David Walker

Hi! I’m David Walker, founder of CarUnderstanding.com. I love sharing my thoughts by writing about things that I’m passionate about - cars, dogs, and travel.

​My passion for cars started when I was young, which is why I chose to be a mechanic and have my own automobile shop. One of the reasons I decided to start this blog is so I can share tips based on my experience and knowledge with cars. One day I hope to refurbish a 1953 Chevy Bel Air Coupe and drive it to the countryside. I’d love to remodel it with the top down and enjoy the feel of the rushing wind, while my two labs and my family riding with me.

Traveling is also one of my desires. I love driving through countrysides with my beloved Labradors. I would love to visit Italy and the Swiss Alps one of these days. I have been to Japan and have seen the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom - they are a sight to behold! I also dream of travelling around the world with my family, and take them out for a drive in a sporty car or a vintage coupe.

I hope that you will learn a lot of new things by reading my blog. If you have questions or suggestions about topics, feel free to let me know. Is there something about cars and other vehicles that you have been curious about? Please let me know by sending feedback or commenting on an article. Feel free to share your thoughts as well! Enjoy reading!

You can also contact me at : [email protected]