Best Scissor Jack for Your Cars, RVs, and SUVs in 2023

Only the best scissor jack will suffice for the modern vehicle owner, whether changing a flat tire or leveling and stabilizing a travel trailer on uneven ground. Although scissor jacks are not as robust as hydraulic floor jacks, their simple operation, small footprint, and portability are enough justifications to have one in your trunk.

Picking a scissor jack can be challenging, especially if you’re a first-time vehicle owner. These products look uncannily similar, varying only in minute details. If you’re confused about which scissor jack to buy, hold onto your seat because I’m sharing ten of the most popular scissor jacks in the automotive world.

Top 10 Best Scissor Jacks in 2023 Market

1. LIBRA Bigfoot 5000 lb 24” RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

I’m not surprised that many RV owners consider this product one of the best RV stabilizer scissor jacks they can use on their travel trailers.

Designed specifically for RVs, this stabilize leveling scissor jack has an impressive 5,000-lb load capacity. 

This attribute is advantageous for me when leveling RV slideouts since these motorhome sections can hang precariously above ground. Moving inside the slideout should feel more secure, erasing any jitters about tipping over.


I like its 12×7.5-inch rectangular base plate because it feels more secure on the ground than circular or ovoid scissor jack feet. 

Operating this scissor jack is a breeze because the package already has a magnetic hex socket for attaching to a power drill. You’ll be glad you don’t have to sweat extending and retracting this jack from and into the trailer.

Since this product bolts onto your trailer’s underside, its four-inch profile is excellent news. It blends seamlessly into the trailer’s gorgeous lines. At least you’ll never worry about creating an eyesore on your RV. 

I appreciate its steel alloy construction. Although some folks might not like its heft, I consider it an excellent sign of build quality. I’ll feel more confident with this scissor jack leveling and stabilizing my RV.

A word of caution: don’t use this jack to raise your vehicle because LIBRA didn’t design it for such a purpose. It’s vital to appreciate that this product is a leveler/stabilizer. If you need a jack to lift your car to change a tire, I recommend the BIG RED T10152.

Although Bigfoot has a specific function, I am still impressed with its outstanding craftsmanship, ease of use, and reliable performance.



  • Impressive load capacity
  • Excellent stability 
  • More effortless operation than other brands
  • Low-profile design
  • Robust construction


  • Not for lifting vehicles


2. Lippert 285344 30” Scissor Jack

I like Lippert’s dedication to customizing and engineering high-quality products for RVs and other vehicles. Unsurprisingly, I find this 30-inch device one of the best scissor jacks for RV units.

The only difference between this and the LIBRA Bigfoot is its circular mount. Some RV owners like this shape because it’s more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional design. It’s an opinion I don’t necessarily share but otherwise respect.


This scissor jack has six inches more reach than the Bigfoot, making it an excellent choice if you don’t like putting blocks under the scissor jack feet to contact the ground.

Like the Bigfoot, this scissor jack can accommodate 5,000 pounds per jack. This attribute matters because I can level and stabilize my toy hauler without issues.

I could try this product on my popup camper or recommend it for my brother’s teardrop trailer. It should be a perfect fit and a dependable platform for leveling and stabilizing our trailers.

The bow-tie base and scissor arms feel solid, while their powder-black finish gives them a luxe look. You will never worry about this scissor jack becoming an eyesore on your travel trailer.

My only concern about this scissor jack is the non-self-tapping screws, which can be problematic if your existing RV holes don’t align with the jack mounting plate’s openings. You could buy self-tapping screws to address this issue. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be a concern.

Like the Bigfoot, the Lippert 285344 is one of the best leveling and stabilizing scissor jacks you can install in your RV. Its construction is impressive, and its functionality is spot-on. Just don’t use this to lift your car to change a tire.


  • High load capacity
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Ideal for trailers with a high ground clearance


  • Non-self-tapping screws


3. BIG RED T10152 3000 lb Torin Steel Scissor Lift Jack Car Kit

BIG RED impresses with its traditional-style scissor jack for cars. 

I like its fiery red design, which should complement other automotive hardware. It’s an extra safety precaution when changing tires on the road. 

This scissor jack’s 3,000-pound load capacity makes it the ideal lifting mechanism for cars and small SUVs. You’ll never have qualms about its vehicle raising capabilities because this scissor jack is as solid and strong as it gets. 



Like many scissor jacks, this product features a drop-forged steel alloy construction. This characteristic is vital for me because I want my automotive tools to outlast me, allowing me to pass them down to my kids and their future children. 

My favorite about this scissor jack is its expansive base, about 15 inches long and five inches wide. One problem with my existing scissor jack is it tips over when I try to slide it under my car. This jack won’t topple because of its larger-than-usual platform.

Its car-elevating capability is also impressive, allowing me to clear about 15-1/8 inches off the ground. My current scissor jack only maxes at 14 inches. You’ll never worry about sliding a wood block under the car again.

Although I love this scissor jack’s extra-wide rectangular base, some car owners might have difficulty stowing it in the jack compartment. Unfortunately, there’s no other way around this issue than to ensure its 14.9-inch by 4.82-inch footprint fits your car’s jack box.

BIG RED more than lives up to its name. It is the best car-lifting scissor jack you can buy, but only if you can ascertain it fits your car’s scissor jack compartment. 


  • Suitable for cars
  • Highly visible on roads
  • Super-strong steel alloy construction
  • Extra-wide jack base for stability
  • Lifts vehicles up to 15-1/8 inches 


  • Might not fit some jack compartments


4. STANDTALL SY003 3 Ton 12V All-in-One Automatic Electric Car Jack

This scissor jack is perfect for car owners who want a more convenient way to lift their vehicles to change a tire.

It’s a simple plug-and-play mechanism for raising any car or SUV with a gross vehicle weight of not more than three tons by 14.6 inches (cars) or 16.5 inches (SUVs). 

I like this electric scissor jack’s lift supports, which the company engineered for sedans and sport utility vehicles. It matters because I don’t want the jack damaging my vehicle’s underside while offering better stability.


Another great news about this product is its dual operation. Car owners can plug the device into their 12-volt cigarette lighter port and use the controller to raise or lower their vehicles. I prefer using the hand crank for additional arm muscle strengthening. 

Build quality is spot-on. Weighing ten pounds, I feel more confident about its heavy-duty construction.

The storage case is also noteworthy. Vehicle owners will be glad they won’t worry about organizing this scissor jack and accessories in the car trunk. 

However, it’s the reflective red triangle on the box’s side that impressed me most. I don’t have to yank out my early warning device from the trunk because the storage case already serves the purpose.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this scissor jack’s simplicity and car-raising ability. Unfortunately, its speed of raising and lowering the vehicle is slower than manually cranked scissor jacks. Still, it remains an excellent choice for folks with diminished arm strength.

Unsurprisingly, this is the best electric scissor jack you can buy. Its thoughtful design, remarkable vehicle-lifting capability, dual operation, and robust construction make the STANDTALL SY003 a standout.


  • Recommended for SUVs and sedans
  • Three-ton load capacity
  • Dual-mode hassle-free operation
  • Twin-purpose storage box
  • Durable construction


  • A bit slow


5. Slimtamy 3 Ton 12V Electric Car Jack Kit

It might be an unrecognizable brand, but Slimtamy wows the crowd with its noteworthy electric scissor jack.

Many vehicle owners consider this the best scissor jack for truck units, mini SUVs, sedans, and other vehicles under three tons. It’s almost similar to the STANDTALL, except it comes with more accessories.


As an emergency roadside tire-changing kit, I like the inclusions in this package. For example, the impact wrench should be handy for people who don’t like breaking a sweat with a manually operated cross-wrench. My wife would not call me to change her tires because she could do it herself.

There’s a cigarette lighter adapter and battery alligator clips for multiple connection options. It matters because I want alternatives whenever I’m on the road.

Although slower to raise the vehicle than manually-cranked scissor jacks, I still find its operation noteworthy. Folks with back problems or weak arm muscles won’t have issues lifting their vehicles to 14.6 or 16.5 inches off the ground.

While most people like electronic gadgets, I prefer the old-school method of cranking the scissor jack. I am glad there’s a hand crank in this kit.

I also appreciate the lift supports with cross slots for ensuring stability against the car’s jack points. 

The steel alloy construction deserves praise, providing a stable foundation for the car lifting platform.

I appreciate this electric scissor jack’s completeness for emergency roadside tire changes. Unfortunately, the impact wrench sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. I’d suggest using an ordinary tire wrench to loosen the bolts or keep one in the trunk.

This scissor jack is perfect if you want a complete roadside emergency tire changing solution. 


  • Complete kit
  • Ideal for trucks, sedans, and SUVs under 6,600 pounds
  • Effortless operation with hand crank option
  • Stable lift supports
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Inconsistent impact wrench


6. Amvia 1.5 Ton Scissor Jack for Car

Car owners cite several reasons for considering this product the best scissor jack for SUV units. 

For me, its principal advantage over similar scissor jacks is its ratchet. Most scissor jacks have a thin hand crank that is quite slippery on the hands. You must wear gloves to get a good grip on the bar. Sadly, it can be uncomfortable. 


I’m never a fan of scissor jacks with flimsy-looking hand cranks. I’m thankful for this jack because raising the car is like operating an ordinary ratchet. The company says it reduces arm strain by 90 percent, and I believe them.

Aligning the lifting mechanism along the car’s jack points is also a breeze because of the clearly-visible slots in the scissor jack head. 

It’s a reliable vehicle-raising platform for cars and mini SUVs that even small-sized pickup trucks should be compatible with this scissor jack. This product should handle any automobile not exceeding 1.5 tons or 3,300 pounds.

Like other high-quality scissor jacks, this product comes with a steel alloy that never balks under the pressure of raising a vehicle 15.15 inches off the ground. The construction is as sound as it gets, giving this scissor jack exceptional overall value.

Although I’m impressed with its ratchet mechanism, I wish the company widened the scissor jack’s base like the BIG RED to improve its stability on the ground. I suggest mounting the scissor jack on a 5x9x1/4-inch plywood or steel plate. However, ensure you can still fit the jack in the trunk compartment.

This scissor jack is for you if you want a more comfortable hand-cranking operation.


  • More comfortable and efficient cranking 
  • Easier to align with jack points
  • Reliable construction
  • Perfect for SUVs and sedans below 1.5 tons
  • Good value 


  • Not as stable as other scissor jacks


7. Lippert 285325 24” Scissor Jack

This scissor jack is similar to the Lippert 285344, except it has a more traditional jack base than the other model’s circular mount.

It’s perfect for leveling and stabilizing travel trailers, teardrop campers, popup campers, fifth wheels, and other similar vehicles. 

Installation is more straightforward because the holes are easier to align with existing RV leveling and stabilizing jack openings. I won’t be surprised if you’ll complete the job in less than an hour, from removing the current jack to installing this product.


As one of the best scissor jacks for travel trailer units and fifth wheels, this product has an unquestionable build quality. It’s what I always get from a Lippert design, making me feel more confident whenever I use it.

I like its 4.25-inch low-profile design, ensuring my travel trailer doesn’t get an unappealing “bulge” on the underside. It should also be effortless to store in a small compartment if I choose not to install the scissor jack.

I don’t question this scissor jack’s 5,000-pound capacity because its steel alloy construction gives it superior strength. I also admire its rust-inhibitive surface treatment, ensuring this jack will last many decades without suffering from corrosion.

As much as I love Lippert, it saddens me that some packages come with incomplete hardware. For example, how would you lower or raise this scissor jack without a hand crank? I recommend checking the order as soon as it arrives and contacting the seller immediately.

Lippert continues to wow the RV-loving crowd with this scissor jack providing stabilization and leveling for travel trailers and similar RVs. It’s a faultless design, made more remarkable by its thoughtful craftsmanship and unquestionable performance.


  • High load capacity
  • Low profile for easier storage
  • Super-tough, weatherproof construction
  • Perfect for RV leveling and stabilizing
  • Easy installation


  • Missing hardware


8. TONDA 2 Ton Portable Scissor Jack

This scissor jack couldn’t be simpler. However, underneath its lackluster styling is a performance that can give big-name brands a run for their money. 

Although I’m not impressed with its looks, I must say kudos to the engineers for designing a scissor jack that can handle a two-ton vehicle without any hitch. Its 4,400-pound weight rating gives confidence to sedan owners who want to make emergency roadside tire changes.


Lifting the vehicle some 15.16 inches off the ground is a cinch if you know a trick or two about its hand crank. I’ll explain more about this later. 

I don’t often see brands publish their compliance with industry standards. Tonda does, and it’s refreshing to learn this scissor jack complies with ANSI/ASME PALD guidelines. 

Compliance with industry regulations and standards translates to high-quality construction and safe design, satisfying stringent regulatory requirements. That’s another reason for buyers to consider this product for their vehicles.

I was surprised to see its base more stable than my current one. The corners taper outward, forming a solid anchor on the ground and keeping the scissor jack from tipping over.

I am impressed with this product’s pricing, besting manually-operated scissor jacks with a lower load capacity. 

I won’t mind paying more for this two-ton-rated scissor jack if it has a redesigned hand crank. Rotating the rod can be tricky because it’s all over the place. My solution is to buy a one-piece hand crank to make the scissor jack raising and lowering more convenient.

The hand crank issue is not a deal-breaker for most car owners. However, if this is your case, I recommend getting a different scissor jack or buying another hand crank. 


  • High lift range
  • Heavy load capability
  • Meets ASME PALD/ANSI standards
  • Stable base
  • Affordable 


  • Hand crank could be better


9. CPROSP 2T Scissor Jack for Car/SUV/MPV

I don’t like to think this scissor jack is an Amvia copycat. However, its design is uncannily similar, except that it has a higher load capacity.

Still, this scissor jack makes an exceptional choice for Amvia fans with heavier vehicles. The Amvia only maxes at 1.5 tons, while this product can accommodate about 1,000 pounds more.



I’m vocal about my disdain for poorly-designed products. Surprisingly, this scissor jack ticks the right boxes. 

The ratchet is better than a thin hand crank in many scissor jacks. As I said, I love the Amvia because of this feature. I know I should adore this scissor jack, too.

While I’m uncertain how much effort I must put into cranking the vehicle-lifting mechanism, I can assume it would be similar to the Amvia. Female car owners won’t have to call roadside assistance because changing tires should be a cinch.

Perfect for sedans, small SUVs, medium-sized pickup trucks, and other vehicles, this scissor jack packs a punch. The steel alloy is solid, and the jack screw is as robust as high-end brands.

My favorite is its 5.2-pound heft and 4.1-inch retracted profile. It’s super-slim that storing it in the trunk is never a problem. 

Although this scissor jack has a higher load capacity than the Amvia, it can only extend up to 15 inches. That’s sad for people with vehicles with higher ground clearance. Of course, adding a few wood blocks should address the problem.

It might be a copycat, but this scissor jack is a must-have in any trunk. Never again will you complain of aching arms because of cranking the scissor jack when changing a tire.


  • More convenient scissor jack operation
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for medium-sized vehicles 
  • Two-ton load capacity
  • Robust materials


  • Maximum height is only 15 inches


10. Cynder 00672 24” Levelling Scissor Jack Stabilizer

Here’s another scissor jack worth putting in a travel trailer, popup camper, teardrop trailer, fifth wheels, and similar vehicles.

I must emphasize its function is not to lift the automobile to facilitate effective tire change. This product is a leveler and stabilizer we mount onto our RV’s chassis to eliminate using wood blocks. It’s a more secure and stable way to prop our trailers on slightly uneven ground.


There’s no questioning this scissor jack’s construction because the steel alloy feels and looks solid as leading brands. I trust its 5,000-pound weight rating, making it a suitable alternative to big-name scissor jacks for fifth wheels and travel trailers.

I commend the company for improving this scissor jack’s rust resistance, allowing me to hand this tool over to my children and the succeeding generations. Its black finish is denser than my current scissor jack, making RV owners feel more confident about its use. 

This scissor jack is similar to the Bigfoot, extending only to 24 inches. It remains a viable option for people with low-ground-clearance trailers while also avoiding detracting from the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Sadly, this leveling/stabilizing scissor jack doesn’t come with a hand crank. It’s a bummer because I’ll still have to buy a separate tool. I suggest modifying a hex bit to fit the jack screw head and using a power drill to operate the scissor jack. Otherwise, there’s no other solution than to buy a hand crank.

It might be less stellar than LIBRA Bigfoot and Lippert, but this scissor jack makes a worthy alternative. Its construction is admirable, and its functionality is spot-on.


  • Recommended as a leveling and stabilizing jack
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High load rating
  • Good rust protection
  • Two-foot extension


  • Crank handle not included




Advantages of scissor jack

Portability is the principal advantage of a scissor jack. Although most scissor jacks don’t weigh more than 15 pounds, they can lift and support a three-ton vehicle. Storage is also never an issue because scissor jacks have a small footprint. Most vehicle owners like to hide these jacks in their spare-tire wells or a small compartment in the trunk. A scissor jack’s lightweight design also makes it easier to position under the automobile when changing tires on the road.

Are scissor jacks good?

Yes, scissor jacks are good if you don’t intend to use them regularly. For example, scissor jacks are not ideal in automotive shops and garages because of the relatively slower operation. A hydraulic floor jack is more appropriate in such cases. It’s vital to remember that scissor jacks are good only for one thing – changing tires. Although some scissor jacks can be RV levelers and stabilizers, I don’t recommend using them for tasks other than their intended purpose.

What size scissor jack do I need?

I recommend reading your vehicle’s manual to determine its gross weight to determine the correct scissor jack size you must buy. The jack must have a weight capacity of at least three-fourths of the automobile’s overall weight. For example, if you have a 2,500-pound car, a 1-ton or 2,000-lb weight-rated scissor jack is sufficient. However, there’s no harm in buying a two- or three-tonner because scissor jacks are also lightweight. It would also be wise to check your car’s ground clearance to determine the scissor jack’s minimum profile and maximum reach.

How much weight can a scissor jack lift?

Scissor jacks have a load capacity rating expressed in pounds or tons. This number reflects how much weight a scissor jack can lift without breaking apart. For example, a 3,000-pound scissor jack can raise a 1.5-ton car. However, you must know that jacks can only accommodate at least three-quarters of a vehicle’s weight. 


It’s challenging to single out the best scissor jack in this list because everything depends on your needs. 

If I were to pick the best scissor jack for cars, the BIG RED T10152 would come out on top. Its extra-wide base is always a talking point, ensuring car owners have a stable platform to raise their vehicles when changing a tire.

If you’re after optimum convenience lifting your car to change a tire, I recommend the STANDTALL SY003. It’s an electric scissor jack you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, making it the perfect tool for car owners with diminished arm strength.

It’s a different story for RV owners because they’ll need a leveling and stabilizing platform for travel trailers, fifth wheels, popup campers, and teardrop trailers. And for that, I recommend the LIBRA Bigfoot because of its power drill compatibility for effortless jack lowering and raising.

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