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What Are The Reasons Why A Car Squeaks When Turning Left?

You may have experienced being baffled by the whirring noise coming out of your engine when your try to make a swerve. This trouble is a common incident that vehicle owners share with their automobiles – trucks, L3, motorcycle, you name it. Thus, being familiar, there are solutions to this problem that you can readily take on.

This article will provide answers to your questions: why your car squeaks when turning left; what is causing that behavior; and what should you do to solve the matter, among others.

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Car Jeck when braking

What Does It Mean Your Car Jerks When Braking ?

There are various reasons why your car jerks when braking but it doesn't mean that you will need to panic when this happens. It is inevitable to slightly get scared when you encounter this, especially when you're already driving in the middle of the road. Trust me, I had a few scares of mine when it happened to me.

This is why I'm here to help you answer this common problem and hopefully by the end of this article, you will be knowledgeable about why your car does it and what you should do when it happens.

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How To Unlock Steering Wheel

7 Easy Steps On How To Unlock Steering Wheel Of Your Car

Before you panic, because you realized that your steering wheel was locked, I would like you to take a deep breath and relax because this is perfectly normal. When you see your steering wheel locked, you must know that your car does it for safety reasons.

In fact, it is important that it is locked when not being used or you might find your car wandering down the road without a driver. A locked steering wheel means prevention for your car not to roll or move while the key is not in the ignition. It is also good that your steering wheel is at this condition should you happen to insert the wrong key for it to run.

But sometimes, it does happen that your steering wheel could get stuck and you won't be able to unlock it. Here are some tricks on how to unlock steering wheel when it happens.

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How To Remove A Nail In My Tire

How To Remove A Nail In My Tire

Every now and then, you will encounter some inconvenience as a car owner and one of those would involve your tires. There will be instances that you will experience having a nail stuck in your tire and believe it or not, your car can still run even when that happens.

If you ever asked yourself how to remove a nail in my tire because you are currently in this situation, you're in luck as I teach you the ways to solve it. There is no need for you to freak out because you'll get through it and you would even be surprised at how easy it is to begin with.

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How To Your Windshield Wiper Arm Replacement

How To Handle Your Windshield Wiper Arm Replacement

The windshield of your car is important because if it is not working properly, it would be hard for you to see the road. This comes in handy, especially during tough weather situation like when it is raining or snowing. It is so hard to see the road when your windshield is filled with moist or dust is just all over the place.

This is why you need your windshield wiper working. If not for it, driving is going to be dangerous. But unfortunately, certain circumstances occur that often damage this area.

Today, I'm going to teach you how to deal with your windshield wiper arm replacement. This tutorial would keep your mind at ease knowing you will be able to fix it yourself and no longer need to hire someone just to do it for you.

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How To Calibrate A Torque Wrench In Two Ways

Every car owner and homeowners need a torque wrench. You will never know when you will need to fasten some bolt or nut in your car and doing this manually is just impossible. Unless you have the strength of the Hulk or Superman then maybe, you can do it with your bare hands. But realistically, you will need a special tool for that.

Today you will learn how to calibrate a torque wrench.

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How Long Does A Car Inspection Take?

How Long Does A Car Inspection Take? (The Findings Will Surprise You)

As a car owner, you should be aware that your car should undergo inspection before you can legally own or even drive it. There are certain procedures that you must know and it would require so much of your patience because it could actually take a while depending on your situation.

The hours spent on inspection would also depend on the place or city where you live. In some countries, they have very strict procedures in this kind of endeavor so don't be surprised if it takes longer than the usual.

It would also depend on the car model and how new the car is.

So How Long Does A Car Inspection Take ?

I will answer relevant to that question as well as other information that you might find beneficial.

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How to fix Cruise Control

The Ultimate Guide to Learn How to Fix Cruise Control : You Need to Know

Cruise control system is specifically fashioned to make driving in the highway less exhausting and cumbersome. By allowing you to choose your preferred speed and take your leg off the pedal for accelerator, cruise control provides a constant speed that makes open road navigation easier.

With it, you can effortlessly turn your speed up in a highly with little traffic or you can slow it down when caught in road congestion. It is, however, not uncommon for this feature of the car to malfunction. So, if you ever find yourself caught in this situation, knowing how to fix cruise control will certainly turn out as a life saver.

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