Why Does the Car Stereo Have Power But Doesn’t Turn On?

Why Does the Car Stereo Have Power But Doesn't Turn On

You start another normal day. Get up, have some breakfast, get in your car, turn on the ignition and… silence. You do a double-take and stop your car and turn it on again. You look at your car stereo and see that it has power. It looks to have power because the light is on. You try turning up the volume and changing the radio stations. None, nada, zilch.

One of my friends bought a second-hand car. He shared that one day, he noticed that the car stereo won’t turn on but has power. Normally, he just starts the engine, and the stereo would blare music from the speakers. But, on that day it was utter silence. What happened then?

I had a similar problem, too when I installed a new car stereo but it won’t turn on. It had power, yes, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t function. It took me a day to install and get the problem fixed. Well, better than not having music while driving.

There are a lot of possible reasons why the car stereo won’t turn on. A good sign is that it has power, so it means it’s not busted. Since the car is bought second-hand, there may have been underlying problems that weren’t detected.

Now, let’s get to the bottom of this and determine the possible causes behind why the car stereo won’t turn on but has power.

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Top 5 Best Car Speakers Reviews: The Auto-Audiophile’s Guide

Top 5 Best Car Speakers-min

As a regular driver, the next best thing you need are the best car speakers. Good surround sound will accompany you during long drives and heavy traffic. No matter if you have an old car or a brand new one, a good sound system brings life to your vehicle.

The idea for this article came up when one of our long-time customers came in and asked for assistance in changing the car speakers. He shared that he had a teenage son who borrows his car and for some reason, the speakers always get damaged after a few months. He has tried different brands of speakers, but they always seem not to last long.

So, we recommended a few products to our customer plus some tips.

We Chose

Rockford R1675S R1 Prime 6.75-Inch as one of the best car speakers. Rockford Fosgate is known for high-quality sound systems especially for automobiles, so there’s no doubt about the clear sound quality that you’ll get with this one. The stereo comes out clear and crisp. The bass also sounds very clear and gives you that extra beat.

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Best Bluetooth Car Stereo Reviews : Tested

best bluetooth car stereo

Going for long drives would be extremely boring if you don't have music in your car. Back in the 90s and early 2000, we used to play music using the built-in stereos in our car that have tape decks and a CD player. Unfortunately, those things are already obsoleted.

Although there are still cars that have CD players these days, but people like the "millennials" hardly even buy CDs anymore. The majority of us turn into our smartphones or other mobile devices for music.

That being said, you will need to own the best Bluetooth car stereo should you feel the need to just bump some jams while driving away. I have here some of the best recommendations that are worth your money.

Of course if you own a car DVD player in the car, you do not need this device because they are so good.​

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Best 10 Inch Subwoofer Reviews: You should Know

best 10-inch subwoofer

A review on the best 10-inch subwoofer for your car with well-researched products that would guide you in giving you more options.

And now it’s time for what many people would consider the fun part of fixing up your car: the sound system! Music is a crucial aspect of most people’s lives, and thusly a super plush sound system to play your music while driving is something that I personally find to be a necessity.

Choosing the ideal sound system for your personal needs and tastes is a topic that could span a library of books for those who wish to get extremely detailed in their design.

best 10-inch subwoofer

Which one is your ideal car sound system ?

To go that detailed here in this article would be a bit absurd, however many audio experts would argue that the best place to start when designing a car sound system is with the proper selection of the sound system’s centerpiece, the subwoofer.

In light of that, it is also loosely said that the most versatile and commonly used size for a subwoofer is 10 inches. Therefore, I will aim to be your starting point and give you some guidance on selecting the best 10-inch subwoofer for your car.

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Best Car DVD Player For Modern – Day Car Enthusiasts

best car dvd player

The car industry has come a long way that having a car radio is no longer enough. It would be more awesome to have a DVD player as well, especially if you are someone who is on the road a lot along with your family or friends.

It is not that easy to buy something like this without getting ripped off, especially if you buy it online. Why? Because you won't really get to test it before you leave the store. You kind of just have to take the word of what's advertised in there and hope for the best when it arrives.

This is when a product review becomes handy because you can get opinions and facts from people who have their first-hand experience with the said product. Now, before I give you some of the best car DVD players out there, I would like to educate you first on what exactly it is that you need to consider before spending your money for it.

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