Best Car Alarm Reviews: You Need to Know

​Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best car alarm is one of the most complex decisions we have to make in our day to day life. Even if all car alarms have the same goal of preventing theft and securing your vehicle, knowing the difference between the products and selecting the one that best fits your need will help yield effectiveness.

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Why Does Your Car Need An Alarm?

Why Does Your Car Need An Alarm

Auto-theft or carnapping is one of the most common crimes in the world. In the United States alone, a vehicle is being stolen every 33 seconds. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, out of all stolen vehicles, only 57% were recovered. On the other hand, annual cost of stolen cars surge up to 7 billion US dollars.

Wild kids in the neighborhood seeking excitement and thrill were one of the identified car thieves, and this group is the chief one connected to the recovered vehicles.

The other groups of car thieves, however, are more disturbing: they are composed of sophisticated criminals adept at stealing and stripping car parts and selling those in the black market in various parts of the country.

Other vehicles, conversely, were shipped overseas and sold abroad. This explains the remaining 43% that were never recovered.

How Do Car Alarms Work?

How Do Car Alarms Work

In choosing the right car alarm for your car, basic knowledge about the device is essential. Car alarms are primarily manufactured to prevent theft, and this is achieved by scaring the prospective criminals and making your car inoperable – and this is where car alarms serve their fundamental function.

Okay, first thing first. Car alarms are chiefly composed of three basic components:

  • At least one sensor
  • A siren that creates noise as well as flashes light in times of intrusion
  • A control unit

So you can make them all work. All these components are connected to various parts of your car and their primary function is to create signals to counterfeit the attempt of the prospective thief to gain access to your vehicle.

One of the most common types of car alarms is installed in the door of the vehicle. These alarms make the switch send signals to the control unit each time the door is shut, and counterfeits any unwanted stab to gain access to the vehicle by making a deafening noise.

My car was almost stolen, but it’s a good thing I have installed this door alarm which called out the attention of the passersby as well as the authorities.

5 Car Alarms You Should Reviews

1. Audiovox Prestige APS25E Remote Car Alarm Security System Shock Sensor Plus Remotes


  • Has an average of 50 feet transmitter range.
  • Is Equipped with latest technologies such as intrusion alert with memory to combat vehicle crimes.
  • Is Equipped with 3-button metal one-way remote controls.
  • Comes With parking light flasher, dual stage shock sensor and remote panic and trunk release button.

  • Does not have horn trigger.

2. Viper 350 Plus 3105V 1


  • It has Failsafe Starter Kill System combined with Anti-Carjacking mode, which render all criminal efforts to run with your car futile.
  • Sensitive shock sensor.
  • ​Comes with dual shock sensor that differentiates slight disturbances to a more serious strife, thereby reducing false warnings and alarms.
  • Loud siren designed to deflect intrusion.

  • Difficult to install if the person does not have any prior experience
  • Difficult to locate the wires that needs to be connected to the alarm during the installation process
  • ​Manuals that comes with the alarm is not user-friendly.
  • Slight issues with the power locks.

3. Car Lock Anti-Theft Device – Advanced Real-Time Car Tracker and Alert System


  • Comes with real time car tracker and alert system that enables you to easily monitor the location of your vehicle.
  • Equipped with device and mobile application that sends off notification alerts pertaining to any unusual behavior that your car displays.
  • ​Heightened sensitivity that covers strange vibration and unwarranted movement as disruption.
  • Equipped with GPS that lets you see where your vehicle has been and where your vehicle may be going.
  • Extremely affordable services.

  • Needs constant access to internet in order for it to function.
  • Notifications and alerts may fluctuate from time to time.
  • ​The Scheduler system in the app is not user-friendly and demands to be manually operated which consumes a lot of time.
  • CarLock is not as sensitive as it should be.
  • Delayed notifications.

4. Viking - VS125 – Self Contained Car Alarm Remote Vehicle Security System


  • Very compact and very convenient.
  • Easy installation. Installation can be accomplished by simply attaching with the power wire to the positive battery terminal.
  • Has two 2-button transmitters with remote panic, 2 wire power and ground connection for impact and current sense.
  • Comes With built-in dual stage shock that can easily be programmed via remote for its warn-away system.
  • Has 60 seconds auto-reset, an audible arm and disarm confirmation and status LED.
  • Has multi-tone siren, input trigger for hood, trunk, door, and comes with other optional sensor.
  • Sensitive and has the ability to sense the slightest type of shocks.
  • Equipped with car locator.

  • LED is noted for its low brightness.
  • Manual is written in a very technical manner
  • Remote uses A23 12V battery

5. Flexzion Universal Car Keyless Entry System


  • Comes with Electric Door Locks, Alarm Remote Central Kit, 2 controllers and wires. These add extra automation attribute to the property, thus enabling you to lock and unlock the vehicle remotely.
  • Equipped with a Remote Car Location system that allows you to trace and monitor the location and whereabouts of the vehicle.
  • Has a keyless entry system that allows you to lock, unlock, and release the trunk.
  • Comes with a compact control module for easier installation.
  • Can cover 60-80 yards of operating range for the remote sensor.

  • Can be used for all cars except those vehicles with CANBUS system.
  • Weather, nearby radio stations, as well as vehicle structures may affect its performance.


The primary objective for installing car alarms is to deflect any thieving attempts. Possessing basic knowledge about these devices, combined with the features of your vehicle as well as other pertinent factors (e.g., availability of the product in the market, type of neighborhood etc), will help ensure its maximum effectiveness.

It has to be noted that all car alarms have their own pros and cons, their own advantage and short comings, as is demonstrated by the reviews of products presented above.


Judging the features and attributes of the 5 car alarm products reviewed above, I find Car Lock Anti-Theft Device – Advanced Real-Time Car Tracker and Alert System as the most tactical and promising. Based on my experience, its GPS system and car locator helps alleviate any uncertainty I have in regards to the state and physical location of my vehicle.

It makes monitoring easier and should anyone try to steal my car and run off, both Car Lock and Flexion are equipped to assist me in mapping out the location of my property.

One thought on “Best Car Alarm Reviews: You Need to Know

  1. richard says:

    David last December I purchased a 2018 Toyota Tundra pickup pretty plain Jane no trills. My last truck got stolen it had no alarms. I’ve done some research on some car alarms but they all say there are the best in the market. So much out there who can you trust to protect your truck or at least try. What are your thoughts on the Viper 5706V? I spoke with a “Certified installer” and he said not to get the one with the digital face because it would wear out sooner than you think if that makes any sense. This is what I would like to have in a car alarm:
    1. Noise (horn)
    2. Kill switch
    3. Activated by movement, like being jacked up to steal wheels
    4. lock/unlock doors

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