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A trolley jack is indispensable for any vehicle owner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional racer or an average driver. The right tool to help you lift your car several inches off the ground to change a tire or perform routine under-chassis maintenance is a must to guarantee road safety. Unfortunately, the market can be an unforgiving place for first-time automobile owners wondering what floor jack is best for them.

For me, the ideal trolley jack must be sturdy to withstand repeated heavy use while convenient to handle and use for emergency roadside repairs. Only one trolley jack type fits the bill perfectly – the best aluminum floor jack. And if you want to buy an aluminum floor jack, I’ve rounded up ten of the market’s best options, empowering you to pick the right one for your vehicle.

Top 10 Best Aluminum Floor Jack in 2023 Market

1. Liftmaster 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Low Profile Floor Jack

An unbeatable low-profile design seems to be this floor jack’s ace.

Sure, any brand can put a “low profile aluminum floor jack” label on their three-ton trolley jacks, but their minimum lifting height would still be higher than 3.5 inches. 


On the other hand, this floor jack astonishes even professional car mechanics and racing team pit crews because of its impressive 3.35-inch minimum lifting height. Sliding this floor jack under a Porsche 911, Ferrari 488, Audi R8, Honda NSX, or any other uber-low-clearance car shouldn’t be a problem. 

And if you think this aluminum floor jack is only for low-clearance vehicles, you’d be surprised. Its 19.68-inch maximum lifting height makes this trolley jack ideal for raising pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, and trailers not exceeding four tons.

It’s worth mentioning that aluminum isn’t as sturdy as steel. I’m glad the company reinforced the aluminum frame with high-quality steel alloy to improve structural rigidity, stability, strength, and durability. 

This aluminum trolley jack has a pair of engineered piston pumps, allowing operators to employ fewer strokes than single-pump devices. It matters because I want to lift my car as fast as possible so I can replace the tire and be on my way.

Carrying the floor jack is a breeze because of the thoughtfully designed side handles. The extra-large front wheels and rear swivel casters make positioning under the car effortless.

Sadly, its 59.4-pound heft is still heavier by 3.4 pounds than the 3-ton Arcan ALJ3T/A20018 floor jack.

Of course, it’s a subjective assessment you can always ignore at any time.

This aluminum floor jack makes a dependable all-around vehicle-lifting device for the garage or on the road.


  • High lifting range
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Effortless operation
  • Good maneuverability


  • A bit heavier than other aluminum trolley jacks with similar specs


2. JEGS Professional Low-Profile 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

If you only have cars in your garage, a 3-ton trolley jack might seem too much.

Hence, I recommend this 2 ton aluminum floor jack to safely and efficiently raise any vehicle with a maximum gross weight of 5,400 pounds off the ground. 


Its load capacity might be lighter than the 3-ton Liftmaster, but it’s enough to raise most sedans, small pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans several inches from the floor. 

With a minimum lifting height that’s 0.15 inches higher than the Liftmaster, this floor jack is a cinch to slide under low-clearance cars like Porsches, Mustangs, Corvettes, and Ferraris. 

Its 19.25-inch maximum lift is also suitable for high-clearance ATVs, small-sized SUVs, compact pickup trucks, and vehicles with lift kits. Elevating these automobiles nearly 20 inches off the floor should make under-chassis repairs and maintenance a breeze.

This aluminum trolley jack only weighs 51 pounds, making it convenient to stow in the trunk or slide under the car seat. I will not worry about impacting my vehicle’s fuel economy with this tool. 

Rolling this floor jack into position is hassle-free because the swivel casters facilitate seamless maneuvering. The handle is extra-long, adding to the device’s maneuverability and control.

I’m glad the saddle has a rubber padding, safeguarding a car’s under-chassis.

I’m surprised to learn many operators found this trolley jack’s initial use too tedious, requiring 40 to 50 pumps to bleed the air. 

The good news is succeeding uses are a breeze. You can look at the initial operation as a chance to exercise your arm muscles.

It’s not perfect, but this aluminum floor jack makes its case as one of the best for car owners.


  • Versatile lifting capabilities 
  • Lighter-weight than other aluminum trolley jacks
  • Easy to roll around and position
  • Safe design


  • First-time use can be tedious


3. Torin TCE AT830003XLU 3 Ton Low Profile Aluminum Service/Floor Garage Jack

My friend has a Torin 2-ton aluminum trolley jack I once used to lift my car to change a flat tire. It was hassle-free to operate, and I expect this 3-ton service/floor garage jack to do the same.

Although this trolley jack has a minimum lifting height slightly higher than the Liftmaster and JEGS Professional, it remains a cinch to slide under the chassis of low-clearance cars.


At 3.85 inches, you should have no problems maneuvering this floor jack under your lowered car. And if you have an SUV, truck, van, or trailer, this trolley jack will also lift your automobile 18.89 inches off the floor.

The issue with most floor jacks is the initial use and when there’s no load on the saddle. I’m glad this observation is not an issue with this trolley jack because its Fast-Lift technology only requires seven strokes to reach the loaded capacity. 

I’m also impressed with its lightweight construction. At 55.56 pounds, this product is lighter-weight than other 3-ton aluminum trolley jacks on this list, including the Liftmaster, K Tool KTI63099, Arcan ALJ3T/A20018, and SUNEX 6603ASJPK. Keeping this aluminum floor jack in your trunk shouldn’t be a concern.

Maneuvering this lightweight aluminum trolley jack is a cinch because of the comfortable handle and oversized wheels. The frame features multiple layers of powder coating to improve its corrosion resistance.

A few customers complained about missing parts, such as an oil fill plug. 

I recommend checking the aluminum floor jack after receiving the product and contacting customer service if you notice missing elements.

Torin TCE continues to impress with this 3-ton aluminum garage jack, perfect for home garage use and roadside emergencies.


  • Impressive lifting versatility
  • Fast-lift technology
  • Powder-coated aluminum-steel construction
  • Lighter than other 3-ton aluminum trolley jacks
  • Excellent maneuverability  


  • Some missing parts


4. K Tool International KTI63099 3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack XD

Here’s another aluminum floor jack worth considering for a home garage or a professional auto repair shop.

It’s a three-tonner, similar to the Liftmaster, Arcan ALJ3T/A20018, and SUNEX 6603ASJPK, making it an excellent choice for owners of vehicles with a maximum gross weight of about four tons or 8,800 pounds. 


Its load capacity also makes this floor jack an excellent tool for professional garages and automotive repair shops.

Its 3.75-inch front section makes this aluminum trolley jack effortless to slide under the carriage of low-clearance cars. This floor jack should fit under a roadster, sports car, or convertible, allowing you to change a tire easily.

Owners of pickup trucks, off-road vehicles, all-terrain automobiles, and machines with lift kits will also find this trolley jack’s 19.25-inch maximum lift sufficient for emergency under-chassis repairs and tire changes.

Lifting these vehicles is never a problem because this floor jack has two piston pumps guaranteeing faster vehicle elevation with fewer strokes. Positioning it under the automobile is also a cinch because of the oversized side handles and the extended ram.

The saddle features a rubber padding that won’t mar the car’s lift points and other under-chassis sections. The last thing you’ll want is costly under-chassis repair after changing a flat tire.

I don’t have issues with this aluminum trolley jack’s vehicle-lifting performance. Unfortunately, its 58.4-pound heft is still too heavy for me. I have a 3-ton steel alloy floor jack at home, and it only weighs less than 30 pounds. 

That’s an observation you can dismiss, by the way.

Although it might be as heavy as some steel alloy floor jacks, this trolley jack remains an excellent choice for vehicle owners and professional repair shops.


  • Extensive lifting capabilities
  • High weight rating
  • Quick-lifting mechanism
  • Effortless to position
  • Safe to operate 


  •  A bit heavy


5. Pittsburgh Automotive 1.5 Ton Aluminum Low Profile Racing Floor Jack  

Racing floor jacks are precision tools that lift cars faster than conventional trolley jacks.

That’s what this 1.5 ton aluminum floor jack promises to deliver. 


I like this aluminum trolley jack’s race-inspired profile, allowing operators to slide it under a Ferrari, Porsche, or Bugatti without hitting the vehicle’s underside. It has a minimum lift of 3.375 inches, only 0.025 inches higher than the Liftmaster.

Positioning this jack under a lowered vehicle is a breeze, thanks to its oversized yet comfortable lever and movable casters. Its aircraft-grade aluminum construction and 28.65-pound heft also add exceptional maneuverability and handling.

Moreover, car owners won’t have issues stowing this floor jack in their trunks. It’s lightweight and compact enough to never bother the vehicle’s fuel economy or space requirements. 

Lifting cars is as quick as a race crew performing a lightning-quick pit stop. Dual precision-engineered piston pumps deliver immense hydraulic forces to the lifting arm with fewer strokes.

I appreciate the U-joint release mechanism, ensuring operators don’t slam the steel-reinforced aluminum lifting arm down on the frame. 

I’ve heard stories about vehicle owners getting startled because the floor jack slammed into the device’s chassis. You won’t get a heart attack lowering this trolley jack’s lifting arm.

Although this aluminum trolley jack’s maximum lift is 14.75 inches, it’s still insufficient for high-clearance vehicles like off-roaders, SUVs, and lifted trucks.

I suggest checking your automobile’s ground clearance before buying. Otherwise, this trolley jack will only collect dust in your garage.

This aluminum floor jack should be the runaway winner on our list if only it had a higher maximum lifting height and a heavier load capacity. Nevertheless, this aluminum trolley jack remains an excellent option for car owners. 


  • Super-quick lifting
  • Low-profile design
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Convenient operation
  • Precise and safe lowering


  • Not for high-clearance vehicles


6. Pittsburgh Automotive HA68053 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack

Here’s another Pittsburgh Automotive offering that I’m sure will make you feel more confident when lifting your car.

It differs from the other Pittsburgh Automotive trolley jack in weight. While the other PA only weighs 28.65 pounds, this racing jack tips the scale at 40 pounds. 


Some might think the weight is too much for an aluminum floor jack. However, I feel more confident about its stability under the car. Heavier objects are less movable than lighter ones, ensuring the floor jack doesn’t dislodge from its position under the car’s lift point.

Moreover, it’s compact enough to fit under a car seat or in the trunk.

Like the other PA racing jack, this floor jack is perfect for lowered cars, with its 3.375-inch minimum lifting height. Jacking low-clearance automobiles is never a problem because this trolley jack’s tapered front would slip underneath the vehicle’s under-chassis without a hitch.

It also has a Rapid Pump technology, empowering operators to reach this jack’s maximum lifting height after three and a half strokes.

Like the other Pittsburgh Automotive racing jack on this list, I won’t recommend this floor jack on vehicles with lift kits and high-ground clearances. This device can only reach 14.75 inches, taking 4x4s, all-wheel drives, ATVs, and lifted automobiles off the picture.

As always, it would be best for you to know your vehicle’s ground clearance to determine this aluminum floor jack’s suitability.

The only thing differentiating this aluminum floor jack from the other Pittsburg Automotive 1.5-ton racing jack is weight. Get the other one if you want a lighter-weight floor jack. Otherwise, this trolley jack’s heft should give you extra confidence in its stability.


  • Rapid-Pump technology
  • Precision positioning
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Perfect for low-clearance vehicles
  • More stable than other 1.5-ton trolleys


  • Not recommended for high-clearance automobiles


7. SUNEX TOOLS 6603ASJPK 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Pack

Some brands offer value by giving customers an extra, believing they’ll save more than buying the additions separately.

SUNEX believes in such a strategy, offering this 3-ton aluminum jack pack to different vehicle owners.


The set comprises a 3-ton aluminum trolley jack and a pair of 3-ton jack stands. It’s a commendable pack for people who are starting a small backyard garage shop or neighborhood auto repair service.

I’m impressed with this aluminum floor jack because it has a beefier appearance and a more solid build than other trolley jacks I’ve seen. Every component has the hands of precision engineers, ensuring this device will last decades of heavy use.

Although this floor jack has a stocky frame, vehicle owners will never fret about handling, positioning, and storing. It has enough features to make these activities as effortless as possible.

Its lifting capability is versatile, allowing operators to slide the aluminum floor jack under vehicles with a 3.8 to 19.3-inch ground clearance. And since it’s three tons, you can expect this trolley jack to lift sedans, vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and trailers under four tons.

I have two concerns about this aluminum floor jack. First is its 68-pound heft. That’s 12.4 pounds heavier than the Torin TCE AT830003XLU. Second, although it comes with two 3-ton jack stands, its price is still steeper than buying separate jack supports.

Of course, the price is relative, and you’re welcome to buy this 3-ton aluminum floor jack if its weight doesn’t bother you or if you only need it in your garage.

It doesn’t matter if it’s pricey and hefty. What matters is the performance this aluminum floor jack delivers.


  • Rapid-Rise lifting capabilities
  • Impressive lifting versatility
  • Exceptional construction
  • With jack stands
  • Easy to use and store


  • Heavy for an aluminum trolley jack
  • Pricey 


8. Blackhawk B6350 3.5 Ton Fast Lift Service Jack

This floor jack has the highest lifting height on this list, making it suitable for lifted automobiles, such as pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, campers, and trailers.

And if you think that’s all there is to this trolley jack, you’d be surprised to learn it can accommodate more automobile types of varying weight classes, too.


This floor jack is not only capable of elevating a vehicle 5.5 to 22 inches off the ground. It can also handle automobiles with gross weights not exceeding 9,250 pounds. Mid-sized pickup trucks, vans, full-sized sedans, and Class B motorhomes fit the weight bill perfectly.

The universal joint has a rugged construction yet offers enough confidence for any operator to control the raising and lowering of the lifting arm. You’ll be glad the lifting arm won’t slam down on you.

I like the extended handlebar. It feels right on the hands, allowing operators to maneuver the floor jack into the correct position under the truck. Although the front wheels are smaller than other trolley jacks, they still aid in effortless trolley jack placement.

Surprisingly, this trolley jack costs less than the 3-ton Liftmaster and the 2-ton JEGS Professional.

Although this floor jack has an impressive maximum lifting range, I wish its saddle had a wider diameter to make lift point positioning more convenient. A broader support base distributes the lifting force over a greater surface area better than a narrow one.

You could always add a thin sheet metal with rubber padding to improve surface coverage under the car’s lift points. Or, you can disregard this opinion.

I won’t blame you for buying this trolley jack for your home garage because it does an impressive vehicle-lifting job.


  • Impressive lifting capabilities
  • High load capacity
  • Good price
  • Precise load control
  • Highly maneuverable 


  • Saddle could be wider


9. Arcan ALJ3T/A20018 3 Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

If you’re already tired of the usual red, black, or blue aluminum trolley jacks, I implore you to consider this floor jack from Arcan.

I’ve seen green trolley jacks before but never as eye-pleasing as this one. The shiny wheels, casters, hydraulic elements, and lifting mechanism contrast the eye-friendly green chassis. It should stand out in your auto repair shop or home garage.


You’d be happy to learn this trolley jack can lift any vehicle with a maximum gross weight of four tons. Raising cars, small pickup trucks, vans, ATVs, and compact trailers shouldn’t be a concern with this floor jack.

Its 3.75-inch minimum lift height also makes elevating lowered cars nearly effortless, allowing you to change a flat tire in your Miata, Mustang, Ferrari, or Porsche.

Although it’s not as high as the 22-inch Blackhawk B6350, this trolley jack can still lift trucks and 4x4s one and a half feet above the ground.

The lifting arm looks impressive with its steel-reinforced construction, and I’m surprised the design doesn’t impact the floor jack’s weight. Fifty-six pounds is commendable, only seven ounces heftier than the Torin TCE AT830003XLU. 

Although it’s not an issue for me, this aluminum trolley jack’s Chinese origins might dissuade some potential buyers. 

I must emphasize that many reputable brands outsource their manufacturing to places with cheaper labor and materials, such as China and India (think Apple). You can read the customer reviews to check how this aluminum floor jack stacks up against other brands. 

Notwithstanding its origins, this aluminum trolley jack is one of the best options. It’s lightweight, performs well, and has excellent lifting capabilities that many vehicle owners will find appealing.


  • Quick-lifting double piston design
  • Versatile lifting capabilities
  • Convenient operation
  • Steel-reinforced lifting arm without undermining device weight
  • Professional-looking style


  • Chinese-made


10. Torin T84025B 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Low Profile Racing Floor Jack

Torin’s best-selling aluminum floor jack completes our list of the most exciting vehicle-lifting devices you can ever try today. 

Two-and-a-half tons might seem a modest load capacity for a home garage floor jack, but this one is perfect. It marries the convenience of a 2-ton unit and the lifting performance of a 3-ton hydraulic jack.


Although it doesn’t have a profile as low as Liftmaster, JEGS Professional, and Pittsburgh Automotive, this aluminum trolley jack’s 3.94-inch minimum lifting height should still fit most low-clearance vehicles. 

Moreover, this trolley jack can lift vehicles 18.31 inches off the ground. So, if you have a Jeep, van, small truck, or any automobile with a lift kit or a high ground clearance, you can expect this 2.5-ton hydraulic jack to do the heavy lifting. 

This racing trolley jack only requires seven strokes to reach its maximum height. It matters because you don’t want to strain your arm muscles pumping the system to lift your vehicle.

Its build quality is characteristic of Torin jacks. They’re impressively solid, featuring only the finest materials. 

Sliding the jack under the vehicle won’t make you sweat because of thoughtfully designed mechanical elements.

I’m surprised it doesn’t cost you a fortune to bring home this aluminum floor jack.

Unfortunately, this hydraulic floor jack doesn’t have rubber padding on its saddle, potentially marring a vehicle’s underside and lift points.

In hindsight, nobody looks under a vehicle’s chassis unless they’re going to buy it. Alternatively, you can improvise by cutting a rubber mat big enough to fit the saddle’s diameter. 

Torin never fails to impress with its thoughtful design and craftsmanship. And with an affordable price tag, this aluminum trolley jack is worth it.


  • Quick-lifting aluminum floor jack
  • Good lifting versatility
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Maneuverable 
  • Affordable 


  • Saddle has no rubber padding


Are aluminum floor jacks better?

Aluminum floor jacks don’t offer a significant advantage over steel alloy trolley jacks regarding the ability to lift vehicles. After all, all jacks have a maximum load capacity. 

For example, a 4 ton aluminum floor jack can lift an automobile with an 11,000-pound maximum gross weight as effectively as a 4-ton steel alloy trolley jack. 

The only advantages of aluminum floor jacks are their rust-resistance and lighter-weight characteristic compared to steel floor jacks. However, some steel trolley jacks are lighter-weight than some aluminum brands because of the steel reinforcements integrated into the aluminum trolley jack’s lifting arm.

What is the best aluminum floor jack?

The best aluminum floor jack is the Arcan ALJ3T/A20018 3-ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack. It’s lighter-weight than other three-ton aluminum trolley jacks, and its lifting height range is impressive. This trolley jack is the choice of many vehicle owners and auto repair shops because of its impeccable craftsmanship, solid build quality, convenient operation, and exceptional performance.

Are there aluminum floor jacks made in the USA?

Yes, there are aluminum floor jacks made in the USA. However, they’re less common than you think. Examples are the floor jacks from Argo Manufacturing, US Jack, Hein-Werner, Weaver Jack Corp., and Milwaukee Hydraulics.

Unfortunately, most floor jack manufacturers with American-sounding brand names (i.e., Blackhawk, Pittsburgh Automotive, and Liftmaster) outsource their production overseas. Hence, the best aluminum floor jack made in USA you bought might be, in reality, of Chinese origin.

You might want to understand it’s all about economy of scale. Manufacturing jacks in the US is costly because labor and materials are expensive.


I don’t want to look biased, but I consider the Arcan ALJ3T/A20018 the best aluminum floor jack. Its load capacity allows you to lift almost any vehicle in your garage or repair shop. The construction is solid, and its lifting height covers most automotive ground clearance ratings. This floor jack is also lightweight at only 56 pounds, ensuring more convenient handling and storage in your trunk.

However, the Liftmaster is the best aluminum trolley jack if you have a sports car with an ultra-low ground clearance lower than 3.5 inches. Sliding its 3.35-inch front section under a lowered coupe or convertible should never pose a problem. The best part is you’ll never question this floor jack’s durability. 

Any of these aluminum floor jacks make an excellent buy. So, why don’t you take them for a trial run before buying? You’ll eventually end up with the best one.

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