Best Radar Detector Under 200 Reviews : You Should Know

I think every driver should be mindful of their speed when it comes to ensure safety on the road. This is when a radar detector becomes handy. It helps not only in monitoring your speed, but it sure does help you not get in trouble in getting a traffic ticket.

There are a lot of these products out there and many of these companies claim that they sell the best. However, not all of them could really deliver a good quality, which is why you need a good product review first before purchasing one.

I have here the best radar detector under 200 for all of you car owners who are on a budget.


Qualities To Look For Before Buying A Radar Detector

  • Affordability
  • Efficiency
  • Portability
  • Warranty

It is important that the radar detector fits your budget.

You will be surprised by the amount of money you could save if you would first window shop and not just buy the first brand that you think is awesome.

I say a radar detector that is worth more than $200 is way too much for its use.

How To Choose A Radar Detector


Best Radar Detector Under 200

The trick on choosing a radar detector online is to simply check the warranty offer.

It would be easy to test it if you are not buying it online, but it could be a little challenging if you order it on the internet. The trick on choosing a radar detector online is to simply check the warranty offer.

As long as the company provides warranty, then you could always send it back or ask for a new one should it happen to be faulty.


I advise to get the digital ones rather than the analog radar detector, because they are a lot easier to read and figure out.


Radar detectors that are wireless would make your car interior look way more neat than the ones with cords. Plus, these ones tend to be battery operated devices, which is again an advantage in saving energy for your car.

The Top 5 Best Radar Detector To Keep You Safe On The Road

It is a radar detector made of a laser. It helps in alerting you if you are speeding and if there are traffic cameras that you're about to pass by.


  • Advanced and High-Tech: While others would detect just certain radars near you, this product detects even the latest ones that are being used in America.
  • Battery Saver: I didn't have to buy new batteries every time I use this because it features low emission, which is a huge battery saver.
  • Cost: This thing works without having to hurt your budget.


  • Power Cord Problem: I'm not sure if mine got wet while it was on the car, but for some reason, the power cord stopped working after a month.
  • Not Exactly User-Friendly: It took me a while to figure how to use even after reading the manual.
  • If you can’t figure out how the set-up works and how it is supposed to be configured, then there is a chance that this product won’t actually work for you.

A radar detector that was used to be made affordable specifically to military people. But now, it is available to the public for also an affordable rate. Efficient enough to detect speeding radars of cops and other of their radar equipment to not greater than 240 milliseconds.


  • Low-Noise: This one is quiet enough not to distract you while you're driving when it detects a radar from cops that you're about to approach.
  • Efficiency: It works fast even before you nearly approach a cop's radar band.
  • Price: The cost is reasonable and affordable for anyone on a budget.


  • No Battery Option: I prefer for a device like this to at least have an option for a battery because it would sure save your car's motor battery from using it. But unfortunately, this gadget doesn't even provide that. You will have to power it by using a cord that is connected to your car, which could be found near your windshield.
  • Late Detection: Although this gadget works, there are some instances that the police radar would be ahead in scanning you before it would alert you of that. It is not exactly that it kind of lags sometimes, so I could say the reliability is a bit questionable at times.

A radar detector that is discreet enough for your use while on the road. It is quite common for radar detectors to give false alarms every now and then, but this product actually brags about its accuracy. The annoying false alarms are reduced when you use this one.


  • Discreet Feature: I like the part where cops or any road Marshall won't have any idea about you using it. Be aware that some gadgets like this are susceptible to cops radars, but you can trust that this tool is not one of those.
  • Easy To Read: It has an LED digital display that won't be hard for you to read once it starts sending you a warning about a possible radar detector nearby.


  • Price: The price is quite not appealing for me because this one is expensive for what it does. Although I could say that it is worth it, but it is still not a good idea if you're currently tight on money.
  • Warranty: The company only provides 1 year limited warranty. I would usually advise for a lifetime warranty.

A cordless radar detector that could detect even the longest range for a radar band when it is present.


  • High-Resolution LCD: It is easy to read the warning because of its LED-powered backlight feature with an LCD that is clear with alphanumeric characters.
  • User-Friendly: It is not hard to navigate this gadget because it has a setup that is easy for you to figure out.
  • Cordless Feature: This runs using double A batteries, which brings more convenience for your driving.
  • Filtering False Alarms: This comes with a feature to filter all unnecessary false alarms.


  • Price: The cost could be ridiculously expensive for most people.

A digital radar detector that is capable of detecting radar bands from afar. It is considered one of the most advanced radar detectors that are out on the market today.


  • Discreet Feature: This also has a discreet feature, which disables cops to detect your car from carrying it while you're on the road.
  • DSP Technology: This technology means having a lot of laser sensors present in the gadget, which enables its performance to be more accurate and reliable. This also allows your gadget to detect false alarms, which won't bug you for the most part while you're driving.


  • Warranty: It only has a limited warranty that is good for a year.
  • Faultiness Sometimes: Every once in a while you will get some inaccurate warnings, but this doesn't really happen all the time. I think it is sometimes because it would interfere with some signal from the gadgets that other cops are using.
  • Price: It is a little bit expensive for what it is worth.


Without a radar detector, it would be so hard to survive highways, especially if you are in America. Road cops and Marshalls could be strict and it would cost you a lot of money paying for you speeding tickets or other traffic violation ticket.

The best way to solve this is to have a radar detector that is reliable enough to keep you up with speed guns and other police radar bands while you are on the road.

Personally speaking, I would choose to buy the Escort Solo S2 Cordless Radar and Laser Detector. It would look so neat in your car since you won't have to put up with cords that could be hanging inside your car. Going cordless is the best decision you could ever do when it comes to owning gadgets like this.

You can get to know more about that device by watching the video below:

I hope all these information has helped you decide on what to buy the next time you thought of getting yourself a radar detector. Share this with your friends and loved ones or any car enthusiasts because I'm pretty sure that it would also be a big help for them.

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