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driving with parking brake on

What Happens When You Are Driving With Parking Brake On?

There are rare instances that we become absent minded when we drive. We could be calculating the amount of time to reach our destination, planning our errands as we get in the car, talking to someone over the phone, or scolding one of your children.

After you have driven a couple of meters, you suddenly realize something off about the way your car moves. It seems as if it is dragging. You stop and look at your rearview mirror in case you accidentally pulled something.

Then you check your warning lights, gears, and --- oh, the parking brake!Admit it; this has happened to you once or twice in your driving life. It gets embarrassing when you’re supposedly the expert driver, and you have passengers. However, at the back of your mind, you are more worried about the consequences.

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what is riding the clutch

What Is Riding The Clutch – The Samples May Surprise You

In the recent times, a lot of drivers and car enthusiasts still ask “what is riding the clutch?” Although many of these people are actually drivers for quite some time now, most of them still do not know the real definition and when they do it.

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If you are one of these people who ask the same question, then this post will help you determine what does really “riding the clutch” means and the times when you are doing it. It is essential for you to know this, especially if you are driving a vehicle on a daily basis.

Clutch riding can apparently wear your clutch and may pose dangers on your trips and travels.

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When Driving In Fog All These Safety Measures By Heart

When Driving In Fog You Should Know All These Safety Measures By Heart

​If there is one thing in this world that scares every driver on this planet, it is fog. It is identified as the most dangerous and risky of all driving hazards. It obscures the surrounding and hinders visibility, and at a point, it feels like driving with blindfolds on your eyes.

Moving off the road and waiting for the log to lift is one of the measures you can employ when you find yourself tangled in this situation; however, this may not always be practical.

This article contains information relevant to the case. When driving in fog, you should know all these safety measures by heart.

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How To Turn On Fog Lights In Less Than 10 Seconds

We all know that when a sullen haze from rain or fog or snow began wrapping the Earth, fog light is, without any hinge of doubt, the driver’s best companion.

By casting a wide stream of light across the road, fog lights provide a better and clearer view of the area directly in front of your car, thus making driving easier and safer in these kinds of situation.

Aside from this, fog lights are also tactically designed to hurl light below your vehicle. This is to ensure that the light coming from it does not reflect in your eyes and encumber you on your journey.

The knowledge of how to turn on fog lights may come in handy. Additionally, you can also use your car’s fog lights to heighten your vision in an otherwise grueling driving situation.

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