Top 10 Best Low Profile Floor Jacks in 2023

Every vehicle owner deserves a dependable hydraulic jack to lift automobiles to change a flat tire or fix issues underneath the car. Although most people pick a bottle jack because it’s compact, lightweight, and affordable, I prefer a floor jack because it’s more stable and effortless to position under the automobile. Unfortunately, there are many floor jack choices.

For me, the ideal trolley jack must have an impressive lifting height range, allowing me to raise any vehicle from a road-hugging convertible to a terrain-conquering lifted truck. Only the best low profile floor jack fits this requirement to the tee. If you’re also looking for such a floor jack, I’ve reviewed ten of the market’s best options to help you determine the best low-profile trolley jack to use in your vehicle.

Top 10 Best Low Profile Floor Jacks in 2023

1. Aain AA51G 2 Ton Heavy Duty Low Profile Hydraulic Floor Jack

One disadvantage of low-profile jacks is their price compared to conventional bottle hydraulic lifts. This trolley jack won’t hurt your budget while giving you commendable vehicle lifting performance.

Any automobile with a 2.75-ton maximum gross weight should be compatible with this 2-ton floor jack. Owners of sedans, small-sized pickup trucks, and SUVs will find this service jack more than capable of lifting their vehicles 13 inches off the ground.


It’s comforting to know that underneath its shiny blue paint is a solid steel alloy construction, allaying any fears about this trolley jack failing after only several uses. Each component is as robust as high-end brands, adding to the confidence in this device.

Positioning this service jack under the car is a breeze because it has oversized front wheels and the rear casters never snag. Its lever is long enough to facilitate precision maneuvering, while the saddle is adequately broad to guarantee correct lift point alignment.

I’m also impressed with this service jack’s quick-start technology. Most floor jacks require at least 20 pumps to raise the lifting arm. This product’s proprietary system ensures three times faster lift arm elevation, allowing operators to finish faster.

Although this trolley jack has an admirable lifting performance, its minimum lifting height might be insufficient for low-clearance cars. At 5.125 inches, you’ll find it challenging to slide this floor jack under a Porsche, Ferrari, or other ground-hugging, ultra-low cars.

Still, it should be perfect for most standard-clearance automobiles, such as SUVs, vans, and small-sized trucks.

It’s not as low-profile as most people would want, but its lifting performance and affordability make this hydraulic floor jack a good option for average vehicle owners.


  • Quick-start technology
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 7.875-inch lifting range
  • Maneuverable 
  • Affordable 


  • Not low-profile enough


2. Torin TCE ATZ830026XU 3 Ton Hydraulic Ultra Low Profile Service/Floor Jack

This low-profile service jack is a beast in any home garage and professional auto repair shop.

I call it the best low profile floor jack for the money because of its unbeatable lifting performance, exceptional craftsmanship, and sweat-free maneuverability.


Sliding this three-ton floor jack under a Ferrari, Porsche, Mustang, or other low-clearance sports cars is a cinch with its 3.125-inch minimum lifting height.

Raising trucks, vans, SUVs, 4x4s, ATVs, and trailers 20 inches off the floor is also never a problem, making this floor jack as handy in the home garage as it is in professional auto shops.

Its lifting height range isn’t this trolley jack’s only admirable attribute. Its load capacity also deserves mention. Capable of lifting any 4-ton vehicle, this floor jack is the last device you’ll buy if you have a thriving auto repair shop.

Two precision-engineered piston pumps guard the hydraulic cylinder, pushing high-performance oil to the lifting arm to raise vehicles with minimal effort.

The extra-wide saddle facilitates precise lift point positioning and guarantees a non-marring surface for the vehicle’s under-chassis. Maneuvering this service jack is sweat-free, thanks to its swivel casters and two-foot jack lever.

Sadly, some retailers don’t know how to package products properly, with some customers complaining of a few missing parts and poorly-handled elements.

It’s not Torin’s fault, but third-party sellers must do everything they can to take care of these products. I suggest checking your order after receiving the item and contacting the seller if something’s amiss.

Torin never fails to impress with its thoughtfully designed products. This low-profile trolley jack continues the brand’s untarnished reputation in cutting-edge vehicle-lifting technologies.


  • High load-bearing capabilities
  • Impressive 16.875-inch lifting range
  • Dual-piston pumping mechanism
  • Extra-large saddle
  • Highly maneuverable


  • Some issues with packaging


3. Torin BIG RED AT84007R 4 Ton Hydraulic Low Profile Service/Floor Jack

Something is comforting about Torin’s BIG RED trolley jacks. They’re stockier than most floor jack brands, giving you confidence in their use.

This 4-ton hydraulic jack delivers exceptional vehicle-lifting performance like any other Torin device. It’s like the Torin TCE ATZ830026XU but with a higher load capacity.


It might not have an ultra-low lifting height like the Torin TCE ATZ830026XU, but 3.875 inches is low enough for most low-clearance vehicles. For instance, the Porsche 911 has a ground clearance of 4.29 inches, while the Lamborghini Aventador’s ground clearance is 4.92 inches. I don’t see why you can’t use it on other vehicles. 

This floor jack is also perfect for SUVs, trucks, vans, and trailers, raising them 20 inches off the floor. Any automobile with a 5.35-ton maximum gross weight should be compatible with this vehicle-lifting device.

Maneuvering and operating this floor jack is hassle-free because of the carefully designed wheels, handle, safety valve, and lifting arm. Its steel alloy frame offers confidence in its use, while its dual piston pump guarantees more effortless pumping.

Although this low-profile floor jack is impressive, it’s hefty. At 100.8 pounds, I wouldn’t dare put this in my trunk. The truck bed should be more suitable for this device, although leaving it at home sounds more reasonable. 

You can still buy this low-profile floor jack if you don’t mind its heft. It should make roadside emergencies more manageable with its superior lifting performance.

Its heft is the only thing preventing this low-profile floor jack from earning five stars. You should still give it a thumbs up if weight isn’t an issue. 


  • Higher load capacity than other low-profile trolley jacks
  • Versatile 16.125-inch lifting range
  • Solid construction
  • Quick-lift design
  • Convenient to position and operate


  • Hefty 


4. JEGS Professional 3 Ton Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

I love steel hydraulic trolley jacks because their heft offers confidence and stability better than lightweight floor jacks.

However, I also recognize some vehicle owners who might want a lither-weight option without undermining the device’s vehicle-lifting capabilities.


This low-profile aluminum trolley jack fits the bill like a glove.

With an impressive 15.75-inch lifting range from 3.5 to 19.25 inches, this floor jack can accommodate a power-hungry Ford F150, a road-hugging Mustang, and every high-performance machine in between. 

Four-ton vehicles will sit nicely on this floor jack’s extra-wide saddle, relying on its robustly-constructed steel-reinforced lifting arm to elevate vans, trucks, SUVs, off-roaders, trailers, and sedans.

Its impressive vehicle-lifting capabilities make this aluminum trolley jack worth having in any automobile, home garage, and auto repair shop.

Tipping the scale at only 58 pounds, handling, maneuvering, and storing this trolley jack isn’t a concern. The lever is extra-long, and the wide-track wheels offer excellent maneuverability.

High-quality rubber seals protect the device’s hydraulic chamber against contaminants, while the safety bypass valves prevent over-pumping. Although marketed as an aluminum trolley jack, this automotive tool has steel reinforcements to increase its structural strength and rigidity.

Unfortunately, this aluminum trolley jack has a few quality control issues. Some units have uneven wheels and off-centered lifting arms. 

You might want to check your order before use and inform customer service of any defect. You deserve only the best low profile aluminum floor jack for your needs.

Quality control issues aside, this aluminum floor jack impresses vehicle owners with its lifting performance and sturdy craftsmanship. If these don’t soothe you, you might want a low-profile jack from American brands.


  • Good load capacity
  • 15.75-inch lifting range
  • Convenient to maneuver and operate
  • Safe to use
  • Reliable construction


  • Inconsistent quality


5. K Tool International KTIXD63105 2 Ton Extra Low Profile Service Jack

Most of the low-profile trolley jacks on this list have a maximum lifting height of 20 inches. 

If you require a trolley jack with a higher lifting height, you’ll need this best low profile high lift floor jack.


With a lifting arm that extends two feet into the air, this hydraulic floor jack makes its case as one of the best vehicle-lifting devices for backyard auto shops and home garages. Small trucks, vans, SUVs, dirt machines, and tiny campers will be up in the air without a glitch.

Surprisingly, its minimum lifting height also blows the mind. You can slide this trolley jack under a sports car with a three-inch ground clearance. Even the Torin TCE ATZ830026XU’s 3.125-inch ultra-low-profile design cannot match this floor jack’s 2.75-inch ground clearance. 

The Bugatti Veyron’s under-chassis sits 3.54 inches above the ground, putting this into perspective. On the other hand, the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has an astonishingly low ground clearance of three inches, and this trolley jack will still handle it.

I’m impressed with this low-profile trolley jack’s unusually lengthy frame and 45.25-inch pump handle, making it one of the best on this list. Sliding this service jack under a 2.75-ton or 6,060-pound vehicle shouldn’t make you sweat.

Bypass and load-limiting safety valves are a standard with this trolley jack, ensuring device safety and longevity. 

Unfortunately, this two-ton device has a hefty 98-pound form, potentially impacting its portability.

However, I feel confident about heavy-weight tools because they reflect a thoughtful construction.

I don’t mind stowing this low-profile floor jack in my trunk because its lifting capabilities are beyond comparison. It’s one of those products that never reneges on its “low-profile” labeling.


  • Quick-lifting mechanism
  • Market-leading 21.25-inch lifting range
  • Good load capacity
  • Extended reach 
  • Safe operation


  • Hefty 


6. Torin Blackjack T83505W 3 Ton Hydraulic Low Profile Racing Floor Jack

Torin returns to our list with another 3-ton trolley jack, competing with the TCE ATZ830026XU for car owner attention.

This low-profile floor jack has a slightly higher minimum lifting height than the TCE ATZ830026XU at 3.7 inches and a somewhat lower maximum lifting height of 18.7 inches. Still, you shouldn’t have any problems sliding this device under your low-clearance vehicle. 


Its 3-ton weight limit translates to the effortless lifting of vehicles with a 4-ton maximum gross weight, such as SUVs, mid-sized pickup trucks, trailers, campers, vans, and off-roaders. It can be a dependable automobile-lifting device for shops and garages.

Like many Torin floor jacks, you’ll never break a sweat to maneuver this trolley jack into position. The extended lever allows operators to position the extra-wide saddle underneath the vehicle’s lift point, wherever it is. I like the foam padding on the handlebar for more comfortable positioning.

I’m surprised to learn this steel alloy trolley jack has an aluminum frame reinforced with premium-quality steel. That’s another reason to get this low-profile hydraulic jack for automobiles.

I have two issues with this low-profile floor jack. First, it’s 9.1 pounds heftier than the Torin TCE ATZ830026XU. Second, its single-piston pump design makes this floor jack’s price seem more unreasonable than other 3-ton trolley jacks.

Of course, you can always ignore my opinion at any time.

This product would have been the best 3 ton low profile floor jack on this list if not for its single-piston pump design and hefty build. Hence, I recommend the Torin TCE ATZ830026XU because it has a broader lifting range and a lighter-weight form.


  • 14.4-inch lifting range
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Convenient to maneuver
  • Precision lift point positioning
  • High-quality aluminum-steel construction


  • Hefty 
  • Single piston pump


7. Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Here’s another two-ton trolley jack to extend your choices alongside the Aain AA51G and K Tool International KTIXD63105. 

Although this low-profile floor jack’s lifting range isn’t as impressive as the K Tool International KTIXD63105’s 2.75- to 24-inch limits, it should still be invaluable for owners of vehicles with a ground clearance of at least 3.5 inches.


Two tons might seem inadequate for most people, but the average household only has an average-sized sedan. This trolley jack is sufficient in such instances, allowing car owners to lift their vehicles and perform under-chassis repairs or change a flat tire.

The craftsmanship looks solid, and its design is more modern than other floor jacks I have seen. I trust this trolley jack will last many years, giving vehicle owners the chance to pass it down to their kids and grandkids.

I’m astonished to learn this trolley jack only weighs 30 pounds, 68 pounds lighter than the K Tool KTIXD63105 but 8.8 pounds heftier than the Aain AA51G. Keeping this floor jack in the trunk shouldn’t be a concern, and neither is carrying it around the house.

Surprisingly, this floor jack is four times more affordable than the K Tool International KTIXD63105, making it an excellent option for thrifty yet quality-minded vehicle owners.

I don’t mind this trolley jack’s 14-inch maximum lifting height. However, some vehicle owners might consider the attribute wanting.

Placing a few wood or metal blocks on the saddle should improve this trolley jack’s lifting height.

If you’re after a two-ton low-profile floor jack with a more impressive lifting range, I recommend the K Tool International KTIXD63105.


  • 10.5-inch lifting range
  • Good weight capacity
  • Reliable craftsmanship 
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable


  • Maximum lifting height not high enough for some people


8. Liftmaster 2.5 Ton Low Profile Jack Ver. 2

Is a 3-ton trolley jack too much for your vehicle-lifting demands, while a 2-ton floor jack is somewhat short? If you’re in such a dilemma, I recommend this 2.5-ton low-profile floor jack.

Liftmaster redesigned and reengineered its 2.5-ton low-profile jack to make it more durable while increasing its lifting capabilities.


This second-generation low-profile trolley jack can slide under vehicles with a ground clearance of 3.15 inches, making it almost at par with the 3.5-ton Torin TCE ATZ830026XU’s 3.125-inch minimum lifting height.

Sedans, small vans, compact pickup trucks, and similar vehicles should be a cinch to lift with this 2.5-tonner.

I’m surprised this 2.5-ton trolley jack only weighs 28.66 pounds, 70.34 pounds lighter than the 2-ton Sunex 6602LP.

Its re-engineered hydraulics make this floor jack ten times more durable than the first iteration, making its three-year warranty more plausible.

Sadly, I found some customer complaints about the lifting arm not lowering slowly and safely. This action can be dangerous because you could cut off your fingers if you’re not cautious. Its 14.5-inch maximum lifting height might also not accommodate high-clearance vehicles.

I recommend testing the low-profile jack after unboxing to check the lifting arm’s operation. You don’t need a replacement if everything works fine. As for its low maximum lifting height, wood blocks on the saddle should do the trick.

A bridge between a 2- and 3-ton low-profile floor jack, this trolley jack is worth having if you have a vehicle that weighs no more than 3.25 tons. In hindsight, I would still recommend a 3-ton unit for your automobile. 


  • 11.35-inch lifting range
  • Good load capacity
  • Re-engineered hydraulics system
  • Three-year warranty
  • Lightweight 


  • A few issues with lifting arm lowering speed
  • Limited maximum lifting height


9. Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Steel Service Jack

This trolley jack competes with the K Tool International KTIXD63105 for being the lowest-profile and highest-lifting floor jack on this list.

There’s little difference between this ultra-low-profile trolley jack and the K Tool KTIXD63105 because both have an impressive 21.25-inch lifting height range. The minimum lifting height is 2.75 inches, extending to two feet.


Operators can lift exotic supercars, hypercars, and similar low-clearance vehicles within seconds. Raising compact SUVs and lightweight trucks only requires as few as 6.5 pumps to reach the 24-inch maximum jack height. 

I don’t question its superlative construction featuring premium-quality steel alloy. It feels as sturdy as the K Tool KTIXD63105, although I might say even better.

It’s also safer to operate than other low-profile floor jacks I’ve tested and didn’t make the cut in this list. This device won’t slam in your face.

This floor jack’s principal advantage over the K Tool KTIXD63105 is its reach. The latter only has a 45.45-inch handle, while this product has a 50-inch lever for better maneuverability under a low-clearance car. Its three-foot-long frame and 19-inch throw also span a vehicle’s cross-section more efficiently, making it the best low profile long reach floor jack on this list.

Unfortunately, this low-profile floor jack is heftier than the K Tool KTIXD63105 by 5.8 pounds. It’s also more expensive by several tens of dollars.

Disregarding my opinion is always your prerogative, of course.

As the K Tool KTIXD63105’s direct competitor, this floor jack’s slightly steeper price and heftier form make it less appealing. Regardless of which floor jack you choose, I’m confident you’ll be the winner. 


  • 21.25-inch lifting height range
  • Super-quick lifting mechanism
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Safe operation
  • Super-convenient to maneuver


  • Hefty for a 2-ton floor jack
  • Pricey 


10. PT Performance Tool W1645 3.5 Ton Low Profile Jack

The tenth low-profile floor jack on this list is this 3.5-ton vehicle-lifting device from PT Performance Tool.

It’s an excellent compromise between the 4-ton Torin BIG RED AT84007R and the 3-ton floor jacks we featured on this list.


Its weight rating should make it a cinch to lift vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 4.7 tons or 10,300 pounds, such as campers, trailers, pickup trucks, sedans, SUVs, and others. This versatility makes this low-profile floor jack an excellent choice for shop owners and professional mechanics.

Although its lowest lifting height is not as noteworthy as the K Tool KTIXD63105 and Sunex 6602LP’s 2.75 inches, its 3.5-inch minimum lift is still commendable. It should still fit under many low-clearance automobiles, including sports cars, hypercars, and exotic supercars. 

Pumping this to 20.5 inches shouldn’t take more than ten strokes, thanks to its dual piston-pump design. Operators won’t feel the strain in their arms as they raise their vehicles.

The trolley jack’s steel frame and lifting arm look solid. It should give vehicle owners peace of mind about this floor jack’s durability. Maneuvering it under the automobile is also more convenient than other trolley jacks because it has a 15-inch-wide body and wide-track wheels. 

I understand this floor jack’s 90.6-pound heft because of its 3.5-ton weight capacity. Although it’s more reasonable than the 2-ton Sunex 6602LP’s 103.7-pound heft, it’s still heavy for most vehicle owners.

You might want to consider lighter-weight options if this floor jack is hefty for you.

Perfect for shops, this low-profile trolley jack never fails to impress. It offers a good blend of lifting performance, maneuverability, and durability, as any reputable floor jack should.


  • Versatile 17-inch lifting height range
  • High load capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Hassle-free maneuverability
  • Quick-lift design


  • Heavy 



What is a low profile floor jack?

A low-profile trolley jack is a mechanical device that allows operators to lift or raise low-clearance vehicles to facilitate tire replacements or under-chassis repairs. It’s ideal for coupes, convertibles, sports cars, and other automobiles with a ground clearance of not more than four inches. 

Professional pit crews and racing mechanics use low-profile service jacks because they are more convenient to maneuver under long-slung race cars and other professional vehicles. These devices have a tapered front and an extra-wide saddle to facilitate more efficient vehicle lifting.

Is a low profile floor jack better? 

Everything depends on your car. Indeed, a low-profile floor jack is better for low-clearance vehicles, such as sports cars, muscle cars, roadsters, coupes, convertibles, and similar automobiles. The device’s slim-tapered front section allows for nearly effortless sliding and positioning under the car’s jack points.

It would be impossible to slide a standard-height floor jack under such vehicles. The device’s leading edge will hit the automobile’s underside and damage it. 

The good news is that a low-profile floor jack is versatile, accommodating other vehicles within the trolley jack’s load capacity and maximum lifting height. 

What is a good floor jack brand?

US Jack makes the best low profile floor jack made in USA. It’s an authentic American-made trolley jack, unlike other brands with American-sounding names yet sources their products overseas, mainly in China. 

However, US-branded low-profile floor jacks made in China can still be of good quality. Excellent examples are Torin, JEGS Professional, K Tool International, Liftmaster, Pro-Lift, Sunex, and PT (Performance Tool). 

Just look at Apple and other American brands with Chinese sources, and you’ll see how “Made in China” no longer equates to poor quality.

How do you use a low profile floor jack?

Using a low-profile floor jack is similar to operating a standard-height trolley jack. Start by determining your vehicle’s lift points and maneuver the floor jack to ensure its saddle is directly underneath the automobile’s jack point. 

Next, pump the floor jack lever to raise the lifting arm, slowing down as it reaches the vehicle’s lift point. Align the saddle to the frame sill and continue pumping the trolley jack to raise the car.

When you’re ready to lower your vehicle, slowly twist the trolley jack’s hydraulic pressure release valve.


The best low-profile floor jack depends on your vehicle’s gross weight and ground clearance. You could escape with a low-profile trolley jack specific to your automotive parameters if you have several automobiles of similar tonnage and clearances. On the other hand, auto repair shops require a versatile low-profile floor jack to accommodate as many vehicle types as possible.

It’s a toss-up between the Sunex 6602LP and the K Tool International KTIXD63105. Both devices can lift 2.75-ton vehicles from 2.75 inches to 24 inches off the ground, limited only by their 2-ton weight capacity. However, the KTIXD63105 is slightly lighter and more affordable, making it a likely choice for most vehicle owners. 

The 3-ton Torin TCE ATZ830026XU is always an excellent choice for most vehicle owners because of its 3.125- to 20-inch lifting performance.

These are my honest assessments, and you’re welcome to try these low-profile floor jacks for yourself.


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