8 Best Tonneau Cover For Jeep Gladiator Review And Buying Guide

Finding the best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator is as tricky as trying to locate the best tonneau cover for any other vehicle. But here’s the good news:

If you’re reading this sentence, then you’ve come to the right place to find out which is the best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator.

Best Tonneau Cover For Jeep Gladiator

8 Best Tonneau Cover For Jeep Gladiator Review And Buying Guide

There are at least a couple of hundred different tonneau covers scattered all around the Internet. Most of them are either made with the tri-fold mechanism or a roll-up mechanism.

The critical thing to remember is that not all tonneau covers possess the predisposition to fit on your vehicle optimally.

Today, we’ll take a look at the 8 best tonneau covers for Jeep Gladiator.

Why are they considered the best? What do they offer that makes them one of the best tonneau covers for this particular vehicle?

Don’t worry – as long as you stick around, all your questions will be answered!

Best Tonneau Cover for Jeep Gladiator Review

1. GATOR EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

We can all agree that finding a tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator isn’t an easy task. But, with a bit of luck, you can stumble upon several units that are perfectly capable of protecting your luggage from all weather conditions.

That being said, you can even skip the tedious searching part and simply read my review on this tonneau cover. It will surely help you out with the decision to buy a tonneau cover.

GATOR EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

GATOR EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


As it turns out, this unit can withstand both rain and snow effectively.

When it arrived for the first time, I was curious to see a box that was so large. Luckily, that meant that this tonneau cover is a one-piece model. All one-piece tonneau covers aren’t tricky to mount on a vehicle – and this unit undoubtedly fits that description.

When I began the assembly part, I realized that there were only a few screws and clamps in the package with the tonneau cover. That means there is no need for any direct drilling on the vehicle, which is always a good sign.

Damaging your vehicle while mounting a tonneau cover needs to be avoided at all times. That can even occur without the usage of a drill. But, if you need to drill some parts of the tonneau cover on the vehicles’ bed – then be prepared to modify – or damage – some parts of your car permanently.

So, if you decide to give this tonneau cover a chance, it will ensure the safety, and above all else, the fresh look of your vehicle!

As soon as I tightened the tonneau cover, I noticed that the unit remained firmly in place with only a few clamps. Pretty impressive, I must admit.

Of course, the tonneau cover needs to display that ability on the road, as that’s where the practical usage of a tonneau cover lies.

I hopped into my vehicle and went driving around the neighborhood soon after I finished with the mounting part.

When you test your tonneau cover for the first time, it’s vital to remember that keeping your driving pace as slow as possible is a must-do. Most tonneau covers have a difficult time adjusting to the vehicles’ bed for the first time.

But this unit was exceptional.

When I drove with it for the first time, I didn’t notice a single worrying aspect about that unit. It remained firmly in place during my driving session, start to finish. It didn’t move a single inch.

Trust me – you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your tonneau cover detaches from your vehicle.

Picking it up somewhere around the neighborhood is stressful enough. But imagine if it flies off while you’re on a highway – you could put yourself and other drivers in a dangerous situation.

To bypass that, give this tonneau cover a chance. I’m pretty sure that will never happen!

The only troublesome part of this tonneau cover is its somewhat lousy drainage system. Don’t get me wrong; this unit completely repels both snow and rain. But if your vehicle is exposed to heavy rain, then you’ll have a tonneau cover that’s soaked all the time.

Pros Cons
One-piece model The drainage system should be better
It comes with phenomenal clamps

It gets tricky to open it while it has water piled up – keep an eye on that if you want this good Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover!

2. Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Whenever you decide to buy a good tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator, it’s vital to know what exactly you are looking for – which seems obvious, I know. But I’d like to underline how important it is if your job keeps you on your feet all day and if you need to use your truck bed frequently.

Entirely accessing vehicle beds is one of the critical elements that all tonneau covers should allow their owners. Unfortunately, most tonneau covers don’t have the ability to grant you full access to the bed without taking apart the tonneau cover.

But if you decide to give this tonneau cover a chance, you’ll find yourself with a phenomenal asset that will make your life easier. As it turns out, with its simple design, this unit allows users to access the bed entirely without taking the cover apart.

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


That is especially beneficial to all of us who need to arrange the cargo in the truck bed properly. If you have this problem, then I urge you to consider buying this tonneau cover.

You won’t need to worry about accessing the truck’s bed if you get this unit.

As for the assembly part, there were no difficulties. The tonneau cover will come with the tools necessary for a complete installation. In most cases, tonneau covers might not offer some parts that are crucial for mounting.

Because of that, you’ll find yourself needing an extra pair of bolts or screws necessary for finishing the job. Fortunately, this tonneau cover won’t give you that kind of trouble, as it both comes with all of the tools and is relatively easy to mount.

The mounting part is made even easier with a manual that comes with the tonneau cover. While reading the manual, I noticed that I could mount this unit in less than an hour.

That is exceptional when you consider that most other tonneau covers require at least two hours to mount it on a vehicle properly.

As you’ll notice on your own, if you buy this tonneau cover, you might need to drill small holes in the bedliner if your vehicle is equipped with an over-the-bed rail.

That’s undoubtedly the only troublesome part of this tonneau cover – to properly fix it in place, you’ll need to drill extra holes in the over-the-bed rail bedliner. But, if your Jeep Gladiator doesn’t have that “nuisance,” then I suggest giving this tonneau cover a shot!

Depending on your schedule, I urge you to test the tonneau cover immediately after finishing with the installation part.

Regardless, as soon as you give it a test drive, you’ll immediately notice that it fares against both rainy and snowy conditions. Despite it being a soft tri-fold tonneau cover, it’s more than capable of protecting your cargo on the road.

You won’t need to worry about having wet belongings if it starts to rain – this tonneau cover both repels rain and has a drainage system that will drain all the unnecessary liquids found on the top of the unit.

Pros Cons
It grants full access to the vehicles’ bed You’ll need to drill some holes if you have an over-the-bed rail bedliner
This unit comes with an excellent manual on how to assemble it

As long as you don’t mind drilling some holes, I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t find this tonneau cover helpful and appealing!

3. Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Driving a Jeep Gladiator in the middle of the night is a wonderful experience, even more so when you have a reliable tonneau cover mounted on the back of your truck.

But, if you ever find yourself needing to check something in your vehicles’ bed in the middle of the night, things can get difficult to navigate. Sure, carrying a flashlight is one of the best solutions.

But what if I told you that there is even a better solution than that?

As it turns out, if you decide to give this tonneau cover a shot, you’ll find yourself with a phenomenal unit that has several unique components. One of those components is the integrated light source that can be found on the inside of the tonneau cover.

Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


Choosing the Ultra Flex model will give you access to a luminous bed rail light. As I’ve previously mentioned, this can get extremely handy when you need to search for something in your truck bed in low-light conditions.

Regardless of how dark it might be, as soon as you turn the light on, it will immediately cast light that will reach all four angles of your vehicles’ bed. Nothing remains hidden from that integrated light source; even the tiniest objects can be seen when you turn the light on!

The other premium component of this tonneau cover is the full perimeter seal that prevents water intrusion. That’s especially handy if you, like me, live in a place that sees rainy days frequently.

Having a garage where you can keep your vehicle protected at all times is essential. But, as soon as you decide to travel somewhere and it starts to rain, you’ll be glad to have this unit at your disposal.

It will completely protect your belongings from getting soaked.

This information would be pointless if you don’t know how to assemble and mount this unit on your vehicle fully. Luckily, it comes with an easy-to-read manual that covers all of the necessities for a successful tonneau cover assembly.

The only thing that I wasn’t happy about when it comes to this unit is the fact that several clamps were missing in the box. Because of that, I needed to visit my local hardware shop to find the clamps necessary for a complete tonneau cover assembly.

Luckily, this tonneau cover uses regular clamps that can be found in almost all hardware stores, so there’s no need to worry too much.

It’s nice to know that this tonneau cover comes with a 5-year hassle-free warranty that protects the unit. You can never tell what could happen on the road. So, make sure to put that warranty somewhere safe, as it might help you out with repairing the tonneau cover one day.

You can even put some stuff directly on the tonneau cover when necessary.

As an ultra-flex hard folding truck bed, it’s capable of withstanding the weight of your basic tools and the weight of most of your grocery bags.

Pros Cons
An integrated light source is available with this tonneau cover Several clamps were missing in the box, necessary for a full assembly
It completely protects your luggage from getting soaked

Still, this is an high quality Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover that will stay by your side for a long time – but only if you take care of it properly!

4. TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Searching for the best roll up tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator usually leaves people in a dilemma, as there are plenty of fantastic choices scattered throughout the Internet.

Luckily, this time around, I happened to stumble upon this unit- and, well, I’ve never looked back.

I have had it for more than a year, and I didn’t encounter a single thing that needs special care or attention. On the off chance that something does go wrong with this tonneau cover, I can rely on the limited lifetime no-hassle warranty that comes with this unit.

When it arrived, I immediately noticed that this tonneau cover is unlike any other I’ve used in the past years.

TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


The thing that instantly caught my attention is that there’s no need for any drill installation. I simply used clamps, and they were more than enough for fixing the unit in place.

I was worried, at first, that the presence of clamps won’t be enough. I live in a place that has old roads filled with deep holes. You probably see what I am aiming at here:

Tonneau covers usually don’t stay in place when you drive into a deep hole on the road – especially if you don’t drill it for additional safety.

On the other hand, this unit wasn’t disrupted by the bad roads – not in the least bit. It remains firmly in place regardless of how much I “apply pressure” during my driving sessions.

Special tools and drilling won’t be necessary if you decide to buy this tonneau cover!

People usually try to avoid soft roll-up truck beds, as several things aren’t possible with them. The most commonly brought-up subject about that is the fact that you can’t place anything on this type of tonneau cover.

Despite all odds, this unit is capable of withstanding some weight. But only if you arrange it properly, though, placing it all around the tonneau cover.

Don’t place a heavy object directly on the tonneau cover, as it will most likely just penetrate the unit, damaging it permanently.

On the other hand, roll-up tonneau covers are usually tricky to mount on the vehicles’ bed, as it requires both time and knowledge to do so.

I was curious to know exactly how much time is necessary to mount this tonneau cover on my Jeep Gladiator, and I was surprised by the result. In less than 30 minutes, I was capable of mounting it completely without any difficulties along the way.

The manual that comes with this unit helped out significantly with that task. But, even if you don’t rely on the manual to assemble this unit, you’ll probably figure out how to accomplish that on your own.

Seriously, it’s blatantly easy to mount it on the truck bed.

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you that this is the best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator, then I suggest that you take a closer look at the overall design of this tonneau cover.

With a low-profile design, it looks so good that people around you will start to think that this unit was custom-made for your vehicle!

Pros Cons
Limited lifetime no-hassle warranty
With only a few clamps, it remains in place all the time

I assure you – you won’t find a better tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator on the market!

5. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Whenever you decide to go on a family vacation, it’s crucial to have a spacious truck bed, ensuring enough room to put all your luggage. You know how insane family trips can get luggage-wise.

Fortunately, with the Jeep Gladiator, that’s made possible – well, as long as you get one.

Also, don’t forget that traveling anywhere without a tonneau cover is a bad idea. In modern times, thieves are lurking in all corners of the world.

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


With that in mind, before you decide to travel somewhere, ensure to have a good-quality tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator that will protect your belongings.

There are a lot of different tonneau covers available on the market. But if you desire to protect your luggage at all times, then this unit might be the perfect solution to all of your problems.

The name “hard-folding” is self-explanatory:

In addition to having the ability to bear up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight, it will protect your belongings from any unwanted attention.

Nobody can access your stuff without your permission with this one!

This tonneau cover was made by using durable aluminum panels. On top of those panels, you can find an excellent matte finish that has several practical uses.

One of them comes in handy whenever you need to leave your car outside for several hours straight.

During those hours, the sun will try – and succeed – in damaging all tonneau cover types that don’t have a matte finish. But this unit has it, meaning that the finish protects the cover from all UV damage.

Regardless of how well you take care of your tonneau cover, there will come a time when you’ll unintentionally put something sharp directly on the cover. Matte finish to the rescue – again! These units tend to be more scratch-resistant.

Although this has nothing to do with practical usage, this tonneau cover provides its owners with a premium and stylish look with a matte finish. You can brag to your close friends about having a good-looking and durable tonneau cover.

Isn’t that great?

As far as the assembly part is concerned, I reckon that you won’t find any troublesome stuff in that department – and neither did I. The unit will come in one piece and have all the required tools for both the assembly and mounting parts.

The only difficulty that I noticed with this unit is its lack of ability to stay in one place whenever I need to travel somewhere far. For whatever reason, as soon as I pass a hundred miles, the unit immediately starts to produce an odd sound.

We are all relatively familiar with this sound:

Whenever you accelerate above a certain speed – or when driving for several hours straight – the tonneau cover immediately loosens a bit. That problem is most likely due to poor-quality clamps or the overall design of the unit.

Be prepared to hear that annoying sound whenever you decide to hit the road.

Pros Cons
This tonneau cover has UV and scratch resistance Accelerating above a certain speed will force the tonneau cover to make an odd sound
It can only be opened by the original owner

If you don’t mind hearing a somewhat irritating sound, then this unit might be the one for you!

6. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

You can find a soft tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator on all mainstream online shops – but only a handful are considered worthy enough for a vehicle like the Jeep.

Because of that, I needed to thoroughly research information about tonneau covers before buying one. All road signs were pointing directly at this one – and as you can tell, I decided to give this one a chance.

Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed by this model whatsoever. The only thing that caught my attention was the fact that it was smaller than I initially expected it to be.

Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


At first glimpse, the fact that this unit is a one-piece model made my worries disappear for the time being. But as soon as I was finished with the mounting, I noticed that it doesn’t align to the tailgate properly – not all the way, that is.

In most cases, that isn’t considered a problem – but only if you live in a place with dry and sunny days throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, I’m not located in that kind of place, and because of that, I’m forced to use an extra towel to cover up that part of the tonneau cover.

Despite that, there wasn’t anything wrong with this tonneau cover overall.

It was super easy to install and mount. I used a stopwatch to see how long it would take me to finish the job. From the box to the vehicle, it took me less than an hour.

The manufacturer of this cover offers exceptional clamps that have a universal size and are easy to mount on the vehicle. Whenever you need to attach them, you just need to pull down each clamp. That will do the job.

This feature comes exceptionally handy when you need to disassemble the tonneau cover. There will come a time when you’ll need to take it off the vehicle so that you can have that extra bit of space in the vehicles’ bed.

With that unique clamp design, I can simply pull it in the same way that I pull it before fixing it in place – but instead of doing that, I can pull it down and remove it from my vehicle.

You can perform the disassembly of this tonneau cover in less than five minutes. One, two, free – and you’re done.

But, if you don’t use your vehicle for one of your daily jobs, then this unit will be more than enough for your regular usage. Whenever you need to place something directly on top of this tonneau cover, you will be able to do that – only if you disperse the weight properly, of course.

This tonneau cover remains firmly in place regardless of how old the roads you use to travel somewhere are.

Probably the best thing about this unit is the fact that you can drive with it fully opened. That’s right:

It folds horizontally, and it remains in a horizontal position regardless of how far you open it.

Pros Cons
Quality-grade clamps that are useful whenever you need to disassemble the tonneau cover This unit doesn’t reach the tailgate of the vehicle
It opens by folding horizontally, which is beneficial for traveling somewhere with an open cover

You won’t find a better one in today’s market. I ensure that this is a well-rating Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover so you can take a closer look at this one if you need a tonneau cover for your Jeep!

7. Bestop EZ-Roll Soft Tonneau – Gladiator; for 5 ft. Bed

Having the ability to access your vehicle’s tailgate without removing a tonneau cover is one of the most crucial aspects of an excellent tonneau cover. If your previous tonneau cover failed you in this department, then I suggest that you take a closer look at this one!

Roll-up tonneau covers are usually troublesome when it comes to assembling them.

Surprisingly, this unit didn’t cause me any trouble in that department. Then again, that’s most likely the case because I followed the instructions carefully when I assembled the unit for the first time.

Bestop EZ-Roll Soft Tonneau - Gladiator; for 5 ft. Bed

Bestop EZ-Roll Soft Tonneau – Gladiator; for 5 ft. Bed


Go figure!

But, I believe that even if I didn’t follow the guidelines thoroughly, I would’ve been able to finish the job.

This unit comes with a few small parts that can be troublesome if you lose them during the assembly process. Besides that, there shouldn’t be any problems in this department.

On a serious note:

I did mention that there are a few small parts. If you, like me, have small children at home that like to meddle in your business in the garage, then I urge you that you keep them away until you finish with the assembly of this tonneau cover.

Those small parts necessary for the complete assembly of the tonneau cover pose a choking hazard for young children. Keep your little ones as far away from those parts as possible if you don’t want something bad happening!

There should be nothing to worry about as far as the materials used to make this tonneau cover go. It’s relatively tough, and to demonstrate that toughness, you can even put several things directly on it.

Just keep in mind that putting something particularly weighty will most likely penetrate the tonneau cover immediately.

With the leather-grain vinyl-coated polyester, you can safely drive with this tonneau cover in all weather conditions. Rain, snow, strong winds, and dry sun – you name it. This tonneau cover is resistant to all weather conditions, regardless of how harsh they might be!

As I previously mentioned, the main reason I decided to give this tonneau cover a shot is that you can access the tailgate without opening the tonneau cover.

Whenever you need to travel to your local market and purchase a few things, it’s vital to have a tonneau cover that won’t work against you when opening it to access the vehicles’ bed.

With this unit, that’s made possible, too.

With the unique design that sits directly on top of the truck bed – but doesn’t overlap with the tailgate – you can always access the truck bed by simply lowering the tailgate.

If you ask me, that’s an absolute win in most cases – especially if you don’t need to use your truck bed all the time. Still, whenever you need to access the truck bed fully, you’ll just need to roll the tonneau cover until it reaches the other end.

Pros Cons
High-quality polyester repels all weather conditions This tonneau cover contains several small pieces that can be hazardous for children
You can open the tailgate without opening the tonneau cover

As long as you keep your children away during the assembly of this unit, you won’t have any problems with this tonneau cover. This highest degree Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover is perfectly designed for small families that travel frequently and aren’t regularly using the full capacity of the truck bed!

8. Pickup Truck Bed Hard Top Folding Solid Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Having a high quality Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover whenever you need to travel somewhere is vital. I mean, you’ll rarely be blessed with ideal weather conditions while you’re on a journey.

With that in mind, let me interest you in this unit.

As soon as it was delivered to my house, I rushed into my garage, hoping to assemble this unit in no time. To my general surprise, I was capable of doing exactly that:

In less than two hours, the unit was completely mounted on my Jeep Gladiator – and ready to go.

The assembly and mounting were made exceptionally easy with an easy-to-read manual that successfully guided me through the tedious process. Oh, and not to mention that this unit features high-quality clamps that are compatible with nearly all Jeep-type vehicles.

Pickup Truck Bed Hard Top Folding Solid Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Replacement for Jeep Gladiator JT 2020

Pickup Truck Bed Hard Top Folding Solid Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover


On that note:

Before buying this unit, you need to make sure that your Jeep Gladiator doesn’t have a utility track system. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it refers to sliding cargo adjusters found on some vehicles.

As I’ve mentioned previously, you should only consider this unit if your vehicle doesn’t have a utility track system. Luckily, most Jeep Gladiators don’t usually have that system integrated by the manufacturers.

But just to be safe, check that out before ordering this cover!

As soon as you finish with the assembly, you’ll notice that the adjustable tension allows the tonneau cover to fit your vehicles’ truck bed perfectly. And don’t worry:

Regardless of how hard you try to stretch it, you won’t be able to tear it apart. It’s anything but flimsy.

The interesting thing about this unit is that it features a modern aluminum honeycomb design.

With that in mind, you can place your average grocery bag – or five – directly on top of the tonneau cover, and it won’t succumb to the pressure applied by the weight.

Did I forget to mention that this tonneau cover can hold up to 350 pounds of weight? You have to disperse it properly around the cover, of course.

Speaking from personal experience, your kids might try to climb directly on the tonneau cover and start to jump on it. Don’t allow it.

Just because it’s specifically stated that it can hold up to 350 pounds of weight, that doesn’t mean that you should push it to the limits. Plus, your kids might injure themselves while jumping on it.

As far as the driving experience goes, there shouldn’t be any worrying aspects. As soon as I finished with the assembly part, I immediately decided to test the capabilities of this tonneau cover – especially since it was raining that day.

I drove around the neighborhood for an hour, and when I returned home, I didn’t notice a single drop of water entering the truck bed. That was impressive; most tri-fold tonneau covers are somewhat lacking in that department!

Pros Cons
Quality-grade clamps are available with this tonneau cover If your vehicle has a utility track system – it won’t allow you to use this tonneau cover
This unit can withstand up to 350 lbs of weight

As long as you pay close attention to this perfect Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover – it won’t cause you any problems in the near future!

Tonneau Covers For Jeep Gladiator: Buyer’s Guide

Before you start thinking about buying a tonneau cover, you need to understand a few things, as every tonneau cover has its own set of features, strengths – and weaknesses.

What does that mean?

The same thing applies to your average shopping spree, where you’re searching for an ideal sweatshirt, for example. Depending on the current season, you’ll need to figure out which type of sweatshirt you’re looking for – something thin or thick, with or without a hoodie, etc.

You can even make a mistake or two when buying an average piece of clothes.

But, when buying a tonneau cover, you need to figure out exactly what that tonneau cover needs to have – or, more specifically, what you want it to have. And that means that, for the cover to meet your expectations, you need to know what you’re looking for first.

Tonneau covers are mainly divided by their folding mechanism.

In most cases, you’ll either encounter a tri-fold tonneau cover or a roll-up tonneau cover. But there are other options available – like the retractable tonneau covers.

Although you won’t make a mistake when choosing either of these main folding mechanisms, you still need to know which one will work the best for your daily drives.

If you decide to buy a tri-fold tonneau cover, then you need to know that those tonneau covers possess the most reliable folding mechanism out of the three.

By opening the first two-thirds of the tonneau cover, you’ll immediately gain access to most of your vehicles’ beds. However, if you wish to have full access to your trucks’ bed, then you’ll most likely need to disassemble the tri-fold tonneau cover.

In most cases, tri-fold tonneau covers won’t grant you full access to the bed – but some units have that option. So, keep an eye out for that!

Roll-up tonneau covers are usually less durable than their tri-fold counterparts. It’s nearly impossible to find roll-ups that can withstand the amount of weight that most tri-folds can handle without breaking a sweat.

Still, some roll-up tonneau covers can withstand the average weight of your average grocery bag. Whether that’s enough is up to you.

Remember that whenever you need to place something directly on the tonneau cover, it’s advisable to disperse the weight somewhat equally.

Lastly, retractable tonneau covers can be considered a healthy middle between the roll-up and the tri-fold tonneau covers. They’re usually made with heavy-duty materials and can grant you full access to the truck bed when opened completely.

And now we get to the most important thing to look into when buying a tonneau cover – its overall measurements.

Purchasing a tonneau cover for your vehicle is the best decision you’ll make as a Jeep owner. But remember that a tonneau cover needs to be mounted on your vehicles’ truck bed before use.

And how are you supposed to install it if it doesn’t fit your vehicle?

Most people nowadays either forget to look into this or simply disregard the possibility of making such a mistake. Fortunately, this problem is easy to avoid:

Just pay close attention to the specified dimensions and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The good news is that all mainstream websites will list the necessary info about the tonneau covers. As long as you pay close attention, you won’t make a single mistake!

You can even enter the make and model of your vehicle in the browser and add the phrase “tonneau cover,” and you’ll immediately see a bunch of tonneau covers – tri-folds, roll-ups, and retractable tonneau covers.

But remember to only look into those that would work for you.

There will be a tonneau cover for you, regardless of how intense your daily regime is.

If you need to travel frequently with your vehicle and its primary use is to conduct work, you should probably look more into hard tri-fold tonneau covers. They’re ideal for outdoor workers that need to stay on their feet all day.

But if you’re looking more into traveling with your family, then soft roll-up tonneau covers should be your best choice.


Q: Can tonneau covers improve the gas mileage of my Jeep Gladiator?

No matter what vehicle type you are driving, you’ll undoubtedly have a gas mileage problem if it has a truck bed. And in case you haven’t noticed by now, Jeep Gladiator is no exception.

That brings me to my point:

If you mount a tonneau cover on that vehicle, you’ll somewhat resolve the problem.

Don’t get me wrong; just because you’ve closed the truck bed with a tonneau cover doesn’t automatically mean your gas mileage problem will go away altogether.

They’re good – but they’re not magic.

Remember, we’re dealing with simple physics here. And no amount of tonneau covers can stop the laws of physics from doing their thing.

Every operating vehicle needs to have a fuel source, and as you’re driving, it will progressively use the fuel. Well, duh.

The problem at hand is that vehicles with a truck bed will encounter more wind resistance when moving forward. That wind resistance is caused by the air constantly entering the truck bed of your car – which, in turn, causes you to use more gas per mile.

You can place a tonneau cover on your vehicle, and you’ll instantly notice that the overall performance will rise – and your average visit to the gas station will be reduced, too.

So yes, tonneau covers improve the gas mileage of the Jeep Gladiator – but not to a ridiculous extent.

Q: What tonneau cover is best for my Jeep Gladiator JT?

Figuring out which tonneau cover is best for the Jeep Gladiator is virtually impossible. You need to realize that every tonneau cover has its own set of features that help in one way but hinder in the other.

But, if I had to pinpoint a tonneau cover from today’s list that’s above average for the Jeep Gladiator, I’d have to say that the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 523201 | fits 2020 – 2021 Jeep Gladiator; with Trail Rail System 5′ Bed (60″) takes the gold medal!

Every single tonneau cover on this list has something incredible to provide to its owner. However, the tonneau cover mentioned above is undoubtedly offering the best set of features for its future owners.

And regardless of what happens to this unit, it’s covered by a limited lifetime no-hassle warranty.

I have to add, probably the best thing about this tonneau cover is that it comes with unique and easy-to-use clamps. Most tonneau covers have a difficult time remaining in place while you’re speeding down the highway.

But this tonneau cover isn’t bothered by that.

You can enjoy a faster drive with this tonneau cover, as you’ll know that all of your belongings will stay safely stored under it – regardless of how fast you’re driving.

On top of that, you won’t need to worry about the weather conditions that might catch you while you’re on the road. Rain, snow, and wind – you name it!

This tonneau cover is perfectly capable of withstanding all weather conditions. And no, it doesn’t matter how harsh they get!

It’s an overall excellent tonneau cover that will never disappoint you. You won’t even need to use your drill to poke holes into your vehicle to mount this unit.

We can all agree that damaging your vehicle should be out of the question. So, give this tonneau cover a chance!

Q: Can I install the cover on my own?

Tonneau covers will only interest people that are old enough to have a drivers’ license. Even then, you’ll need to own a vehicle that can benefit from a tonneau cover.

So, if you possess a driver’s license and you own a Jeep Gladiator, then it’s safe to assume you might be interested in having a tonneau cover. That’s all fine and dandy, but:

What if you don’t have much – if any – experience with these car accessories? What about all of you that didn’t previously encounter a tonneau cover in your entire driving career?

And most importantly, can anyone install a tonneau cover on their own?

Fortunately, tonneau covers are regularly shipped with an easy-to-read manual that usually successfully guides people on correctly assembling and mounting a tonneau cover on their vehicle.

Those manuals are made to be as easily understandable as possible so that all people – regardless of their overall experience – can follow them. They come with both written instructions and pictures that illustrate what you need to do at any given stage of the process.

On the off chance that some tonneau covers don’t arrive with a manual – that shouldn’t be a cause for concern. The Internet is filled with short videos on how to assemble and mount a tonneau cover on a vehicle properly.

Depending on your previous experience, you might even have the ability and knowledge to install the cover on your own without using a manual. Most of today’s tonneau covers are anything but complex when it comes to installation.

So, don’t worry; you can install a tonneau cover on your own. But it might take you some time – and a couple of tries – before you successfully finish the job.

Be consistent, and don’t quit!

Q: Can I drive with the cover open?

Depending on which tonneau cover you buy, you’ll either have the comfort of driving with the cover open or not.

Let’s start with tri-fold and quad-fold tonneau covers. Regardless of them being hard or soft, they will be more than enough for your daily job.

The main problem with that folding mechanism is the fact that, in most cases, you won’t be able to drive safely with an open tonneau cover. Most tri-fold mechanisms open horizontally – but the last third of the tri-fold will often require you to keep it open in a vertical manner.

The problem can only be avoided if you find a tri-fold tonneau cover that doesn’t need to rest in a vertical position while fully opened.

Why is that a problem?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, all vehicles have a rear window that plays a crucial role while driving. Although you can use the two rearview mirrors that are integrated on the front doors of your vehicle, you still need to use your main rear window to see what’s happening behind you.

At any given time, someone behind can get close to you, and in those times, neither one of your two rearview mirrors will reflect the vehicle’s actual position. In that situation, it’s crucial to have a big and clear rear window that allows you to see what’s going on in the back.

Unfortunately, when it comes to some tri-fold and quad-fold tonneau covers, that’s simply impossible. Driving with the cover fully open will force you into a position where you can’t use your main rear window.

But, if you choose to buy a roll-up or retractable tonneau cover, you won’t need to worry about whether you can or can’t drive with the cover fully open. Those two mechanisms are always folded in a way that doesn’t block the main rear window.

Choose wisely when you need to buy the best Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover!

Q: What are the uses of tonneau cover?

If you’ve reached this point in the article, then you’ve probably realized what makes tonneau covers irreplaceable gadgets to have on a vehicle that has an exposed truck bed.

Still, I’ll point out the most crucial reasons why it’s important to have a tonneau cover for those who didn’t pay close attention.

First, tonneau covers are necessary for all vehicles with an exposed truck bed, as you can’t leave your car unattended without having one. Regardless of how valuable your belongings are, if you leave them in an open truck, the chances are that they might go “missing.”

That’s easily avoidable when you have a tonneau cover mounted on your vehicle.

Second, you need to take into consideration the possibility of potential rain while you’re driving somewhere.

Placing your cargo in the back of your truck is fine. But if it starts to rain while you’re on the road, you can count on the fact that all of your stuff will be completely soaked.

And again, to avoid that, you can mount a tonneau cover on your vehicle. By doing so, you’ll effortlessly protect your belongings from all types of weather conditions.

Lastly, you need to realize that your cargo needs to remain in the truck bed – where you left it – from the moment you do that until you deliver it somewhere else.

Regardless of how well the road is made, there’ll be an occasional need for you to avoid a hole in the road or run over it – and the stuff in your truck bed will, most likely, move around.

But when you need to hit your brakes as hard as possible, the chances of your luggage remaining in the truck bed are very slim.

To ensure that you, your cargo, and other drivers remain safe at all times, buy a tonneau cover and mount it on your vehicle!


Unfortunately, every story needs to have an end. But luckily, this time around, the end of our story is found in the phenomenal TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 523201 | fits 2020 – 2021 Jeep Gladiator; with Trail Rail System 5′ Bed (60″).

If someone asks you which is the best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator one day, then simply point them out on the unit above! It’s equipped with everything necessary for a safe ride around the neighborhood – and more than that!

With the limited lifetime no-hassle warranty and one-of-a-kind clamp design, this tonneau cover will follow you and your Jeep anywhere you go.

It won’t succumb to rainy and snowy conditions. Even if it gets extremely windy, this unit will ensure that all of your belongings remain where you placed them.

You won’t make a mistake by choosing this tonneau cover – you have my word!

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