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Choosing the best headlights is crucial to a better driving experience especially at night. For people who have difficulty driving at night, quality headlights are a must. LED simply means “light-emitting diode.”

As the name suggests, two lead semiconductors emit light when activated by a suitable voltage. In the olden days, people made use of oil lamps or torches in carriages. Imagine the difficulty they experienced back then!

However, in our modern world, with the addition of fueled vehicles, we have upgraded to a variety of headlamps that make driving much easier. LED headlights aren’t just a luxury accessory, but they are essential to safe driving.

Most car owners try different types of LED headlights until they find one that works best for them. Even a skilled driver cannot drive well if the headlights are not visually helpful.


Advantages of LED Headlights

LED headlights may be expensive, but there are many advantages to having them. If you have some misgivings about making the switch, check out these benefits:

Easy Installation and Easy on Maintenance

best LED headlights

You don’t have to be a mechanic to install these LED headlights. Most LED headlight kits come with instructions, so they are easy to install. They are also less prone to damage than halogen bulbs.

Moreover, LED headlights can last up to 22 years, unlike halogen bulbs which need to be replaced from time to time. Even though LED headlights are more expensive, you end up saving more because they last longer.

More Efficiency

best LED headlights

LED lights convert 80% of the energy that they use and waste only 20%. This leads to more efficient lighting and less strain on the alternator. And since they have less strain, they also require less energy and saves more fuel. Compared to halogen bulbs, LED light bulbs have lesser brightness.

This actually works well because the brighter the bulbs are, the more energy they consume. LED lightbulbs also give out a highly concentrated light from the combined power of several small light systems which make them more energy efficient.

Higher Quality

best LED headlights

LED bulbs are more durable than traditional bulbs and halogen bulbs. You don’t need to replace them every so often because of their high quality. LED light bulbs also emit better light.

Instead of yellowish light, they emit a clear white light that provides more visibility without the glare. LED headlights show purer light which lead to wider visibility without dark spots.

Compared to HID bulbs, LED bulbs also have lesser brightness, but HID bulbs are more glaring and blind oncoming traffic.

The problem with HID headlights is that they clearly illuminate what’s on the direct line of sight but blinds everything else. Most people opt for LED light bulbs even for fog lights because it has a clearer beam and does not reflect.

Shopping for the Best LED Headlights

best LED headlights

It would be best to bring your car to the auto shop where you make the purchase so they can assist you in choosing the LED lights.

When choosing the best headlights for your car, make sure you know the specifications of the existing headlamps. If you are making the switch from HID bulbs or halogen bulbs to LED, confirm with your mechanic if there are alterations that need to be done. Get the measurements of the sockets, too.

It would be best to bring your car to the auto shop where you make the purchase so they can assist you in choosing the LED lights.

Top 5 Best LED Headlights

Not that we have explored the benefits of LED headlights, we have come to the conclusion that they are the most efficient for your car. We researched on the best products based on customer reviews and came up with five recommendations.

Please note that the list below is not in any order of preference. Here is a list of terms and their meanings that you may encounter on the specifications:

  • CREE – Cree is a company that manufactures high-quality LED lights.
  • Lumens – Lumens is the amount of light that is emitted per second. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.
  • Canbus – When compared with normal LED, CanBUS LED lights still has electronic circuit even when turned off, which explains why it is quick to turn on.
best LED headlights

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These set of headlights emit clear white light at 3500 lumens per bulb without any dark spots. It uses CREE MK-R LED and Arc-beam technology that ensures a perfect beam.

It is equipped with a TurboCool fan that enhances cooling and makes the bulb last longer. It is easy to install and can replace H1 bulbs for low beam, high beam, and fog lights. It is also weather-resistant and waterproof.


  • It is as advertised – emits clear, white light that illuminates everything and provides excellent visibility.
  • It also comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Easy to install.


  • It is not made for all cars.
  • For some models, moisture builds up inside the headlights.
  • The bulbs also did not last long.

These set of LED headlights is plug and play and can be installed in about 15 to 20 minutes. Each light bulb has 4000 lumens, which is a total of 8000 lumens per set, and emits cool white light at 6000K and 80W per set.

The LEDs are also waterproof and has strong cooling fans to keep it cool at all times. Its light beam illuminates at 320° without any dark spots.


  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It can replace your HID Xenon or traditional Halogen headlamps.
  • Doesn’t emit a blinding glare even if you stand in front of it but is very clear.


  • For older car models, you may need to purchase an anti-flicker harness to take care of the flickering issues.
  • Some customers also reported that it does not fit H13 sockets.
  • Most car owners say that the light is too much and is only useful when it is foggy and pitch dark.

This set of LED headlights are best for fog lights, headlights, and DRL. Its output is 8000 lumens per set and is waterproof. Easy to install and comes with a one-year warranty. Fits most headlights such as H4, H11, H13, H8, and H9.


  • They emit a crisp bluish white light that doesn’t have a blinding glare.
  • Easy to install and fits most headlights.


  • Some customers reported that it is difficult to see beyond 5000k because the bluish white light turns yellowish at some point.

These LED headlights emit 6000 lumens per set at 6000k. It also has a built-in CANBus to avoid error codes on your car. These lights can be used for both headlights and fog lights.


  • It’s DOT certified and emits clear light without blinding oncoming traffic.


  • Some customers with older car models reported that it doesn’t fit although there are a lot of sizes to choose from.
  • It emits a yellowish light that doesn’t provide clear visibility.
  • 6000 lumens doesn’t cover too much distance so it is not recommended for foggy areas and pitch black highways.

These headlights come with an intelligent control driver chip that monitors fan speed and maintains cooling. It operates at 6000k with 7200 lumens per set. Its advanced technology ensures that the beam is perfect without any dark spots.

It is easily installed within 20 minutes without added relays, capacitors, or wiring. These are also CanBUS- ready and will not interfere with the car’s computer systems. It is waterproof and comes with a three-year warranty.


  • Works as advertised and very nice to look at.
  • Emits a bluish white light that is not too glaring to oncoming traffic.
  • Easy to install and fits most vehicle models.


  • There were a few customers who mentioned that they did not last long, mostly on older car models.


After going through the reviews and different specifications of each product, we came down to one favorite. The best LED headlights go to NINEO H11 LED Headlight Bulb because it is the one with the clearest visibility but a less glaring set of headlights.

As you notice, these are the only headlights that have 7200 lumens. 8000 lumens is too bright and causes glare. The best thing about the Nineo headlights is that the 72000 lumens is just right with the bluish light color.

These set of headlights are also CanBUS-ready and easily turn on, does not flicker, and does not provide any system error. Most of all, since they are plug and play, they fit most vehicle models without making too many alterations and extras. The only problem that you may encounter is when you have an older car model.

What are your thoughts? Do you have other suggestions for LED headlights?

Feel free to share your experiences with the products above. You may also send us suggestions and feedback about other products that you have tried. Please share this article with your friends, too.

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