Best Fifth Wheel Hitch For RV Owners

Traveling by RV may not be the cheapest alternative if you need a good vacation. However, it does have its perks. You don't need to worry about packing and finding accommodations. I truly enjoyed traveling by RV since I can bring my whole family plus our dog.

As an RV traveler myself, I also needed a reliable fifth wheel hitch for my own trailer. Now is the best time to test these products so that I can buy one, too.


My team and I did some thorough research to find the best fifth wheel hitch. We want to provide the most accurate and reliable product reviews and recommendations. It wasn't as easy as you think. This involved countless hours of researching on what companies have to offer.

To test the quality and reliability of the products, we had to try them out for ourselves. To narrow our choices and save on budget, we chose 10 products for testing and application.A fifth wheel hitch helps you attach another vehicle to your car. The size and capacity of the fifth wheel hitch lets you hitch a trailer to your vehicle.

I would recommend choosing a fifth wheel hitch with your future needs in mind. All fifth wheel hitches have the same function -- to retain the trailer king pin. The differences among the hitches are weight capacity, features, or method of mounting.

The Best Pick

Out of all the products that we tested in this category, we chose CURT's 16130 Q20 5th Wheel Hitch. The design alone has blown us away because it is capable of holding up to 20,000 pounds of weight.


Before I go deep into details about this product, let me give you some options or alternatives. You'll never know when these items might run out of stock. This product is so good that it may not always be available due to high demand.

Also Recommended

B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500


The beauty of this trailer hitch is that you could pivot it to any angle and side. It is also capable of turning from front to back and side to side.



  • This gives more room and space for you to adjust any vehicle that you would want to attach to your main car.
  • You won't have difficulty releasing the latch once you detached it.
  • A latch handle makes it easier to do the job.
  • The drawback of purchasing this is its over-the-top price. I said over-the-top because it could actually cost twice the price of an entry level fifth wheel hitch.
  • For someone on a budget, then this might not be your best bet. However, if quality and efficiency are your main concern, then this product won't be a disappointment.

Reese 30128 Pro Series 15K Fifth Wheel Hitch


This product attaches another vehicle to your car with ease for a reasonable price. The only thing that we didn't like about it is that it was too difficult for us to install on our own.

We needed the help of a professional to make it happen, which then cost us more money for the service. There is a huge fuel tank involved, so the process could be difficult for an inexperienced person.

Aside from that small caveat, we're glad that it was able to deliver what it says it would. However, you must be sure that the attached vehicle is at the right angle when you connect it using this hitch.

In the event that you miss this part and fail to angle it correctly, don't be surprised to see your other trailer detached. If you're dealing with a more complicated RV or vehicle, you might need an extender with this hitch.

CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch


This is the most affordable fifth wheel hitch on the market and I must say that it is not disappointing. For what it's worth, it's certain that you'd get a good deal out of it.



  • Don't let its looks fool you for not being capable of handling a heavy RV. This product can actually deal with vehicles weighing up to 16,000 pounds!
  • You don't have to worry about the latches and how to lock it because it does it automatically.
  • Although it locks on its own when you try to decouple your vehicles, you still need to figure out the initial installation. This is the part that could cost you time and effort and possibly more money. You might need a professional to do this for you.
  • Messing up the initial installation could cause some serious damage to your vehicles. It could also jeopardize your safety on the road while driving your car with an attached RV.

Why You Should Trust Us

Why You Should Trust Us

Being an auto mechanic for a long time and an RV owner for years are enough reasons for you to trust us. I also happen to work with a team of people who are well-versed on the topic of car maintenance, and pretty much anything that deals with vehicles.

I have been in the industry for almost a decade, which is why I know the ins and the outs of how the car maintenance business work. Not to mention, I'm a meticulous car owner who only wants what's best for my automobiles.

This is why I know what to tell our readers about this subject. I only want what's also best for them and their cars that are considered their investments. We did all the thorough research to spare you from having to do it. All you have to do is trust our word when it comes to our recommendations.

Who These Are For

1. RV Owners

RV Owners

A fifth wheel hitch is ideal for trailer or RV owners who love being on the road. I'm talking about people who just don't have their RVs parked in their backyard, but use it on a regular basis for traveling.

It would bring great convenience if they want to travel with it along with their car. Some people would prefer it that way, because it saves them more space. It also gives them a backup plan in case one of their automobiles breaks down.

2. Movers

If you are one of those who are thinking of moving an RV or have an extra vehicle for moving to a new place, then a fifth wheel hitch is what you need. For example, it will be much easier to get a hitch if you have a van or a truck. You can attach your main car so you could put all your stuff in there.

You don't have to worry about having to drive two cars to go to one destination. When you need to move you can just attach one of them to your car and save time and even gas.

3. Business Owners

 This tool also works for entrepreneurs whose line of business involves transferring vehicles from one point to another. This saves time and effort, which makes business more efficient and profitable.

How We Picked and Tested

Choosing these products for our review was a bit challenging since they don't come as cheap. The first thing that we need to do is make sure we have the right budget intended for them. Soon as we have the money, the process of choosing started.

Picked and Tested

For some people, it doesn't matter what brand the product is but for me and my team, it is crucial. We had to research on the company and their reputation so we can establish the quality of the products. You don't want a fly-by-night company to sell you low-quality products, do you?

By thorough research, it means that we didn't just read about it. We actually went to the store and had a spin on the product first hand before buying them. As soon as we were satisfied with that experience, that's when we finally decided to purchase.

Starting off with the Reese 30128 Pro Series 15K Fifth Wheel Hitch, the first thing we did after purchasing it was to attempt to install it on our own. It took us almost half a day and we still weren't able to figure it out.


That was the negative part because we literally wasted a lot of hours only to find that we would need professional help to install it. And that's exactly what we did! After hiring someone on that matter, using it went actually smooth.

I tried pivoting it on all sides and ends and noticed that it could only work on one angle. And if that angle was messed up, there is a chance that the latches would detach. Basically, just make sure that everything is attached and well-screwed and you won't have to worry about the whole thing falling apart.

As for the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500, we tried it by doing the initial installation on our own. And to our surprise, it was actually pretty easy. We didn't need to hire a professional to do it so that right there already saved us some money.


The installation is so easy that all you need to do is make sure that the lever is pulled right in order for the goose-neck ball to be released. I slid in the post that is already in the kit and have a base set right above the shank.

The last thing I did is just to make sure I had the bolts really tight for everything to be secure. It literally took me just 10 minutes or probably even less just to install it.

The only downside is that it is really expensive compared to other fifth wheel hitches out there. But I found it worth it because it saved me time and money from paying someone else just to install it.

I drove my car along with the RV attached to it using this fifth wheel hitch and so far, everything went smooth. It did what it says it would do and you would feel at ease that your attached RV or any vehicle won't dwindle while you're on the road.

Moving on to the CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch, my team tested it to tow a trailer that weighs about 16,000 lbs and so far, the result was good. The installation is easy because it has an automatic lock that could already secure both vehicles together while on the road.


We noticed that this works simply with its one handle. Other fifth wheel hitches would usually take more than one handle to move or pivot it. This product only works with one and it is actually of great convenience to the owner when that is the case.

We tried using it for trucks that weigh around 16,000 lbs and it still works. As long as you have the standard base rail, then you can be sure that this hitch will work for your task.

To sum up, our method of picking and testing these products, here are some important points to remember:

1. Driving

Driving with the fifth wheel hitch

We did a test drive along with the fifth wheel hitch to see how far one would go without causing issues. It is a crucial part because this would actually determine if the product would be safe on the road.

2. Price

Before we choose it, we needed to check our budget and made some compromises for the ones that are expensive. We bought the expensive product here with the knowledge based on written research that it will be worth it.

We're glad that it actually was worth our money and even worth recommending to our readers. Sometimes a little sacrifice on cash is not bad, as long as in the end, we would be able to see a satisfying result.

3. Installation

install hitch

We didn't know that we would have a hard time installing some of the products, and we made sure that this issue is brought up to potential buyers. We managed to include one of them for recommendation despite the fact that the installation would cost more money.

We did it because we are convinced that it is worth spending for from the efficiency that it provided. It doesn't matter if it has cost us more for the installation because we were satisfied with its performance when we drove it on the road.

Our Pick

Among the products that we have seen and tested, the CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch has won our vote to be recommended to you, our readers. One of the things that made us go for it is the price. The cost is reasonable with the efficiency and great quality that it provides.


The company is also very open on how they tested it before they made it available for public purchase. Their product is impressive because not only does it work but it could handle more weight than the other fifth wheel hitches we have tried.

Most could handle up to 16,000 lbs, but this one tow a trailer weighing 20,000 lbs! And it is completely safe and secure while you're on the road with it. The installation is easy and you could pivot it up to 360 degrees because of its dual jaws feature.

You would also love that it doesn't make a noise soon as you attach it and have your vehicle starts moving. It has a self-aligning head that provides a huge opening for anything that you want to attach to it in an easy way.



I hope that this article has helped you in finally deciding which fifth wheel hitch you need to buy for your truck, car or RV. All these are great options but our pick would definitely be the best for your needs and even your budget.

Tell us what you think about this product review and recommendation by commenting on the box below. Feel free to share this information with your friends and loved ones as well, especially to those who are in need of answers when it comes to this matter.

We have more product reviews for your vehicles and even RVs to come so stay tuned for more! Have a great day!

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