How to Use RV TV Antenna?

Tips Use RV TV Antenna

Enjoying the exciting life on the road while riding your recreational vehicle does not mean that you have to give up some forms of entertainment that you usually enjoy at home. In fact, even if you are on the road, you can still keep up with your favorite TV shows and movies.

What you have to do is to set up an entertainment system inside your RV with a TV, of course, then invest in a TV antenna, which is guaranteed to provide a really clear reception. Also, take note that a lot of RVs today are already equipped with satellite dishes or over-the-air TV antennas.

The problem with them is that they are not always capable of delivering a clear reception. If you decide to park your RV in a remote location, then you may be a bit too far from a TV transmitter, making it more challenging to pick up a strong signal. Also, trees, tall buildings, as well as nearby traffic have the tendency of blocking signals.

Fortunately, investing in the best TV antenna for your RV can finally help you deal with a blank screen or grainy pictures on your TV set. Also, you can improve the performance of your TV antenna by knowing exactly how to use it.

Here are some valuable tips:

Tip #1 – Know the Exact TV Antenna to Invest in



This is probably the first thing that you need to do if you want to make sure that you install the best TV antenna for your recreational vehicle. When deciding on the type of antenna to use, several factors actually come into play.

These include the actual distance from the TV transmitter, the direction it will be facing, the power it delivers, its location/placement, and the specific terrains surrounding you. Ensure that you pick the right antenna based on the signal and reception you wish to receive.

One of your options is the outdoor RV TV antenna. It is an antenna, which you need to attach to the roof. You have to lower or raise it prior to driving your RV down the road. Most outdoor antennas are constructed from aluminum and plastic – both materials are known for being easy to snap.

That said, you may need to replace it more often in case it usually gets exposed to trees or other obstructions. The good news is that since it is located outdoors, it is capable of picking up a good signal and lots of channels.

Some modern outdoor TV antennas also come with an aerodynamic and sleek design, which means that you no longer need to lower or raise them. You can also invest in an indoor TV antenna for RVs.

However, take note that it does not usually come with the same range provided by outdoor antennas. Still, it is beneficial for some RV owners because they find it easy to control and position.

Tip #2 – Invest in a Satellite or Digital TV Signal Strength Meter



For you to be able to make efficient use of your RV TV antenna, investing in a satellite or digital TV signal strength meter is often a must. Note that one problem regarding the TV reception in most recreational vehicles is that the antenna or dish may be incorrectly aligned with the transmitter.

With the help of the signal strength meter, you can solve that problem. It is a big help in locking on the clearest and strongest signal regardless of where you decide to park your vehicle. What you have to do once you have the signal meter is to connect it to the TV antenna.

After that, rotate the antenna in the same way you usually do. Keep track of the signal level displayed by the meter. Lock the TV antenna once the signal level reaches its strongest. Do the same steps in case you decide to move your RV and park in a new location.

Tip #3 – Use a Pre-Amplified TV Antenna System



​Another helpful tip is to replace the built-in TV antenna in your RV with the pre-amplified system. The good thing about pre-amplified antennas is that they are capable of boosting even those weak incoming TV signals. The result is a more satisfactory TV reception based on what channels are available.

One thing that you have to take note of, though, is that this system requires a power supply. You have to consider that fact prior to the installation. As an alternative, you may also install a plug-in TV signal booster, which works indoors, instead of replacing the whole system.

​Tip #4 – Invest in a Signal Booster



​Another way for you to use your RV TV antenna efficiently is to improve its performance using a signal booster. This device is known for significantly improving the TV signal in an RV. Once installed, you can find it close to your RV TV.

Note that the coax cable, which runs from your television moves into the device, which captures the signal gained by the TV antenna. If you want to invest in a signal booster, then remember that it functions based on a 12-volt DC. It also comes with a red indicator light as well as a switch, which indicates that it is turned on.

Turning the signal booster on will give you usable reception most of the time. If you plan to stay at an RV resort or a campground, which offers cable TV, then you just need to hook the coax cable starting from the connector to the outer cable hookup. You can find this hookup on the side of your vehicle.

It is frequently close to the area where the electrical power cord is. Once done, then you just have to turn on your television to finally set it up.

​Tip #5 – Do not Park Your Vehicle in Areas with Obstructions



​If possible, make sure that you do not park in low valleys as well as those areas with plenty of obstructions, like tall trees, mountains, hills, and high buildings. If you want to maximize the signal strength of your TV antenna, then you should consider parking on high grounds as much as possible.


​Your level of entertainment can definitely be improved significantly if you make sure that your TV antenna is capable of capturing strong signals. Just make sure that before doing the tips mentioned above, you spend time studying the ins and outs of your RV.

You have to be familiar with your own vehicle as such will give you an idea of how you can maximize your use of your TV antenna. Also, make it a point to disconnect all TV equipment from any source or supply of power prior to working on improving your satellite dish or TV antenna.

​If you plan to modify the system, you also need to check the warranty details of your RV prior to doing so. This will guarantee your safety and protection before you do something to upgrade your vehicle.

Mark Coleman is a contributing author for US Auto Authority. He loves to learn and write about protecting your recreational vehicle. His goal is to share his knowledge on RV tips and tricks.

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