Best Car Air Freshener Reviews: You Should Know

Your car deserves to always smell good. Since it is a confined area where most of the time your car windows are closed, it is always best to keep it clean. But it is not enough that it looks tidy, I have to say that it all must smell clean! In order to make that happen, you will need the help of a car freshener.

I have here the best car air freshener for your vehicle to always keep your car's awful scent at bay.

Trust me, I've been through cars whose owners didn't take care well of their vehicle that riding it could turn into a nightmare. You need a car air freshener, especially if there are different people that go in and out of it.

This item is especially handy for those car owners who recently turned their personal cars into Ubers or taxi cabs. Without car fresheners, it won't even be really hygienic to be in your car at that point.


Air freshener hanging in the car

There are many reasons why your car is not in good condition when it comes to its scent. Here are some of the advantages that a car air-freshener could do in maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle.

1. Helps During Bad Weather Condition:

Your car could usually experience having that weird smell after the winter or during those cold nights when it is very moist. You will notice that when the morning comes, your car smells all weird by then because of the moist from last night.

That could be prevented when you have a car air-freshener left in there while your car battles with the weather.

2. Eliminates Odors Coming From Personal Belongings:

If you leave some of your personal stuff in it such as your shoes and used socks, then expect to experience that unpleasant smell. I would advise removing pretty much everything that could leave a bad scent in your car and always keep it tidy so no amount of bacteria could stay in there.

But if it is too late that you had no choice but to leave some of your shoes or other personal things that could cause the bad scent in your car, then it is a good idea to keep a car air-freshener. This will minimize the horrible smell that could possibly even spread to your car seats.

Health Benefits of Your Car Air Freshener

Air freshener hanging in the car on green natural background

People sometimes neglect the significance of this little thing inside their car. But without it, your car won’t only smell bad, but it could be exposed to harmful bacteria that could later on jeopardize your health.

Here are some of the health benefits that your car air-freshener could do to you and your family:

Respiratory Diseases:

You could be exposed to lots of air-borne bacteria or viruses if you don’t keep your car clean. Car air-fresheners have the ability to eliminate not just the bad odor in your vehicle but even harmful bacteria that could cause flu and other respiratory ailments like asthma.


If you or any of your loved ones are easily allergic to dust mites, germs, molds and mildews caused by moist; a car air-freshener could also solve this problem.

​Types of Car Air-Freshener and Importance of Product Review



There are so many car air-freshener products out there that claim to deliver quality, but a lot of them would disappoint you. It is a must that you do some review or research first before buying so you don’t end up wasting your money.

Here are some of the types of car air-fresheners that you should know before you buy one:

  • Spray
  • Gel
  • Traditional
  • Organic

The spray form is quick and easy to use. Liquid perfume is packed in a box and can be sprayed whenever there is an unpleasant odor in the car.

The downside is that it only has a temporary effect. It needs to be sprayed regularly if you want to prevent the strongest odor

I know that there are a lot of air freshener products out there that say they are good for your car, but oftentimes their scent doesn't last. The worse part is that some of the scent they give smells harsh that could make you car sick, especially when your car is moving. Which is why you need a good and unbiased product review to determine the best out there.

Here are the best car air-freshener of this year based on their ability to deliver quality and this is also based on my experiences with them.

​Top 5 Car Air-Freshener of 2017


I have to admit that I'm actually obsessed with this product. It gives out a fresh new scent that is not harsh for your nose. This one would help your car keep away mold and mildews that would soon be an attraction to bacteria. You will love how it absorbs the moisture in your car so you won't have to worry about not just the bad scent but also those molds forming in your vehicle.


Cost: The price is reasonable.

Use It In Nasty Areas: It is also perfect to place it where you keep your trash bins and your pet's litter box!

Long Lasting: You don't have to replace this for the next two years! It lasts that long so once again, it is totally worth spending for.

Odor-free: Unlike other air fresheners that could cause you to be car sick, this doesn't have any scent at all but it is amazing how it keeps your car from not experiencing some bad smell.

Organic: It uses organic materials, so you won't have to deal with harmful chemicals being emitted in your car that you'll soon have to inhale. If you are easily allergic to scents, this one won't do you harm in that department.

Aesthetics: Design-wise, this looks good anywhere you place it. This has that minimalistic vibe, which is perfect for those who are meticulous when it comes to styling their space and even their cars.


Heavy Odors: It might only work for light odors. If the stench is way too much, then you probably won't experience its effect.


This car air freshener is made of gel in a can and you can pretty much place it anywhere in your car.


Handy: It is portable and you can take it anywhere and place it anywhere you like to remove some bad odors whether it is in your car or other rooms in your house. I like its size because it is compact and it could stand even on the inner windows of your car without it falling off.

Price: This one is pretty cheap .


Non-organic: The manufacturer doesn't say it is made of organic materials expect that it made out of concentrated gel. This could mean that there might be some harmful chemicals involved.


It is a type of car air freshener that you could hang in the mirror of your vehicle.


Scent: The scent is not only good but for some reason, it would give you that relaxing ambiance. It comes with different types of fragrances that they are like various flavors for your olfactory sense.

Multi-purpose: This doesn't only work in your car because you could also hang it in your bedroom, bathroom and even kitchen area.

Nature Vibe: One of the reasons why it emits that refreshing scent that is not too strong (at least not for my nose), is because it is usually made from plant extracts, flowers, and some bamboo waters.

Long Lasting: I like that it also lasts long, so I don't need to replace it everytime the scent runs out.


Health Wise: It is not guaranteed that there are no other chemicals involved in the process of making it. Buying it would be at your own risk when it comes to possibly inhaling some carcinogenic elements.

Price: I find it costly than most because it comes in a pack that is priced for more than $20. For me, that is already expensive to think that you are only buying some air freshener.


This is a type of air freshener that you use to spray in the affected area of your car.


Bad Odor Elimination: The great thing about this product is that it not only covers up the bad scent perusing your car, but it actually goes to the root of the problem. It vanishes the bacteria living in your vehicle and all those nasty odors are gone really fast.

Kill Bacteria: I love that it does have the ability to kill airborne bacteria. Germs won't be able to stay in your car when you use this. In fact, this is originally made for hospital units.


Chemical Contents: If you are someone who is particular with the ingredients of your car freshener, then this might raise some concerns for you. Although it is used in hospitals and other health care facilities, it doesn't guarantee of not emitting harmful chemicals.


An awesome product if you want the bad odor in your car gone forever! It comes in a spray can so it is easy to apply in the area.


Longevity: You can use it for more than 20 cars, which means it could also last for a long time.

Scent: It smells like a combination of lime and lemon, so expect some citrus scent to go on in your car once you spray it.


Unnatural Chemicals: The only concern I have with this are the unnatural chemicals involved in it. They could be unhealthy for your lungs.


All these five products are really good and reasonable for purchase but if I have to pick one that is really the best among the rest, I would have to go with the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. This product does everything that I want for a car freshener and I'm pretty sure that you will feel the same way, as soon you buy it.

Remember, never see this small thing as unimportant or you will find yourself possibly sick soon if you don’t own one in your car. Try it today!

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