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Driving is an activity people find both a privilege and a headache. It is a privilege to drive since you get to places without relying on other drivers or public transport.

It is a headache when you go on long drives through rough terrain and hot weather or get stuck in traffic, and nobody else can drive.

Sounds familiar, right? I’m sure most drivers experience this.

On top of cramped legs and irritability, you also get to experience back pains because of sitting too long. Some drivers who have Arthritis, Sciatica, or Scoliosis tend to avoid driving because of the discomfort brought about by sitting too long.

best car seat cushion

Sometimes, you can’t help avoid jerky movements while driving, and this adds pain and discomfort to back pains.

True, it is difficult to adjust your weight once you drive due to the many movements you make such as stepping on the pedals, shifting gears, and steering the wheel. These actions may at times cause exhaustion if you have the above conditions.


Sometimes, you can’t help avoid jerky movements while driving, and this adds pain and discomfort to back pains. Most especially if a driver has scoliosis.

The curved spine causes uneven body weight distribution; some drivers may lean towards one side more than the other. On top of that, your neck and shoulders would also feel stiff because of the uneven curve.

However, don’t fret, there is a solution to this. You just need to find the best car seat cushion for you. There are many kinds of car seat cushions out there. There are foam cushions, orthopedic cushions, and ventilated cushions.

You just have to pick out the most comfortable and durable one suited for you.

Benefits of Car Seat Cushions

Car seat cushions are not just a practical accessory, but have a lot of benefits for driver. Read on:

Provides Comfort 

best car seat cushion

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Car seat cushions provide better comfort during long drives and bumpy rides. Most car seats become lumpy over time, so having a car seat cushion makes the seat more comfortable. Car seat cushions also help prevent back pains.

Promotes Better Posture 

best car seat cushion

Car seat cushions are designed in a way to help drivers sit up straight and avoid slouching while driving.

Car seat cushions are designed in a way to help drivers sit up straight and avoid slouching while driving. Most drivers slouch because they feel uncomfortable. With the help of car seat cushions, drivers can position themselves well when driving.

Most car seat cushions are designed to avoid pressure on the tail bone, which is the main pressure point when driving. For shorter drivers, car seat cushions elevate you to a better level of comfort.

Better Circulation 

best car seat cushion

Car seat cushion can help you avoid clamped legs.

Car seat cushions made from memory foam help distribute your weight evenly. In this way, your blood circulates freely to the legs and avoids cramped legs and knees during long drives.

Better Temperature 

best car seat cushion

Car seat cushions made of memory foam adjust to your body temperature.

Car seat cushions made of memory foam adjust to your body temperature. If you live in a cold area, your body heat is absorbed by the car seat cushion and evenly distributes it to keep you warm.

On the other hand, if you live in a warmer area, most car seat cushions are air breathable and keep you cooler, especially if the cushions are made of gel foam. Car seat cushions also wick moisture so you don’t feel sticky when driving too long.

What to Look for in a Car Seat Cushion

When looking for a car seat cushion, here are the factors that you need to check:

  • Durability
  • Easy to clean

The car seat cushion should be washable and easy to dry. In cases when you accidentally spill food or drinks on it, or you got drenched by rain or get sweaty you should be able to use it the next day.

Top 5 Car Seat Cushions

We explored the market in search of the best car seat cushion. We factored customer reviews and even tested the car seat cushions to help us decide.Take note that these are not in any order of preference. Here are our car seat cushion top picks:

This car seat cushion is made of memory foam and has a special orthopedic wedge that adjusts to improve pressure and relieve pressure on the spine.

The unique coccyx cutout also reduces pressure on the tailbone. It is made from three layers of breathable material which provide comfort from heat and moisture. It is 3 inches thick and washable so that you can wash it at night, and it is ready for use the next day.

Another good thing is that it has adjustable straps with a buckle, so it stays in place while you drive.


  • The adjustable straps are handy, so you don’t have to keep readjusting it.
  • The memory foam and orthopedic wedge is comfy, and you don’t have to worry about lower back pains or slouching.
  • It’s washable, too, so no need to worry about accidental spills.


  • Since it’s made of memory foam, it loses its shape after 4 hours of driving.
  • It is also too small and does not support the hamstrings which cause discomfort.
  • Not recommended for people who are 6 feet tall and above due to the added height.
  • The fabric is also uncomfortable and not soft.

This car seat cushion is made of 100% pure memory foam with no additives. The U-shaped design alleviates pressure in critical areas and relieves Sciatica, Arthritis, low back pain, spine and hip pains. It also responds to your body heat and adjusts according to the shape of your bottom.


  • Its unique U-shaped design provides comfort in all pressure points such as tailbone, hips, and lower back.
  • It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • It is too thick and hardens as time goes by. It also has an odor when you open it and takes a long time to disappear.

Aylio car seat cushion has a unique surface contour that works best for your buttocks and upper thighs. It helps evenly distribute your body weight for better posture and spine alignment.

The U-shaped design prevents pressure on your tail bone for maximum comfort. The cover is washable, too. You can unzip the velvet cover and wash it in time for the next use.


  • The contours help in distributing body weight and does not flatten, which makes it more comfortable.
  • The cover looks great, too.


  • Velvet fabrics are not air breathable and take longer to dry.
  • When you wash it too many times, the velvet fades or wears out.
  • Also, this is not recommended for car seats that are already contoured because it causes uneven distribution thereby making it uncomfortable.
  • There is also an odor that doesn’t go away.
  • It is also too short and leaves the upper thighs unsupported, causing discomfort.

This seat cushion is made of cool gel memory foam that adjusts according to temperature. Its contoured design also molds with your body shape. The bottom is non-slip, so it stays in place and you don’t need to readjust it. The velour cover can be removed for washing.


  • It’s made of gel foam, so it’s cooler than regular foam.
  • The firm density provides enough support and is durable.
  • The good thing about gel foam is that it softens when warmed by body heat.


  • It isn’t big enough and ends uncomfortably below the upper thighs.
  • It also loses its shape easily.
  • Not recommended for males because of the bump in the front middle part.

This car seat cushion is made of both memory foam and furniture-grade foam which makes it more durable. The non-slip cover can be removed and washed. It’s medium-firm because the bottom layer is made of furniture-grade foam, which also offers added support.


  • It is just the right firmness and works great as a seat booster because of its thickness.


  • The slanted position makes it uncomfortable; it feels like you’re “sliding” forward.
  • The angle also causes uneven distribution of body weight; it takes off the weight on your back, tailbone, and spine but is distributed to the upper thighs.
  • The edges that end on the thighs are also uncomfortable.


Now that we have explored the different products in the market, it’s time to choose a winner.

We had challenges choosing one because most of them are made of the same material – memory foam. Therefore, we considered three important factors in selecting the winner: ample seat coverage, contours, and durability.

We chose the Clever Memory Foam with straps and breathable mesh cover as the best car seat cushion.

As you notice, this is the only car seat cushion with a breathable mesh cover which makes it washable and easy to dry. Moreover, since the cover is breathable, it does not absorb too much heat, especially during long drives.

Although it has a slight angle, it is not angled too high and still helps distribute the body weight without putting too much pressure on the thighs. The edges sort of “blend” with the car seat, so it doesn’t cause too much discomfort.

The adjustable straps are also a great addition; it is kept firmly in place while driving. You can even take it out of your car and use it on your office chair or at home. It is just the right size and narrow enough to mold with your car seat while still providing comfort.

The 3-layer technology makes it more durable, so it doesn’t fall out of shape too quickly. Some people may notice that it “flattens” after a few hours of use. What happens is that it has already adjusted to your body contours so it may appear different.

You just need to shake it off and fluff it a bit if you want it to expand.

What are your thoughts? Please share your feedback and comments below. If you would like to know more about car products, let us know so we can check them out for you.

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