Top 5 Best RV Mattresses :You Should Know

Traveling by RV is an adventurous way to spend your vacation. You get to visit out of reach places, camp out in forests and mountains, and experience the outdoors while in the comforts of your extended home.

We all know that going on vacation means booking hotels, packing, buying plane tickets, and forgetting something back home. However, when you travel in an RV, it’s like bringing your home with you. You don’t need to worry about packing and looking for a place to stay.

best rv mattresses

RV Mattresses

People who have their own RVs are lucky enough to enjoy the luxuries of those weekend getaways. An RV is like an extension of your home. Therefore, you need to make sure that you not only have the basics but the comforts as well.

You need to have a small, but functioning kitchen, a clean bathroom, and of course a comfortable bed. Choosing the right mattress is crucial to a restful sleep and an enjoyable vacation.


Choosing the Best RV Mattresses

When choosing the best RV mattress, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. You don’t want to spend your vacation tossing and turning just because you have an uncomfortable mattress. 

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your mattress. Measure your bed frame before buying one. RV beds have different measurements from those regular beds. There is usually a 4-inch or 5-inch difference on the width or length of the mattress.

Look at the table below for a size comparison:

Type of Matress

Regular Beds

RV Beds

Twin size

38” x 74"

34” x 74”

Full size

53” x 74”

49” x 74”

Queen size

60” x 79”

60” x 74”

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing the best RV mattress is the material used. Some mattresses can be too hard or too soft depending on what it’s made of. You should also consider the room temperature. Some mattresses may be too warm to sleep on.

RV mattresses should also feel good and offer enough support, especially when the RV is in motion.

Here are some mattress selections to help you choose the best RV mattress:

Innerspring mattresses

best rv mattresses

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have coils embedded within the padding. Some mattresses are thick and heavy and may have a tendency to collect condensation. Some mattresses are thin and may feel hard and lumpy in the long run.

Innerspring mattresses are durable since the spring coils are sturdy enough to last years. The foam eventually thins so make sure you get the thicker ones.

If your room is not well-ventilated, air out your mattress at least every month to get rid of condensation.

Memory Foam

best rv mattresses

Memory foam

Memory foams are more expensive than innerspring mattresses but are more comfortable. Memory foam adjusts to your body contours and helps relieve body pain, such as stiff neck and backache.

Memory foam also responds to temperature variations and adjusts to body temperature.

However, if you don’t shift your position too much while asleep, your body heat may collect in one area of the memory foam, and you will feel hot and sticky. That is why some memory foam beds are made from gel which is cooler.

It may feel stiff at first but softens when body heat warms the gel. Memory foam can last 10 to 15 years and is usually covered by a 5-year warranty. Another great thing is that memory foam is hypoallergenic, so it does not trap dust mites and mildew.

Air bed

best rv mattresses

Air bed

We recommend getting an air bed if you have an extra bunk bed that you seldom use. When the air bed is not in use, you can deflate it and store it in your RV.

Air beds are more expensive than regular beds; they may cost you as much as $1000 or above. What’s good about air beds is that you can adjust them to different levels of firmness.

The disadvantage of an air bed for an RV is that it can easily be punctured or deflated. Rapid changes in altitude may cause your air bed to burst. Also, air beds do not offer too much stability in a moving vehicle.

Polypropylene foam

best rv mattresses

Polypropylene foam

This type of bed is the least expensive and has the lowest quality. Polypropylene foam is normally used in sofa cushions and is not that durable. One good thing about polypropylene foam is that it may contain fire retardant additives.

Latex foam

best rv mattresses

Latex foam mattress.

Latex foam is made from natural and organic materials with no metals. What’s great about latex foam is that it is air-breathable and feels cool to the skin.

However, latex may not be too comfortable to sleep on because it does not conform to the body’s contours and may cause soreness. When choosing latex foam, choose a higher density for durability.

The disadvantage is that higher density latex foam is not air-breathable.

Recommendations for Best RV Mattresses

We did some window-shopping in search of the best RV mattresses. We avoided looking for used mattresses since these may not be sanitary. We tried on the mattresses (like we were trying out clothes) by laying on them and testing them for comfort.

Here are the top 5 mattresses that we found based on research and customer reviews:

This memory foam mattress has 8 inches of high-density support foam plus 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. It has a soft comfort cover that’s comfortable to sleep on.

It comes in 10 sizes, including a 33” x 74” size that’s a great fit for a twin-size RV bed. It also comes with a 20-year product warranty.


  • It becomes firmer as you use it and the cooling gel helps keep the body cool on warm nights.
  • Since it conforms to the body’s contours, it gives you a refreshed feeling when you wake up.


  • The “sinking” feeling the first time you sleep on it. It could be because your body hasn’t gotten used to it and the foam is still adjusting to the contours.

This medium-firm, 10-inch thick mattress has 2.5” of gel memory foam. It has 4 layers of memory foam including a fire safe barrier and cool airflow foam. The soft cover is designed with brown suede and is removable and washable.

It also comes with 2 free matching gel pillows, plus a 20-year limited warranty. This mattress is specially made for RVs and comes in 2 sizes.


  • We noticed that there are sticky dots at the bottom that makes it slip-proof especially when the RV is moving.
  • The infused gel beads give better support and more comfortable sleep.
  • The matching pillows are also great and are as high quality as the mattress.


  • So far it only comes in 2 sizes so if you’re looking for another size, you may have to look for another product.

This 8-inch memory foam is made of 3 layers: 2 inches of memory foam, 2 inches of pressure relieving comfort foam, and 4 inches of high-density base support foam. Biofoam keeps the mattress fresh since it’s made from natural plant oil. It only comes in one size of 60” x 74”.


  • It does not have any chemical odors due to its natural composition.
  • The cover is removable and washable.


  • It takes 2 days for it to expand fully.
  • After 2 months, dents will show up in places where you usually sleep.
  • Not recommended for daily sleeping. On the other hand, you can use it as a mattress topper instead of an actual mattress.

This 10-inch cooling memory foam mattress has a 2.5-inch layer of premium air-infused Visco-Elastic foam. The comfortable knit cover is removable and washable. It also comes with a 20-year warranty plus a free pillow.


  • It expanded in just 24 hours and did not have a chemical odor.
  • Its 10-inch thickness is just right, so you don’t need a mattress topper.


  • It only comes in one size.

This 8-inch memory foam RV mattress has 2.5” memory foam on top of a 6” supportive base foam. Its stretch knit fabric is removable and washable. It is Certipur-US certified and comes with limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • It expanded easily upon unpacking, did not take the 24 to 48 hours as documented.


  • It seems to thin and “remembers” where you sleep, so you have to turn it around to even out the surface.


Based on careful research and testing, we have now determined which is the best RV mattress. Our judgment is based on durability, design, and comfort.

We chose the DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV because it is the thickest mattress among the five. Also, we noticed that it is the only mattress that has 4 different layers. More layers is equivalent to more durability and comfort.

The top layer provides the comfort, and since it has gel-infused beads, it easily conforms to body weight and curves without leaving a rut. The cool airflow support base is just right to support body weight for ultimate comfort.

We also love the two matching gel foam pillows that come with it. They look thin the first time you open it, but it expands over time and does not lose its fluffiness. Great support no matter if you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper.

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