Best Floor Jack For Cars, SUVs and Trucks – Reviews in 2023

Only the best floor jack can offer unparalleled durability, remarkable mobility, ease of use, and exceptional vehicle stability when lifted. It’s the choice of professional garages and automotive repair shops, making trolley jacks the preferred car-lifting system by vehicle owners. 

Although they can be bulky and hefty, some options have more modest space requirements than others. The question now is, how do you pick the best trolley jack for your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicles?

Choosing the best floor jack for trucks, cars, SUVs, vans, and other automobiles, including ATVs and off-roaders, can be intimidating to first-timers. If this is you, fret no more. I searched the market for trolley jacks that many vehicle owners trust, and I’m sharing my findings in the following product reviews.

1. Pro-Lift F-2315PE 3,000-lb Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack

Not only is this one of the best trolley jacks you can buy for your car, but it’s also the best floor jack under $100.

Its 1.5-ton capacity might seem unimpressive, but it’s enough to lift my 4,000-pound sedan. And if you have a low-ground clearance SUV, I’m confident this trolley jack will work, too. 

Lifting a sedan from 5.3125 to 11.75 inches off the ground is a breeze, requiring only a few pumps of the jack rod. It matters because I want to raise my car and change a tire in a jiffy.

The trolley jack’s steel frame looks solid, giving the impression of durability and sturdiness. The front wheels are also robust, ensuring stability and maneuverability when lifting vehicles.

I admire the 360-degree swiveling rear casters. They’re tinier than my floor jack’s wheels, but they don’t get stuck on uneven surfaces. These rollers glide, ensuring more precise maneuvering.

As mentioned, this floor jack won’t cost you a hundred. It won’t even cost you half of that, making this floor jack worth considering by practical-minded car owners.

A welcome plus is the storage case, allowing you to store this trolley jack as neatly as possible in the garage, car trunk, or under a car seat.

Although I appreciate the blow-molded case, it’s not as sturdy as the floor jack. It feels like cheap plastic, with the clamp mechanism inadvertently disengaging.

I still consider it a steal for the price. After all, few brands offer a well-designed trolley jack with a storage case.

It’s not 100% perfect, but this floor jack impresses with its performance, operation, maneuverability, and construction. Of course, you cannot expect it to lift a 5,000-pound truck or SUV.


  • Recommended for cars
  • Commendable lifting performance
  • Robust construction
  • Hassle-free maneuverability
  • Convenient storage
  • Affordable 



  • Flimsy case

2. Blackhawk B6350 3.5 Ton Fast Lift Service Jack

Although the Pro-Lift F-2315PE is impressive, it cannot accommodate heavier vehicles, such as large-sized SUVs, trucks, and automobiles with a 9,300-pound maximum gross weight.

Such vehicles are a cinch to lift with this trolley jack.

This floor jack’s 3.5-ton load rating is remarkable because its compact size doesn’t give the impression. Automotive repair shops, professional garages, and amateur racing teams will love this trolley jack in their fold. 

I’m not only impressed with its load capacity. I’m also excited about its lifting height. This floor jack can raise a vehicle 22 inches from the ground, making it the best floor jack for lifted trucks and automobiles with lift kits or high-ground clearance.

The dual piston pump design contributes to this floor jack’s lifting performance. You can raise the truck even on the downstroke, eating a little of your time.

Safe to operate, this floor jack has a rubber-covered swiveling jack saddle that won’t damage your vehicle. The internal vent plug and safety valve also contribute to the trolley jack’s hassle-free and safe operation.

Positioning this trolley jack under the truck or SUV is sweat-free because the rear caster wheels rotate 360 degrees for effortless maneuvering.

I understand this trolley jack’s 85-pound heft, but some people might not. Its 5.5-inch minimum lifting height can also limit its application on vehicles with low ground clearance. 

If these attributes matter to you, you might want to get another trolley jack for your truck, SUV, or car.

A heavyweight floor jack for heavyweight vehicles is how I best describe this trolley jack. Its quick-lifting operation, maneuverability, and impressive lifting capabilities make it the perfect tool for professional garages.


  • Uber-quick lifting operation
  • Impressive load range
  • Outstanding lifting height range
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Safe to use


  • Hefty 
  • Not for lowered cars

3. K Tool International KTI63103A 2 Ton Heavy-duty Trolley Jack

Some vehicle owners consider this product the best heavy duty floor jack. Although I might not wholly agree with them, this trolley jack is worth considering for any garage.

This trolley jack has a reliable design and construction, making it suitable for lifting vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 5,350 pounds. Sedans, small trucks, and SUVs should be a cinch to raise with this floor jack.

Sliding this trolley jack under your car won’t make you break a sweat. It can raise the vehicle 13 inches from the floor, allowing you to place a jack stand for safer under-chassis repairs or maintenance.

Maneuvering the floor jack into position is also a breeze because of its uber-sized front wheels and extra-responsive caster rollers. 

I like the steel alloy construction, giving me confidence in the trolley jack’s durability. There’s a valve for preventing ram over-extension, safeguarding the floor jack for many years.

What surprised me was its weight. Although it’s steel, this trolley jack is lighter than some aluminum floor jacks I’ve seen at only 21.1 pounds.

Unfortunately, the handle is shorter than usual. An extended rod should make pumping the jack more comfortable and convenient. Moreover, its 5.125-inch minimum lifting height makes this trolley jack inappropriate for low-clearance vehicles.

You could always replace the handle with a longer one if this also bothers you. A different floor jack might be necessary if you have a lowered vehicle.

Its 2-ton load capacity and 5.125-inch minimum lifting height limit this trolley jack’s practical applications. However, owners of vehicles with these properties should still make this floor jack a good buy.


  • Good lifting capacity
  • High lifting range
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Safe and stable operation
  • More maneuverable than others
  • Lightweight


  • Short handle
  • Not for low-clearance vehicles

4. Torin BIG RED T82002-BR 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack

Here’s another two-tonner that can make the K Tool International KTI63103A look like a sissy. 

Although I don’t own one, I like Torin’s BIG RED series of trolley jacks. Most of my friends have one in their garage because of the floor jack’s commendable construction and sweat-free operation. Unsurprisingly, many vehicle owners consider this the best floor jack for home garage applications.

This trolley jack has a lifting height 0.375 inches higher than the KTI63103A. Although the difference is almost negligible, it still matters for vehicle owners who want to raise their automobiles to the hilt. 

The extra 3/8-inch lift should give car owners enough reason to use this trolley jack to elevate a sedan, small SUV, or a small pickup truck. Its two-ton capacity also translates to effortless accommodation of vehicles with a gross weight not exceeding 5,350 pounds.

Surprisingly, this trolley jack weighs 3.1 pounds lighter than the KTI63103A. Its wheels and rubber-padded jack saddle are also more substantial. Moreover, I trust this floor jack’s construction more than the K Tool because it feels more robust.

It has overload protection that safeguards the trolley jack from over-extending its operational capacity while ensuring safer vehicle lifting.

These advantages over the KTI63103A make this floor jack a more valuable proposition.

Like the KTI63103A, this trolley jack’s 5.6-inch minimum lifting height makes it inappropriate for lowered cars. So, it would be best to keep this in mind.

I can’t blame you if you choose this over the KTI63103A. You’ll get a slightly better lifting height and lightweight characteristics for the same tonnage. However, its 5.6-inch minimum lifting height might be higher than the KTI63103A’s 5.125 inches.


  • Noteworthy lifting capabilities
  • Lightweight, maneuverable, and sturdy
  • Safe operation 
  • Extra-large jack saddle
  • Good value


  • Not for lowered vehicles

5. BILT HARD 1.5 Ton Aluminum and Steel Floor Jack

This trolley jack has your back if you’re looking for the best floor jack for lowered cars.

Unlike floor jacks with a minimum lifting height of about five inches, this product can slide under a vehicle with 3.125-inch ground clearance. That’s two inches lower than the KTI63103A’s minimum lifting height.

Sedans, compact SUVs, small pickup trucks, and automobiles with a 4,000-pound maximum gross weight should be a cinch to lift with this trolley jack’s 1.5-ton rating. 

Additionally, I’m impressed with its maximum lifting height. For instance, the 1.5-ton Pro-Lift F-2315PE can only raise vehicles by 11.75 inches. This floor jack adds 2.5 inches to its maximum lifting height, making it perfect for lightweight trucks, ATVs, and vans. 

This trolley jack features an advanced dual piston pump integrated into its robust aluminum-steel alloy frame. Raising weight-compatible vehicles is never tiring or uncomfortable because the mechanism lifts automobiles with a few pumps.

The best aluminum floor jack on this list is as robust as professional mechanics can expect. Hardcore automotive technicians will also love this floor jack’s low-profile design and quick-raising operation. 

A peculiar design element is the front wheels inside the jack frame. Most floor jacks have these rollers outside the casing, increasing the risk of bumping and damaging the vehicle’s interior during storage. I’m glad BILT HARD thought about this.

I’m surprised this 1.5-ton aluminum trolley jack is heftier by 17.1 pounds than the 2-ton BIG RED T82002-BR 2. Still, its 35.1-pound heft shouldn’t be a problem for most car owners.

BILT HARD promises race-performance vehicle-lifting operation with this floor jack. Unfortunately, its 1.5-ton load capacity limits its functionality in heavyweight automobiles.


  • Suitable for low-clearance vehicles
  • Super-quick lifting performance
  • Impressive vehicle lifting capabilities
  • Wide lifting height
  • Solid construction
  • Safe operation


  • Surprisingly heavy

6. VEVOR 11,000 lbs 5 Ton Pneumatic Quick Lift Bag Air Jack

Here’s an unusual yet surprisingly effective floor jack for ATVs, cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

I wasn’t sure about including this product on this list because it defies conventional trolley jack design. It doesn’t have a hydraulic component to raise vehicles. Instead, this floor jack relies on pneumatic forces to lift automobiles 15.75 inches from the ground.

You have three inflatable rubber donuts stacked onto each other that fill with compressed air to expand the bladder and lift the vehicle. Deflating it allows for jack movement under the automobile.

It’s easy to consider this product the best electric floor jack because of its unique design. However, what separates this air jack from other jacks on this list is its 11,023-pound capacity. That’s astonishing, considering this floor jack only features rubber bladders to lift the vehicle.

The best part is you’ll never sweat lifting your car or truck. Slide this jack under your vehicle, connect it to an air compressor, and wait three to five seconds to inflate and raise your automobile. It’s straightforward and hassle-free.

Maneuvering this air jack into position is also a breeze, with its extra-long handle and large wheels. The rubber-padded saddle with slots also aids in precise positioning under a vehicle’s jack points.

Unfortunately, I’m concerned about this floor jack’s rubber bladder, where punctures are possible. Its 5.7-inch minimum lifting height can also be problematic for people with low-clearance or lowered vehicles.

You might want to be extra careful when handling, operating, and storing this floor air jack.

This air jack is perfect if you’re after something unique yet equally functional. Its load capacity and effortless operation are principal selling points. 


  • Unique vehicle-lifting system
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good lifting height


  • Risk of puncture
  • Not for low-clearance vehicles

7. Eisen EK3 Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Jack

Most vehicle owners consider this product the best floor jack 3 ton unit on the market, and I’ll give you several reasons.

First, its 7,000-pound load capacity translates to more vehicle types it’s capable of lifting. It should raise automobiles with a maximum gross weight of 9,250 pounds if we’re to observe the 75% rule. That’s an impressive array of cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and anything with wheels.

Second, its quick-lift mechanism means more convenient operation. Sure, it’s not as effortless as the VEVOR Air Jack, but this trolley jack only requires a few pumps to raise the vehicle 18.25 inches off the ground.

Third, its 18.25-inch maximum lifting height makes this floor jack ideal for lifted vehicles and automobiles with high ground clearance. It’s easy to imagine how many automotive repair shops and professional garages would want this floor jack in their work. 

Fourth, maneuvering this floor jack is never an issue. The extra-long two-piece handle minimizes operator fatigue, ensuring more convenient vehicle lifting. 

Like all trolley jacks on this list, it has protective bypass valves guaranteeing device durability and optimum functioning.

Unfortunately, some users complain this floor jack’s 63.8-pound form is heftier than they would like. It’s also pricier than other three-ton trolley jacks.

However, I find its weight acceptable, given that some three-tonners can exceed 70 pounds. Besides this, it’s more comforting to know you have a heavyweight lifting your vehicle. As for its price, you could always pick the 3-ton Torin AT83006B with an extra jack saddle.

There’s plenty to love about the EK3 and few to hate. You can always pick a more affordable three-ton trolley jack, ensuring it’s as impressive as this one. 


  • Quick-lift mechanism
  • High load rating
  • Wide lifting height range
  • Safe jack operation 
  • Good maneuverability


  • Slightly hefty
  • Pricey 

8. Torin TCE AT82001U 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Jack Stands

This trolley jack is a cost-effective alternative to the K Tool International KTI63103A and Torin BIG RED T82002-BR. It’s a two-ton floor jack with a pair of bonus jack stands, making it the best floor jack for the money.

Most floor jacks don’t include a jack stand. It matters because we should never use trolley jacks to support a vehicle’s weight for extended periods. Having two jack stands with the package makes this product a sweet deal.

Besides the included jack stands, there’s nothing extraordinary about this floor jack. It can raise vehicles as effectively as the T82002-BR and KTI63103A. Any automobile with a maximum gross weight of 5,350 pounds should be a cinch to lift with this trolley jack.

Its lifting height range is also nearly similar to other 2-ton floor jacks on this list. You can slide it under your car, SUV, van, or truck with a ground clearance of not less than 5.25 inches. Raising the automobile to 13.375 inches is also a breeze, perfect for positioning the jack stands.

A bypass valve is standard, and positioning the trolley jack is convenient. Its solid steel construction is also confidence-boosting.

My only concern about this floor jack is its tiny saddle. Although it’s rubber-padded, I still wish it has a wider diameter to ensure better vehicle support during lifting. 

Placing a rubber disc between the saddle and the lift point should help dispel any worries related to this feature.

I’m unsure this trolley jack has sufficient features to make it stand out against similar 2-ton floor jacks without the extra jack stands. Still, it has the Torin badge that must count for something.


  • Trolley jack with two jack stands package
  • Commendable lifting capabilities
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Easy to position and operate
  • Safety bypass 


  • Small saddle

9. Torin AT83006B 3 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack

Torin returns with the best floor jack for SUV autos, vans, lifted trucks, ATVs, and extended-height cars.

This trolley jack is similar to other three-ton floor jacks on this list, except for a neck extension. This element improves the trolley jack’s maximum lifting height from 17.25 to 20.8.75 inches, making it an excellent choice for lifted vehicles or automobiles with high ground clearance.

However, adding the jack neck extension lowers its weight rating from three to 2.5 tons. I advise prospective buyers not to overlook this information because full-sized SUVs and trucks might be inappropriate for this trolley jack with the neck extension. 

The floor jack’s build quality is spot-on, as I expect from a Torin product. Heavy-duty steel forms the backbone of this automotive tool, imparting confidence in whoever uses it. The caster rollers also feature hardened steel, ensuring this device won’t give up on operators for many years.

Carrying this trolley jack isn’t an issue because it’s lighter than other 3-ton floor jacks. The grab handle also aids in more comfortable and convenient handling.

Sadly, this trolley jack is not ideal for low-clearance cars. Its minimum lifting height is 5.875 inches without the jack neck extension. Adding this attachment increases the minimum lifting height to 9.25 inches.

I recommend checking your vehicle’s ground clearance before buying this trolley jack. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a tool collecting dust and cobwebs in your garage.

Torin impresses with its extension neck attachment. Unfortunately, doing so lowers the trolley jack’s load capacity by half a ton. You might want to consider other options if this is a deal-breaker.


  • Excellent lifting height range
  • Impressive load range
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • With jack neck extension
  • Convenient to carry 


  • Not for lowered cars

10. LiftMaster 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Ver. 2

If you have a Mazda Miata or other ground-hugging sports cars, you’ll want the best floor jack low profile tool to lift your low-slung automobile. 

This trolley jack has one of the lowest profiles on this list at an astonishing 3.15 inches, only 0.025 inches higher than the 1.5-ton BILT HARD. However, its advantage over the BILT HARD is its additional 1-ton load capacity.

It matters because the BILT HARD can only accommodate cars with a maximum gross weight of about 4,000 tons. On the other hand, this trolley jack can handle SUVs, trucks, vans, ATVs, and automobiles with a maximum gross weight of 6,600 pounds. 

This floor jack’s 14.5-inch maximum lifting height is also a quarter of an inch higher than BILT HARD. Cars and trucks with lift kits should be a cinch to lift with this trolley jack.

The company says it re-engineered its hydraulics system to ensure it lasts at least ten times the first-generation LiftMaster. That’s good news, giving vehicle owners confidence in the product’s longevity.

And if that’s not laudable, the brand offers a three-year warranty on its hydraulics. Other trolley jacks can only provide a 12-month guarantee, making this floor jack a good buy.

Unfortunately, its lifting mechanism requires a serious tweak to allow operators to lift cars with fewer pumps. I also wish the company provided a longer ram for the jack, which can be back-breaking for some people.

Of course, it’s my opinion. So, you can disregard it if such things aren’t significant.

Although this floor jack doesn’t get a five-star rating, it remains an excellent option for vehicle owners who want a low-profile jack with impressive lifting capabilities.


  • Extra-low profile design
  • Wide lifting height range
  • High load capacity
  • Robust hydraulics
  • Three-year warranty 


  • Slow to lift vehicle
  • Short ram


How heavy of a floor jack do I need?

The weight of the floor jack you need depends on your vehicle’s gross weight. Automotive experts recommend the trolley jack must have a load capacity equivalent to at least 75% of the vehicle’s weight. 

Hence, a floor jack for a pickup truck with 4,500 pounds average GVWR) should have a load rating of 3,000 to 3,500 pounds or 1.5 to 1.75 tons. However, I suggest getting a floor jack with a higher load capacity than 1.5 tons, such as a 2-ton or 3-ton unit. Keep in mind that jacks with higher load ratings are heavier.

What kind of floor jack do I need for a truck?

Trucks have a higher ground clearance and gross vehicle weight rating than cars or sedans. The best floor jack for pickup truck units should accommodate these two factors. Mechanics and automotive repair specialists recommend a floor jack with a 16-inch minimum lifting height and a 6,000-pound or 3-ton minimum load capacity. 

It’s wise to remember that trucks have eight to ten-inch average ground clearance and a 4,000 to 6,000-pound gross weight range. Ordinary floor jacks can lift an automobile by 11 to 13 inches off the ground, making them useless on trucks and vehicles with high ground clearance.

Where can I lift my car with a floor jack?

I suggest reading your car’s user guide or service manual to determine the precise location of jack points. You can search the information online if you no longer have the service manual. Lift points are reinforced metal structures specially designed for raising the vehicle with a jack or a similar mechanism. 

Most cars have a few jack points under the vehicle’s rocker panels, the section before the rear wheels, and the area after the front wheels. You should see a flat metal panel with slots for inserting or sitting the floor jack saddle.

Which is better bottle jack or floor jack?

It depends. A floor jack is better if you have a car or a standard-clearance vehicle because its low profile makes it more convenient to slide the jack under the automobile. The trolley jack’s extended handlebar makes operation nearly hassle-free, while its elongated frame offers exceptional stability. 

Sadly, even the best floor jack made in USA is a space-waster. On the other hand, a bottle jack is more suitable for trucks and lifted vehicles. They are also more portable and don’t take too much storage space. Unfortunately, a bottle jack’s narrow frame makes it unstable.

How do I choose a floor jack?

Choosing the best floor jack for Jeep Wrangler 4WD off-road SUVs, cars, pickup trucks, and other vehicles starts by determining your automobile’s gross weight rating. This step helps you identify the floor jack’s tonnage rating, which should be at least ¾ of the vehicle’s gross weight. 

For example, if your car weighs 3,000 pounds, 75% of that is 2,250 pounds. Hence, a floor jack with a 2,500 or 3,000-pound load capacity is perfect. Next, determine whether you want an aluminum frame, steel body, or hybrid case, keeping in mind that steel floor jacks are more durable, albeit heftier than aluminum.

Are aluminum floor jacks worth it?

If you want a lightweight, portable, and easily maneuverable floor jack, an aluminum trolley jack is worth every penny you spend. Although it’s not as sturdy as steel alloy, aluminum can withstand occasional bumps and impacts. Another advantage over steel trolley jacks is aluminum’s incredible resistance against rusting. 

Aluminum’s trump card over steel is its lightweight characteristics. For example, the best 4 ton floor jack might only weigh about 60 pounds, but its steel alloy counterpart might tip the scale at 90 pounds. However, aluminum trolley jacks might not be worth it for budget-conscious vehicle owners. 

What is the best heavy-duty jack?

The best heavy-duty jack is the Blackhawk B6350, with an impressive 3.5-ton load capacity and a 22-inch maximum lifting height. Its superb steel alloy construction gives confidence to whoever uses this floor jack, made more convenient by its swiveling jack saddle and rugged joints. The 3-ton Eisen EK3 is also worth considering because its double-pump piston action is more efficient than the B6350. 

Of course, other trolley jacks can vie for the best heavy-duty jack plum. However, I recommend researching their materials and reading real-life customer reviews to evaluate the validity of such claims.


It’s challenging to single out the best floor jack on this list because vehicle owners will have varying needs and preferences. 

However, the Pro-Lift F-2315 PE earns my nod as the best trolley jack for cars under 4,000 pounds. Its compact design, affordability, decent lifting height, robust construction, and thoughtful storage design make this floor jack suitable for most car owners.

On the other hand, truck owners will find the Blackhawk B6350 the best for their needs. Its rapid-lifting capability, 22-inch maximum lifting height, and 3.5-ton load capacity make this trolley jack ideal for heavyweight automotive repair and maintenance applications. 

Meanwhile, BILT Hard makes its case for owners of lowered cars. Its 3-1/8 inch minimum lifting height should slide effortlessly under a road-hugging machine.

Of course, you’re welcome to take your pick from any of these trolley jacks. After all, these products are the market’s ten best.

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