Top 10 Best Tonneau Covers for Nissan Frontier – The List Of Ultimate Possibilities

Everyone who has a pickup truck or any other kind of vehicle that has a truck bed needs to, generally speaking, make that space work. And Nissan Frontier is no exception to this rule.

That is the exact reason why I’ve made a list that will help you find the best tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier. The goal is r to help fellow drivers that own this truck secure that space on the rear end of their vehicle and boost gas mileage.

This task is far from simple since there are many tonneau covers to choose from – and only one is the best for you. In the end, I’ll give you my opinion on which one is my personal favorite, and that will hopefully help you pick the best one for you as well.

Top 10 Best Tonneau Covers for Nissan Frontier - The List Of Ultimate Possibilities

Is A Tonneau Cover Worth It?

Nissan Frontier is one of those reliable vehicles that people usually use either for work or comfortable long-distance drives.

In both of these scenarios, a good tonneau cover can make a world of difference, adding a sense of security and reliability to your trips.

Regardless of what you intend to keep in your truck bed that’s covered with a proper tonneau cover, your cargo must stay as secure as possible and as dry as possible for as long as it’s needed.

The fact that you have clicked on this article means that you already probably own a Nissan Frontier and that you’ve seen how people who have a tonneau cover move around carefree.

Or you’ve just realized how big of a difference this addition can make:

From keeping your tools dry and safe to keeping the rain out of your bags and improving your gas mileage – tonneau covers do it all and for a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorites – and some that have been recommended to me – and see what they’re offering.

I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your needs and meets your requirements the way a tonneau cover should.

Top 10 Best Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

#1. MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

When it comes to soft covers, MaxMate needs to be mentioned for sure. If you’re planning on using something that will just be used to cover the space of your truck bed, this just might be for you.

It is a tonneau cover that is easy to install and relatively convenient for everyday use.

It took me around 25 minutes to install. But if you’re someone who has never done something like assembling a tonneau cover, it shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes.

MaxMate soft roll-up is a perfect solution if you don’t like bothering with finding the best hard tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier.

It’s not the best weatherproof truck bed cover out there, but for someone who lives in a predominantly dry area, this just might do the job.

There is one thing I’d like to say that might save you some time while installing this tonneau cover:

If you flip the bolt and screw the nut on top of it, that will make your job a hundred times easier.

I like when tonneau covers are easy to “play” with since you, as an owner, should be able to customize it to your liking, at least to a degree.



Easy to install

Isn’t weatherproof

Customizable to a degree

Isn’t waterproof

Offers you easy access

It’s pretty obvious that this might be a good option for those that live in a dry area without much rain or snow. If you’re not one of those people, I suggest you check out some options that offer better protection from harsh weather.

#2. Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

A tonneau cover like this is a perfect mix between a soft tonneau cover and a trifold that is usually hard.

For those who enjoy the selective access of a classic trif old tonneau cover but don’t like its hardness and would instead like a soft truck bed cover, this one might be the perfect solution.

I’m not saying that this is the ultimate combo for a classic tonneau cover user.

But if your requirements are in the same ballpark as this unusual combination of a tonneau cover – you’re in luck.

This tonneau cover is relatively easy to assemble, mount, and use overall, and even beginners shouldn’t have any problems making it work.

You should really keep in mind that this is a soft cover at the end of the day. That means that it’s prone to tearing and ripping much easier than its rigid counterparts.

This fact does not seem to matter much when talking about the waterproofness of this tonneau cover, though. Not a single drop ended up in my truck bed while using this cover.




Very sensitive to sharp objects


Prone to ripping and tearing

A perfect combo of soft and trifold cover

This tonneau cover is quite an interesting one. It’s a weird combination that might fit more people than someone would think, but if you’re a sympathizer of hard tonneau covers, this one’s not for you.

#3. CARMOCAR Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

CARMOCAR Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Here’s one of those tonneau covers that many of my friends used at the same time as me. So, I had a pretty big sample of users to conduct my research upon – and they all seem to have said the same thing when I asked them about this tonneau cover:

Easy to install.

That was the most common answer I got when I asked the friends that were using it for their opinion.

Some of them also noticed one thing – and I did, too:

This tonneau cover is thicker than we imagined; the pictures showing a pretty mediocre soft tonneau cover don’t do it justice.

The thickness also provides solid weather and rain protection and a decent level of durability – even when sharp objects are involved.

It’s also a trifold cover, so it provides you with that signature selective accessibility that tri-folds are known for.

Much like the previous tonneau cover, it’s quite an unusual mix of soft and trifold covers.



Quite easy to install

Hardware that comes with it might not fit your model, so double-check


Is a tri-fold so it can’t be fully retracted at once

Quite thick for a soft tonneau cover

Like the previous tonneau cover, this one is just for the people who enjoy this unusual mix of soft and trifold tonneau covers. If your search for the best truck bed cover for Nissan Frontier is based on universality, this one might not be for you.

#4. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Here’s the first actual hard folding tonneau cover on this list. It seems that all of these above need to rethink their design because this is the first truck bed cover that has absolutely no negative characteristics.

Hard tonneau covers usually are much more popular with people who use this type of accessory to secure valuable cargo since it provides absolute protection that people expect from it.

Besides being relatively easy to install, this tonneau cover provides you with an extra layer of security, meaning that your truck bed is protected by a hard surface that doesn’t let anyone get in it without the owner’s approval.

Another area where this particular tonneau cover shines would be in motion – as in, while you’re driving. Provided that you won’t go over the speed limit, this tonneau cover will stay in its place for any duration of your trip.

Some of the competitors of this tonneau cover seem not to pay close attention to the state of their product while driving – which is entirely wrong. A truck bed cover should stay in its place on the go; anything else defeats its purpose.



Stays in place while driving

Provides an extra layer of protection

Easy to install

This is probably the best tonneau cover so far;  it’s good for adding an extra layer of protection while still being lightweight and easy to operate. I think most of the beginner tonneau cover users will go for this one since it provides an additional sense of simplicity and security.

#5. Tonno Pro Hard Fold Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Tonno Pro Hard Fold Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

It’s pretty unsatisfying to see a simple tonneau cover that comes with absolutely disgraceful instructions.

Here’s the thing with this tonneau cover:

It’s straightforward to assemble and install, and it’s surprisingly lightweight, too – which makes things even easier on the person who’s installing it.

So, there are some pretty great qualities of this tonneau cover that I’ve experienced. But unfortunately, they were all overshadowed by the lousy instructions that come in the box.

The easiness with which this tonneau cover is installed is quite surprising. If my memory serves me correctly, it took me around 15 minutes from the moment I unpacked it to the moment where it was fully functional.

If you don’t rely on the instructions and know what you’re doing, you’ll probably need the same amount of time as I did.

The other thing is that the lightweight construction of this truck bed cover makes it phenomenal for everyday use. You don’t feel any additional fatigue while using it, especially if you hold your working tools in there.

For some of you, the fact that this cover isn’t completely waterproof might pose a problem. So, if you live in an area where rain is an everyday occurrence, I’d highly suggest finding another solution.



Extremely lightweight

Not waterproof

Easy to install (if not following the instructions)

Confusing instructions

Might see some damage on the edges after extensive use

Knowing that this is not a beginner-friendly tonneau cover when it comes to the assembling process, if you’re one of the new people to the tonneau cover world, I suggest you steer clear of this one.

#6. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Tension control is crucial when it comes to soft roll-up tonneau covers. If it doesn’t work the way it should be, the truck bed cover will look wrinkled – and it won’t do its job the way it is intended.

TruXedo exceeds the expectations when it comes to this. Preset tension control is a significant advantage for people who don’t want to spend much time customizing their tonneau cover – just so they can have a mediocre experience, at best.

When I tell you that the process of installing this tonneau cover is maybe the fastest one I had the pleasure of experiencing, I really mean it:

None of my friends who also bought this tonneau cover around the same time as I needed more than 15 minutes to install it. It took me roughly 10 to install mine, but 15 should be more than enough.

The tension control preset is a real time saver here; you don’t have to waste any time adjusting the cover.

It’s durable and has a sense of sturdiness to it which is quite essential for soft roll-up tonneau covers. And yet, the majority of companies that make this type of truck bed cover don’t pay attention to the feel of their product.




Isn’t fully waterproof

Quick installation


It is truly one of the best soft tonneau covers that you can get for your money. If you’re in the market for something similar to this, it’s worth putting it on the list.

#7. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

I personally didn’t have any problem installing this tonneau cover, but I’ve heard that some people struggled with it.

It’s not impossible that you won’t find yourself in a situation where your tonneau cover will seem too small or too short to fit on your truck bed – but that doesn’t mean that this product is bad.

It just means that either you’ve ordered the wrong one – or that you had some trouble installing it.

If you don’t encounter any problems, though, this soft folding tonneau cover will do the job of keeping most of the dirt and dust out of your truck bed. Not only does this tonneau cover do that, but it also provides you with easy access to all your belongings.

I didn’t like the soft feel that it has to it, but that’s individual. And since I generally prefer hard trifold tonneau covers, this doesn’t mean that you won’t like the feel of this one.

The only thing you might not like is that it can make some whistling sounds while driving if it’s not installed correctly. I noticed that if my tonneau cover doesn’t reach the tailgate, the wind makes an annoying whistling sound.



Keeps most of the dirt out

Can be hard to install

Makes noises while driving if not installed properly

Has a cheap feel

If you’re in the search for the best truck bed for Nissan Frontier, this might be the one I suggest you skip. It might provide you with more work than help.

#8. Undercover Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Undercover Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

This tonneau cover is one of those truck bed covers in the upper range of quality. If you’re prepared to pay a bit of a higher price, this might just be the truck bed cover for you.

Easy installation and the sheer sturdiness of this tonneau cover make it a good choice for pretty much anyone who’s looking for a high-quality product.

Not only is it easy to install, but it gives you quick access to things stored in your truck bed, and it folds three times. So, you don’t have to roll the whole cover just to get to the stuff in the front third of your truck bed.

It also provides you with some excellent protection from the rain and weather conditions that will otherwise damage the contents of your truck bed.

The only people that might not like this tonneau cover are the ones that think that the best tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier needs to be a soft one. I generally disagree with that, but those kinds of preferences are personal – so, I won’t get into that.



Easy to install



This one might be the tonneau cover for any beginner who prefers a hard folding cover for their truck bed instead of the soft one. I suggest you take a closer look at this tonneau cover and consider spending an extra buck or two on it.

#9. Armordillo USA 8701720 CoveRex SR Series Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Armordillo USA 8701720 CoveRex SR Series Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

This tonneau cover is one of the rare ones that consider fuel economy. The manufacturers have been paying close attention to how their product affects the aerodynamics of your car and if it costs you more gas to drive your car around with this tonneau cover installed.

That’s something you don’t see often. People don’t think about fuel economy on their own – and so, the companies don’t pay attention to it, either.

Besides that, even though it’s a soft roll-up tonneau cover, this one also provides you with the most protection possible – well, as much as this type of truck bed cover is capable of offering, anyway.

It’s also relatively simple to install and get to work since there aren’t many parts that need your close attention.

Dust, wind, and rain seem not to be a match for this soft tonneau cover. It provides pretty much complete protection from it without any problem.

Besides this, it’s a roll-up tonneau cover, meaning you have instant access to anything and everything that’s stored in your truck bed.



Easy access

Can’t withstand much weight on top of it

Fuel economic

All around weather-proof

This model seems like one of the best options for soft roll-up types of tonneau covers. If you’re someone who needs quick access to all your belongings, this just might be the solution for you.

#10. BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

Being fully aware that hard rolling tonneau covers are hard to come by, I had to include my favorite from this subcategory.

For example, this one is for people who value the simplicity of rolling tonneau covers but like the hardness of a trifold truck bed cover.

This weird combination gives you the best of both worlds. It makes it relatively easy to utilize the sturdiness of a hard tonneau cover while maintaining that instant access a roll-up tonneau cover gives you.

I like this combination since I’m a fan of hard truck bed covers and appreciate the rolling aspect of most soft ones.

It might be weird for you to get used to this, but don’t worry – you’re not the only one! I’ve had trouble adjusting to this tonneau cover. But once I got used to it, it worked perfectly every time I wanted to use it.

For the people who like trifold tonneau covers, this might not be the first choice on this list, but if you’re interested in trying something new, you should start with this one for sure.



Has the toughness of the hard cover

An unconventional mix of hard and rollup tonneau covers

Has the accessibility of the classic roll-up

Gives you instant access

For people who like to experiment with new things, this might be the perfect fit. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this tonneau cover and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.


It’s always tricky to answer a question like this since it all comes down to personal preference. If you ask me, the best tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier is the Undercover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner in this area or if you’re someone who has been using tonneau covers since they got their first truck. This one provides you with the most complete set of characteristics, either way.

Another truck bed cover that I’d recommend in a heartbeat is the BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover.

There’s absolutely nothing between these two that makes one better than the other. But if your preferences lean towards one of these more than the other, that’s completely understandable.

It doesn’t matter if you like a soft or a hard tonneau cover; there’s something for everyone. Even if you’d like to try something new, there are options for that as well.

At the end of the day, the only crucial thing is that you are happy with the choice you made and that the tonneau cover you picked meets all your requirements in the way that you hoped for and expected.

That being said, I hope you find the best truck bed tonneau cover by your standards and that you are happy with the choice you made!

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  1. Brenda Jo Tyson-Betts says:

    We have the 2019 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X that has the rail system installed.
    Looking for a bed cover that will work with the rail system. Looking at the Carmocar and Bak boke. Can you adive on if these will fit well with the rail system and reliability of these products. Wind and water?

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