The only real problem with these liners (including this one) is that they deform and dry when exposed to sun and heat for long periods.

Other than that, the thickness might be acceptable to some and unacceptable to others. It comes down to personal preference and what your requirements are.

Also, the installation process isn’t all that complicated. The packaging is fantastic, and all you have to do is unpack and put it in your truck bed to cover it.

The last thing to mention is a level of grippy texture to it. There are other competitors out there that provide almost sticky-like bed mats – it’s all because of the texture. Compared to these, this Husky bed mat doesn’t feel as sticky but still good.

Pros Cons
Beginner-friendly Not good with long exposure to heat
Medium thickness Might not be thick enough for some users
Decent grip

If you don’t know your preferences and you’d like to go with the middle ground – the Husky liners are probably the way to go. It is the ultimate truck bed mat for beginners.


Who makes the best truck bed mat?

If you consider the list above this frequently asked questions part, it seems that the best bed liners are made by BedRug.

They are regarded as the company that provides the best price-to-quality ratio.

Are truck bed mats bad?

No. Quite contrary – truck bed mats are completely safe and good. They provide their users with a level of protection for the truck bed floor and the contents of their truck beds.

They can only be harmful if they are left for long periods while something is spilled on them. In that case, the unpleasant smell might spread from your truck bed.

What is the best way to protect my truck bed?

The best way to protect your bed truck is with truck bed liners/mats. These products provide a certain level of scratch-resistant protection for your truck bed floor. The only thing that truck bed mats lack is protection for the walls of your truck bed.

How do I keep my truck bed from rusting?

Rust is something that might destroy your truck bed. For that reason, you must protect it from rust. Generally speaking, the best way to do this is to buy a tonneau cover or buy a truck bed liner or mat that will cover the surface of the truck bed and keep all the moisture out of it.


As it’s clear from the list above and the whole article, there are more than good reasons to buy one and start using it.

Each of these ten products has its strengths and weaknesses, and the only thing left to do is weigh the pros and cons and come to a conclusion regarding the best one for you.

This list is made in a way that will provide almost anyone with a truck bed liner that might serve its purpose.

All-in-all, you should put your preferences on paper and see which one of these fits your preferences the most.

Best of luck!

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