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tire noise after rotation

Why Is My Car Making A Tire Noise After Rotation

There are many reasons why your car is making that annoying tire noise after rotation. My job here is to enlighten you to these reasons and hopefully figure out the solution in the end. Your car is an investment. That is why you need to be aware of the unusual behavior it is doing.

Some people make a huge mistake of taking it for granted thinking it is only some minor error. But that's the thing about cars, a minor concern could lead to a huge one if you don't take care of it immediately. A good example of this situation involves your tire.

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best LED headlights

Best LED Headlights Reviews – Tested by Team

Choosing the best headlights is crucial to a better driving experience especially at night. For people who have difficulty driving at night, quality headlights are a must. LED simply means “light-emitting diode.”

As the name suggests, two lead semiconductors emit light when activated by a suitable voltage. In the olden days, people made use of oil lamps or torches in carriages. Imagine the difficulty they experienced back then!

However, in our modern world, with the addition of fueled vehicles, we have upgraded to a variety of headlamps that make driving much easier. LED headlights aren’t just a luxury accessory, but they are essential to safe driving.

Most car owners try different types of LED headlights until they find one that works best for them. Even a skilled driver cannot drive well if the headlights are not visually helpful.

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Best Radar Detector Under 200

Best Radar Detector Under 200 Reviews : You Should Know

I think every driver should be mindful of their speed when it comes to ensure safety on the road. This is when a radar detector becomes handy. It helps not only in monitoring your speed, but it sure does help you not get in trouble in getting a traffic ticket.

There are a lot of these products out there and many of these companies claim that they sell the best. However, not all of them could really deliver a good quality, which is why you need a good product review first before purchasing one.

I have here the best radar detector under 200 for all of you car owners who are on a budget.

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BMW driving assistant plus

What You Need to Know About the BMW Driving Assistant Plus

Safety is everyone’s top concern when driving. In our modern age, many innovations have been placed to ensure everyone’s safety. One of the innovations, the BMW Driving Assistant Plus, aims to avoid road accidents and collisions. While the features are pricey, think of it as a safety investment.

BMW driving assistant plus

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy safe and worry-free driving?

BMW came up with this safety feature that acts as an assistant driver and warns the driver of any danger. Traffic jams are also less stressful because of its autopilot feature.

The BMW is equipped with infrared monitoring, surround view cameras, and remote control that helps in smoother and safer driving.

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low tire pressure light but tires are fine

Why Do the Low Tire Pressure Lights Turn On But the Tires Are Fine?

There are about 22 dashboard light indicators in your car. There are light indicators for different warnings such as low fuel, low oil, open doors, battery alerts, brake system, engine failure, ABS light, and low tire pressure.

To determine what the lights mean we may need to consult our car manual so we’d know what the warning light means.

Not all car models have the same light indicators, so it is best that you ask your dealer or mechanic. There is this dashboard indicator that looks like a horseshoe with an exclamation mark in the center of it.

low tire pressure light but tires are fine
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best oil for diesel engines

Best Oil for Diesel Engines Reviews: You Should Know

Cars can be the bane of our life or the answer to our prayers. That is why car owners go the extra mile when it comes to maintenance to extend the lifespan of their vehicle. Regular servicing and maintenance are a chore, but it is necessary for the preservation of your vehicle.

One of the things that you need to invest on is engine oil. Engine oil for your diesel engine helps the engines run smoothly. Diesel engine oil should not be confused with diesel fuel.

Diesel oil contains more additives because diesel engines are subjected to harsher conditions. Diesel oil also absorbs more carbon than gasoline oil.

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tail lights not working but brake lights are

4 Simple Reasons Why Brake Lights Work and Tail Lights Don’t

Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer because you were driving at night with the tail lights off? I’m sure you would reason that you see the brake lights working and you had no idea that the tail lights were off. If you don’t drive at night, most likely it takes a long time before you notice that your tail lights aren’t working.

Tail lights are crucial in safe driving. Even though your brake lights function properly, people driving behind you may not see your car as you’re moving. Some accidents are caused by cars with very dim or no tail lights at all.

tail lights not working but brake lights are

Car''s tail light and brake light.

This is most dangerous during heavy rains or snow, or on sparsely-lit highways. Drivers behind may ram you because they did not clearly see your car. This is why police officers flag drivers who are without functioning lights.

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how long can a car idle

Have you Ever Wondered How Long Can a Car Idle?

As you turn on your car’s engine and wait for your mom or sister to finish putting on make-up, you wonder if you’re wasting your gas while warming up your car.

You get caught in this dilemma whether you should just shut off the engine or let it run along with the air conditioner so you can save on gas. This process is called idling.

Idling is when the engine is running, but the car is not in motion. One example of idling is when your car is waiting at a traffic light.

how long can a car idle

Car Idling.

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replacement truck seats

What You Should Know About Replacement Truck Seats

When your truck seats start feeling uncomfortable as you’re driving, it could be time to get replacement truck seats. You may feel like you’re sitting on a frumpy cushion or you can already feel the springs underneath.

The seats may also look worn out with holes. When that happens, time to think about replacement truck seats.

replacement truck seats

If you haven’t made up your mind on what kind of replacement truck seats you want, browse online for some design ideas. You will also have an idea of how much they cost so you can prepare your budget.

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wheel spacers good or bad

Are Wheel Spacers Good Or Bad – A Critical Guide

A lot of car enthusiasts nowadays have been very eager to know the answer to “Are wheel spacers good or bad?” Apparently, many tend to agree that they are safe and good enough for their automotives and vehicles. While others tend to disagree with it, the debate is still on-going.

Now, this critical guide will help you understand generally what wheel spacers are and why you may or may not need them. A basic knowledge regarding this matter will help you get the answers you are looking for.

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