Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs – Reviews in 2023

Changing a tire, performing scheduled maintenance, or doing a quick under-chassis fix on a lifted truck can be challenging without the best floor jack for lifted trucks. Although I like scissor jacks for their simplicity and space-saving characteristics, some automotive jobs require a more efficient vehicle-lifting system. A floor or trolley jack makes perfect sense, specifically when raising heavyweight trucks.

Unfortunately, you cannot pick just any floor jack if you have a lifted truck. These height-modified vehicles have unique lifting requirements that ordinary trolley jacks might be inadequate to address. Hence, owners of lifted trucks must pick wisely to ensure vehicle safety and convenient operation. 

I’m here to help you decide with these floor jacks I’ve researched, analyzed, and curated for you and other owners of lifted trucks. Let’s start.

1- Arcan A20002 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack

If not for its heft, I’d consider this product the best portable jack for lifted trucks. Thousands of satisfied truck and SUV owners seem to agree.

This 3-ton steel floor jack is perfect for lifted Chevy Silverado’s, GMC Sierras, Ford F-series, and other truck brands with a gross vehicle weight rating not exceeding 6,000 lbs. 


On that note, this trolley jack should also be welcome with SUVs and sedans. Sliding its tapered jack front is never a problem with lowered cars.

I am also glad this floor jack has a double pump piston design, enabling you to raise your lifted truck quicker and with less effort. It matters because I don’t want to keep sweating to elevate my vehicle some 19 inches off the floor.

The caster wheels are a nice addition, rolling on the floor better than my existing jack. Its construction is also impressive, with high-carbon steel plates reinforcing the sides for increased structural strength and durability.

I also admire the overload and bypass valves, preventing me from overextending the device beyond its capacity. This trolley jack should last many decades.

As mentioned, this floor jack is hefty. For example, other 3-tonners only weigh less than 60 pounds, such as the Jack Boss, JEGS Professional, and K Tool KT163099.

Still, I feel more secure with this heft because I am sure it’s more solid than lighter-weight products. The good news is that the A20002 never compromises its portability, allowing you to store this floor jack in your truck effortlessly.

A robust, safe, and heavy-hitting floor jack for lifted trucks doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. This trolley jack proves it.


  • Super-quick to raise and lower
  • Wide lifting range
  • Robust construction
  • Effortless to use
  • Safe to use
  • Low profile


  • Heavy 


2- Jack Boss 3 Ton Hydraulic Aluminum Car Floor Jack

Portability is this trolley jack’s trump card against the competition.

Although it has the same load capacity as the Arcan A2002, this floor jack for lifted trucks is lighter by 18.3 pounds. It matters because some truck owners might not have sufficient strength to lift a 76.8-pound jack.


I’m also fascinated by the grab handle on the trolley jack’s side, making it hassle-free to carry. I don’t see this feature in other floor jacks, impacting their portability and ease of use.

Using this 3-ton floor jack isn’t only a cinch. Storing it should also be a breeze. Its uber-wide front caster wheels guarantee more efficient sliding under a car with a ground clearance of 3-15/16 inches. Lifting a GMC Sierra, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, or Chevy Silverado to 18-5/16 inches shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s welcome news for truck owners who also have lowered sedans in their garages. This jack’s double pump piston takes seconds to raise a lifted truck more than one and a half feet above the floor, allowing you to replace a tire or perform maintenance checks.

Despite its lightweight characteristics, I don’t question this trolley jack’s construction. Its combination of steel and aluminum is commendable.

My issue is the rear swiveling caster wheels that look flimsier than those I see in shops. On top of that, it’s slightly pricier than the A20002. Nevertheless, it’s a subjective assessment you can always disregard.

It’s not the best trolley jack, but Jack Boss can go head-to-head with some of the finest professional-grade floor jacks. Besides, its from Torin, one of the world’s most trusted hydraulic equipment brands.


  • Wide lifting range
  • Easy to use and store
  • Portable design
  • Super-quick to operate
  • Reliable construction


  • Flimsy-looking rear caster wheels
  • A bit pricey


3- BILT HARD Aluminum and Steel Floor Jack

Although this floor jack’s design has sedans in its crosshairs, it can still accommodate compact and small-sized pickup trucks.

Its 1.5-ton lifting capacity might not seem much, but this trolley jack’s ace is in its rapid dual parallel piston pump mechanism.

It’s not that I’m not impressed with other floor jacks with a similar feature. However, if three and a half pumps are all you need to lift your vehicle off the ground doesn’t sound astonishing, I don’t know what is.


Lifting a car or truck pumping only 3.5 times is nothing short of impressive. That translates to less arm strain and fewer sweats that even female drivers won’t have issues raising their vehicles.

Sliding this under a lowered automobile isn’t an issue either. Its minimum height of 3-1/8 inch should make it a breeze to position the jack saddle under the vehicle. 

I’m glad the saddle has a rubber material to protect the car or truck’s under-chassis. Like the Jack Boss, this trolley jack also features a grab handle on the side for more efficient and convenient maneuvers, carriage, and storage.

At 35.1 pounds, this trolley jack is more than half lighter than the A2002. And although it’s a featherweight, I don’t question its aluminum construction.

I must caution potential buyers this trolley jack’s maximum lifting capacity is 14.25 inches. Hence, using this jack on a lifted truck with a ground clearance of at least 12 to 13 inches would be pointless. You’re better shopping for another trolley jack if that’s the case. 

This floor jack might not work for all lifted trucks, but it does an impeccable job with compatible vehicles.


  • Quicker vehicle-lifting than other floor jacks
  • Low profile
  • Safe to use
  • Convenient to maneuver
  • Lightweight yet solid construction


  • Maximum lift insufficient for some people


4- Torin T84025B Hydraulic Low Profile Aluminum and Steel Racing Floor Jack

Raising a lifted GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado, Honda Ridgeline, Jeep Gladiator, or Toyota Tacoma should be a cinch with this low-profile, high-lift floor jack.

I’m a fan of Torin products because their construction is unquestionable, and the performance is spot-on. That’s what you’ll get with this floor jack, perfect for lifting cars and trucks with its 5,000-pound capacity.


Maneuvering this trolley jack under a car is as effortless as sliding it into the desired position. It can fit lowered vehicles and lift them from 3-15/16 inches to a maximum of 18.25 inches. This floor jack might have a lower maximum lift than the A2002, but it’s still better than the BILT HARD. 

Although this floor jack requires twice more pumps than the BILT HARD to reach its maximum height, it’s still less stressful than my current trolley jack. At least you won’t sweat that much.

I’m surprised to learn this floor jack costs two-thirds of Jack Boss’ price. What’s more surprising is its remarkable craftsmanship, featuring steel alloy and aluminum, doesn’t look cheap. 

However, I’m a bit confused about this trolley jack because it’s about two pounds heavier than the 3-ton JEGS Professional, and it’s only 2.5 tons. Although some users have a similar observation, I still give it a thumbs up for its solid construction and noteworthy performance.

Torin continues to surprise car and truck owners with this 2.5-ton floor jack. It might be less impressive than its Big Red-series trolley jacks, but its sturdiness, affordability, and performance make it a worthy buy. 


  • High lifting capacity
  • Impressive lifting range
  • Quick lifting operation
  • Solid construction
  • Affordable 


  • Hefty for its load rating


5- Pro-Lift G-737 Grey Speedy Lift Garage Jack

This trolley jack impresses even the most demanding mechanic and automotive repair shop owner. And if floor jack earns the respect of seasoned professionals, I don’t see why ordinary car and truck owners should shy from this product.

With the highest load ratings on this list at 3.5 tons, this floor jack effortlessly lifts almost any pickup truck on the market. Its design and robust construction make this trolley jack ideal for automotive repair shops and even racing outfits.



Not only is its load capacity noteworthy, but this floor jack’s lifting range is also outstanding. Bested only by the Pro Eagle and Smittybilt, this trolley jack can slide under a lifted truck and raise it 22 inches above the ground.

Surprisingly, this floor jack is safer to operate than my current one. Its joint release mechanism allows for a more consistent lowering of the jack arm instead of slamming straight to the frame. 

I also like the rubberized saddle, protecting vehicles from damage. Its heavy-duty steel construction gives peace of mind, making me feel confident I can pass this floor jack down to my great-grandchildren.

For its price, I could get a Torin T84025B and an Arcan A20002 and still have several dollars left for a trip to Starbucks. It’s also hefty at 90 pounds.

Of course, if budget isn’t your concern, this trolley jack should be an excellent tool in your garage or automotive repair shop. Its heft also offers confidence in the floor jack’s solid construction.

It would have been easy for this floor jack to wrest the lead from the A2002 if not for its heft and price. Still, it’s a reliable jack to have in a professional garage.


  • Impressive lifting capabilities
  • Safe to operate
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Solid construction
  • Integrated tool tray


  • Pricey 
  • Hefty 


6- Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Hydraulic Off Road Jack

If you’re looking for a high lift floor jack for lifted trucks, I recommend this trolley jack from Pro Eagle.

Whereas other brands can only raise trucks by 18 to 19 inches off the ground, this floor jack can lift vehicles to 23 inches. That’s nearly two feet.

However, I must caution would-be buyers this floor jack’s actual lifting height is only 15 inches. There’s an extra eight inches because of the accompanying solid jack attachment you can screw onto the trolley jack’s saddle.


This unusual design makes this trolley jack look like a blend between a floor jack and a bottle jack. Regardless, it’s the perfect solution for lifted trucks, ATVs, 4WDs, and other extreme off-road vehicles. 

Lifting a 4WD off-roading lifted truck on sandy terrain is never a problem with this trolley jack. It has massive wheels with large nubs that improve traction with the ground. Its extended skid plate also anchors the floor trolley on the ground surface, preventing it from sinking.

You will also never worry about dust and debris impacting this trolley jack’s wheel bearings because they have a weatherproof enclosure. Maneuvering won’t be an issue because of the dual side grab handles and an extra-comfortable rubber grip on the jack rod.

Unfortunately, I still find its 68-pound construction a little too much for an alloy steel-aluminum floor jack. Of course, I could be biased.

Remove the extension jack, and this trolley jack’s 15-inch maximum lifting height is low for lifted trucks. However, mount the extension jack, and you’ll have one of the best high-lift floor jacks you can use off-road.


  • Eight-inch extension jack for impressive lifting height
  • Extra-large wheels for maneuverability
  • High load capacity
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • With skid plate


  • Slightly heavy


7- Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack

Departing from the traditional design of trolley jacks might seem an unlikely competitive advantage for this trail jack.

However, if you’re looking to lift your Jeep Wrangler or a lifted truck with reinforced bumpers higher than the Pro Eagle, you’re in luck. This device can elevate your vehicle more than 30 inches off the ground.


Surprisingly, this floor jack has incredible strength. It can lift 4,660 pounds without breaking. It’s impressive, considering the jack mechanism is only about two inches wide. A 28-square-inch steel plate anchors the jack in the ground, forming a base for its towering 54-inch structure. 

Zinc coats the solid steel surface, adding a layer of protection against the elements. And since this floor jack has a super-thin profile, carrying and storing it should be the least of your worries. This product tips the scale at 6.82 pounds, making it a featherweight tool.

I like the rubber material wrapping the Gauge-14 steel handle, ensuring I won’t have calluses for pumping the jack to lift my truck more than two feet off the ground.

Although I’m impressed with this trail jack’s impressive lifting height, its design limits its practical use. You can only mount the jack saddle on a sturdy bumper, unlike conventional trolley jacks that go under the differential or an under-chassis cross-member. 

Still, it remains a reliable tool for compatible trucks, ATVs, and 4WDs.

It might have limited application, but this floor jack remains as impressive as other products on this list. Its simple design belies its vehicle-lifting performance, and it would be wise to pay attention to it.


  • Exceptional lifting range
  • High load capacity
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Reliable zinc-coated steel construction


  • Limited application


8- Pro-Lift F-757G 2 Ton Floor Jack

Pro-Lift returns on our list with this two-ton floor jack designed for home garages and small automotive repair shops.

Like the G-737 Grey Speedy Lift, this trolley jack has enough features to lift a car, small truck, or small to medium-sized SUVs without damaging the vehicle.

You can slide the jack’s front under a sedan or truck with a minimum ground clearance of 3-5/8 inches, made more convenient by the trolley jack’s 360-degree swiveling caster wheels.



Its 22-pound heft also makes it the lightest floor jack on this list, except the Smittybilt that tips the scale at a featherweight of 6.82 pounds. But then, I don’t really consider the Smittybilt a conventional trolley jack.

These design elements make this floor jack more convenient to maneuver and store. The grab handle is comfortable to hold, making its heft feel lighter than it is.

I appreciate the bypass valve, preventing operators from extending the jack beyond its maximum lift height. It should help guarantee continuous optimum functioning for many years.

Surprisingly, this floor jack costs four times less than the G-737, making it a good choice for budget-conscious truck and car owners.

I don’t question this floor jack’s performance, reliability, and construction quality. However, I must remind prospective buyers this trolley jack’s maximum lift height is only 13-3/8 inches, almost similar to the Torin T84025B’s 13-15/16 inches.

If you’re the owner of an extremely-lifted truck, I recommend considering the Pro-Lift G-737, Arcan A2002, JEGS Professional, or Pro Eagle.

It might not be a wise choice for trucks with extensive lift kits, but this floor jack can still deliver impeccable performance to compatible vehicles.


  • High load capacity
  • Wide lifting range
  • Convenient to store and maneuver
  • Built-in bypass valve for device safety
  • Affordable 


  • Maximum lift height insufficient for some people


9- JEGS Professional Low Profile 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Here’s another floor jack worth using on your lifted truck, such as GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Ford F-series, and Chevy Silverado. 

Lifting these trucks 19.25 inches off the floor is a breeze with this trolley jack. That’s impressive because this three-ton, 58-pound jack has aluminum construction.


This aluminum floor jack surprises with its excellent maneuverability. The rear caster wheels never snag, allowing for efficient turning. Its extra-wide front wheels also facilitate more convenient positioning, guaranteeing you’ll never sweat before you start removing the tires or performing truck under-chassis repairs.

Although this trolley jack features aluminum, I don’t doubt its strength and durability. After all, not all floor jacks you’ll see on the market comply with ASME PALD standards.

I also like this floor jack’s bypass and overload valves, ensuring operators don’t pump the jack beyond its capacity. The rubber saddle also improves the jack’s overall safety, erasing any worries you might have during jack operation. 

The hydraulic lift has an excellent seal, preventing particles from intruding and messing with the trolley jack’s lifting capabilities. It matters because I don’t want to bring this jack to the repair shop only because a speck of errant dust or dirt found its way into the hydraulic chamber.

I only wish this floor jack came with a skid plate, not as an optional purchase. It should make positioning this trolley jack on sandy surfaces more stable. You can always look for firmer ground when using this jack. 

If you’re impressed with the Arcan A2002 but dislike its heft, this floor jack just might save the day. Quality construction is never an issue, and its lifting performance is as remarkable as any three-tonner.


  • Impressive lifting capabilities
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Good maneuverability
  • Safe operation
  • Sealed hydraulic components


  • Jack skid plate is optional


10- K Tool International KTI63099 3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack XD

This quick-rising trolley jack rounds up our list of the best floor jacks for lifted trucks, such as a Dodge Ram.

This floor jack features dual pump pistons the company says will only require seven pumps to reach the trolley jack’s maximum lift height. As mentioned, this attribute is vital to ensure quicker and more convenient lifting of trucks and cars. 

I’m impressed with this floor jack’s lift height range, from as low as 3.75 inches to as high as 19.25 inches. It’s perfect for lifted trucks and other vehicles with substantial lift kits. 



With a 3-ton load capacity, this floor jack should make it a cinch to raise SUVs and trucks. I might get this for my garage if my current one fails. 

I’m also glad this trolley jack has a few protective elements, saving truck owners from unsightly scratches and dents in their vehicles. The D-shaped side handle has a sleeve, while the caster nut has a recessed frame. I won’t mind having this floor jack on my truck bed because it can feel confident about its inability to cause damage.

Despite being a 3-ton floor jack, I’m surprised it only weighs 58.4 pounds. Its lightweight characteristic lends maneuverability to the trolley jack.

The only thing preventing me from giving this floor jack a five-star rating is its Chinese origins. However, if you purposely overlook this attribute, this trolley jack can be an excellent tool in your garage or the back of your lifted truck.

Just because it has a Chinese origin doesn’t mean this trolley jack already has questionable quality. You’d be surprised to learn it can go head to head with American brands.


  • Good lifting range
  • High load capacity
  • Easy to move around
  • Multiple protective features
  • Quick to pump


  • Chinese-made



Do you need a special jack for lifted truck?

Yes, you’ll need a special jack for lifted trucks. It’s vital to understand that lifted trucks have three inches of ground clearance higher than standard trucks. Ordinary trucks have a ground clearance of eight to ten inches, making the underside of lifted trucks at least thirteen inches off the ground. 

Conventional scissor jacks might not raise the lifted truck enough to allow for tire removal and replacement. You’ll need a high-lift trolley or floor jack you can slide under the vehicle to elevate it high enough to facilitate effective tire change.

Is a 3-ton jack enough for a truck?

Yes, a 3-ton jack is enough for an average Class 1 (gross weight of 6,000 pounds or less) pickup truck. However, it will be wise to check your truck’s axle weight rating to determine the suitability of a floor jack. For example, a 1.5-ton or 2-ton jack is sufficient for a vehicle with a 3,000-pound axle weight. It’s always better to have a jack with a higher load capacity than your vehicle’s axle weight rating.

How high will a floor jack lift?

The best floor jack must raise a vehicle at least 16 inches off the ground. High-lift trolley jacks can elevate a lifted truck even higher, with some products extending beyond 18 inches. For example, the JEGS Professional Low Profile Floor Jack can raise a vehicle 19.25 inches off the floor, while the Pro-Lift G-737 Grey Speedy Lift can elevate a truck by about 22 inches from the ground. On the other hand, the Pro Eagle extends its reach to 23 inches with its extra 8-inch extension jack.

Where does the jack go on a lifted truck?

Manufacturers have specific lift points in their trucks for placing a jack. You can check a service or repair manual to determine these support locations by downloading these resources from your truck manufacturer’s official website or an online auto parts store. It will be wise to remember that lift points vary across truck models and variants.

Most truck owners position the jack under the lifted truck’s differential, especially for four-wheel-drive vehicles. Meanwhile, a two-wheel drive truck has its lift point underneath the engine. It is best to align the jack saddle’s recessed area to the truck’s differential or cross member.


It’s a tossup between the three-ton Arcan A2002 and the two-ton Pro-Lift F-757G for the much-coveted title of the best floor or trolley jack for lifted trucks. The 3.5-ton Pro-Lift G-737 also stakes its claim on the crown, huddled only by its hefty form and price tag.

However, considering its wide lifting range, impressive load range, and thoughtful design facilitating effortless placement and operation, the Arcan A2002 wins by a substantial margin. It’s also more affordable than the G-737 and raises vehicles higher than the F-757G. This floor jack offers unbeatable performance, design, durability, and affordability that many lifted truck owners want.

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